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AWARD OF EXCELLENCE RETHINKING A FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN ACT: LANDSCAPE AS A SOLUTION FOR OPEN DEFECATION One billion people worldwide practice open defecation, often because they lack sanitation facilities, which spreads disease and causing environmental degradation. To create a concept design for public and private restrooms, the team selected a project site in an informal settlement in Raipur, India, where approximately 1,200 people have no access to a restroom. The team researched local factors that have hindered the adoption of enclosed restrooms, including poor maintenance of facilities and positive cultural beliefs associated with open defecation, and made sure they were addressed in the design. The proposed “ecological sanitation facilities” have a system for treating liquid waste and composting solids with minimal human intervention, collecting rainwater for hand washing, and employing prominent landscape design…

kick back

BONDI ADIRONDACK Add a splash of color to outdoor spaces with the BONDI Adirondack chair. Its aluminum frame and sling backing are available in a number of hues, finishes, and textures. Made from recycled teak, the seat also comes with some character—no two chairs are exactly alike. FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.MAMAGREEN.COM. POLARIS SIDEPOST UMBRELLA Umbrellas in the Polaris collection provide coverage ranging from 95 to 134 square feet and include effortless crank and tilt features. To keep a space cool at any time of day, the shades can be rotated a full 360 degrees around their galvanized steel posts. A variety of neutral and cool-toned fabrics are also available for shade customization. FOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.SHADEMAKERUSA.COM. ANGARA MAXIMUS The Angara Maximus seats up to eight people for a social grilling experience. Centered on the tabletop…

post-free fence™

BŌK Modern’s Post-Free Fence™ is an emblem of our mission: simplifying architectural metal systems. In lieu of traditional posts, our integrated panels are upheld by self-supporting folds for lateral support. Made from a single sheet, this enhances material-use while reducing waste. The resulting structure is an elegant, minimal, continuum of series modern are panels. Where traditional fence systems require complex assembly and installation time, BŌK Modern is redefining historical approaches to fencing for sustainable, quick, and seamless solutions. Inquire about our modular fence systems :…

2020 ace mentor legacy project: it’s on

Executive Summary ▶ Liberty City Elementary is getting a better schoolyard, pandemic notwithstanding.▶ Already, landscape industry suppliers are donating products.▶ Continuity of this program to 2021 and beyond illustrates the industry’s resilience. In a part of Miami called Liberty City, about 220 kids attend an elementary school that is mere miles from some of the world’s most gorgeous gardens: Vizcaya, Fairchild, Kampong, Pinecrest, Miami Beach Botanical, and others. But the lush landscapes there have little bearing on the students’ day-to-day existence. “The schoolyard is very large and empty,” says Ebru Özer, ASLA and associate professor of Landscape Architecture + Environmental and Urban Design at Florida International University (FIU). “There is no tree canopy. It is a big empty lawn. There is a playground, but no shade to protect kids during play.” Which is why…


HONOR AWARD SEEDING SPECIFICITY: MATERIALS AND METHODS FOR NOVEL ECOSYSTEMS In ideal conditions, every seed takes root and every plant shows new growth. In practice, however, it doesn’t always turn out so perfectly. Landscape architects at Mahan Rykiel Associates recently analyzed the amount of variance between a controlled setting and one at the work site. At Hart-Miller Island, located in the upper Chesapeake Bay area, the team was tasked with restoring an island with a fractured ecosystem, acidic sulfate soils, invasive species taking over, and a widely ranging pH level owing to dredged sediment. To remedy these issues, the team designed a stratified landform that allowed for different groundwater scenarios as well as varied plant species. To ensure that these plant species would actually thrive on site, a custom seed mix was…

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AWARD OF EXCELLENCE RWANDA INSTITUTE FOR CONSERVATION AGRICULTURE (RICA) To help ensure food security for Rwanda’s rapidly growing population, the Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture (RICA) teaches sustainable agriculture strategies to the next generation of farmers. In the 3,460-acre master plan by MASS Design Group, developed through an intensive multidisciplinary research process, the roughly 100-acre campus is surrounded by restored ecosystems and integrates agricultural education and production to produce greater crop yields, increased biodiversity, healthier soils, and cleaner water. Informed by the CDC’s One Health approach to reducing zoonotic diseases transmitted between animals and humans—something on the forefront of everyone’s minds right now—the pioneering facility establishes biosecurity zones around livestock areas and incorporates natural woodlands and wetlands. A model of sustainable design, RICA is powered completely by an on-site solar array and…