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Explore Indy Entertain out-of-town visitors or play tourist in your own backyard with this guide to cultural attractions and diversions around the city. We’ll include planning ideas for outings and gatherings with your family, friends, significant other, and guests. Cosmetic Procedures Do you have concerns about wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, or misaligned teeth? We’ll chat with medical and dental professionals about treatment options to refresh your appearance and help you put your best face forward.…

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Anyone who attended college knew that guy, the one who majored in Bong Rips with a minor in The Price Is Right and an area of concentration in Pajamas. Actually, I lived with about 40 of those guys in my fraternity house at Wabash College. In my hazy memory, they are a pack of Jeffreys—Spicolis and Lebowskis—drift ing in and out of life in between bowls of sticky weed and sugary breakfast cereal. This, of course, is a silly stereotype that ignores the fact that almost everyone I knew in college who smoked marijuana eventually traded their beanbag chairs for LoveSacs and became productive citizens. In truth, many of those stoners became community cornerstones: lawyers, bankers, teachers, and doctors. There’s a pretty good chance the person who watches over your 401(k) is…


Robert Annis Contributing editor Robert Annis admits to hopping a few fences while researching this month’s story on two men who prosecutors say built illegal trails in Fort Harrison State Park (p. 56). “I needed to see the nature preserves for myself,” he says. “And I wondered: Why were the guys so fixated on these little pockets of forest that they were willing to risk jail to allegedly build the paths?” Annis writes for Bicycling magazine. Joseph Ball Digital editor Joseph Ball was up for the challenge of identifying Indy’s best sandwiches (p. 78), seeing as they’re his favorite food group. “As a teen, my diet mostly consisted of deli turkey between pieces of toasted wheat bread,” he says. “I’m happy to report my tastes have evolved.” While he’s still in pursuit of…


“Despite his national profile, he puts in the work to help Democrats at home. He offered me and other Indiana candidates critical public support.”—JIM HARPER, via Twitter“Pete Buttigieg is a really inspiring and impressive guy.”—DAVID AXELROD, via Twitter“Take the time to read this profile that touches on everything from the mayor’s affinity for claw games to his work turning around South Bend.”—LIS SMITH, via Twitter“Finally got to the profile of Pete Buttigieg. One of the best pieces of writing I’ve read recently.”—JAKE KOENEMAN, via Twitter WHO’S THE MOST PRESIDENTIAL POLITICIAN INDIANA HAS PRODUCED IN RECENT DECADES? VOTE ON OUR NEXT POLL AT INDIANAPOLISMONTHLY.COM/POLLS Word on the Street The Hoosierist’s article about how “trashy” Indianapolis has become (December) was pretty accurate. But there’s one big source of debris that most folks may not realize. One…


Indy’s breakout sister act may bump into Bill Murray at Brooklyn bars, but musicians Lily and Madeleine Jurkiewicz still forget sweatpants on the road, deal with rats, and have to stretch their budget in the Big Apple. After last month’s release of their fourth album, Canterbury Girls, the sisters come back for a show at Old National Centre on March 1. Lily & Madeleine INDY ALREADY KNEW THEM—NOW, SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE. When the songstresses, then 16 and 19, dropped Lily & Madeleine in 2013, their debut album garnered raves from NPR, The New York Times, and other national tastemakers. From there, they toured with John Mellencamp and recorded a song featured in a John Green film, Paper Towns. Now, with the release of their fourth full-length album—the first where they controlled…

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Register for TSA pre-check—no shoe removal, no laptop hassle, no-brainer. But it’s included with the Global Entry pass for customs and immigration for only $15 more. Might as well. Good way to kill time: a quick mani or massage at Enroute Spa. Best gifts: Vera Bradley notebooks, Just Pop In! snack bags, Indy 500 caps for foreign hosts or colleagues. If someone is picking you up at the curb in the evening, meet on the departures level. We’d swear it’s less busy then. You can use either terminal’s security line. Choose the shortest one. Skip the last-minute Sephora run and replace your brow pencil at the Benefit Cosmetics vending machine. Call ahead to Harry & Izzy’s and order filet sliders to go if you’re in a hurry. Get your King David Dogs fix—it’s…