Linux Format August 2020

Linux Format is your complete guide to the world of Linux. Whether you've just discovered Linux, or you're a full-time guru, Linux Format has everything you need to make the most of your OS. The editorial formula is a mix of features, reviews and practical tutorials that tackle topics as far ranging as installing software to socket programming and network management. Thought-provoking features and interviews also provide a focus on key technologies, trends and issues in the fast-paced world of Free and Open Source software.

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about vega and vega lite

Both Vega and Vega Lite are written in JavaScript and both of them implement a grammar that offers a convenient way for creating graphs and plots, which also means that you should follow certain rules and use certain keywords on your Vega and Vega Lite files. Vega Lite is a grammar that’s based on Vega just like LaTeX is based on TeX. The main advantage you get from using Vega Lite is that you need to write less code than Vega. Both grammars are better for visualising tabular data and can be used as a file format for creating and sharing data and visualisations. Using a grammar for visualisation has both advantages and disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that you’ll have to learn the rules and the restrictions of that grammar…

the dom is in the detail

D3.js has a large API and looks complex at first, but it’s really not. This assumption comes from the fact that D3 is not a graphics library but a JavaScript library that can manipulate the DOM tree. Therefore, its core elements are not circles, lines and points but nodes and DOM elements. As a result, its output is not created by putting shares on your screen, but rather by styling and changing the attributes of the elements you want. The other reason that D3 is considered complex is that in order to create a plot using D3.js you’ll need to know lots of other technologies including CSS selectors and properties, SVG and the JavaScript object model. Last, you’ll need to know how to work with JSON in JavaScript to be…

linux mint 20

Waiting for Godot Get into gaming the easy way… we kick off building your own game with the open source 2D/3D gaming engine. Develop like a pro! Wondering how to super-charge your coding? We test the best integrated development kits in town. Open source PIC We explore how you can use open source to design, develop and build lightweight projects with PIC chips. Enter the Zen zone! Project management has never been easier than with Zenkit. It’s the ideal way to add order to your life and start relaxing. Contents of future issues subject to change. We might be too busy distro hopping to write anything!…