Little Looms

Little Looms

Summer 2021

Easy Weaving with Little Looms is a perennial favorite. By popular demand, it will now be available by subscription. Each issue will have the mix of 18–22 projects, techniques, and features you love, expanding the focus on fundamental weaving skills, creative inspiration, and innovative applications. Each issue is designed to have something for beginning and more experienced weavers. In addition to the core subjects of rigid-heddle and pin-loom weaving, Little Looms regularly includes projects and articles about tapestry, tablet weaving, and inkle weaving.

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relaxation eye cover

When you need to take a moment to relax and release stress, silk and lavender are perfect for the job. Inkle bands woven with soft, indulgent silk make a luxurious relaxation eye pillow. Drape this cushion over your eyes, breathe in the lovely scent of lavender, and feel the stress melt away. RESOURCES • Seizenn: Band Weaving Pattern Editor, raktres.net/seizenn/loom_weaving_editor.html MATERIALS Type of Project: Inkle STRUCTURE Warp-faced plain weave. EQUIPMENT Inkle loom with 3¼ yd weaving length; belt shuttle. YARNS Warp: 2/12 Gemstone Silk (100% silk; 2,800 yd/lb, 105 yd/mini cone; Halcyon), #1050 Cornflower, 55 yd; #1180 Green Tea, 77 yd; #1130 Indigo, 114 yd; #1170 Lilac, 49 yd. Weft: 10/2 pearl cotton (100% cotton; 400 yd/1.5 oz cone; Lunatic Fringe), Very Light Gray, 51 yd. OTHER SUPPLIES Gütermann silk thread (110 yd/spool), #143 Blue; 100% Sandwashed Silk Charmeuse…

fancy findings

Love bandweaving but don’t know quite how to turn them from simple bands into finished projects? With the right findings, you can turn your handwoven bands into any number of beautiful and useful objects. Swivel Snap With this swiveling snap from Strapworks, you can turn your bands into a lovely leash for your favorite furry friend. The swiveling head allows the dog to move this way and that without twisting the leash. Don’t have a dog or a particularly outdoorsy cat? The swivel snap is also perfect for turning bands into wristlets for keys or for a favorite clutch. Guitar Strap If you or somebody you love plays the guitar, a handwoven band makes a perfect guitar strap. Simply weave the band to size and use a guitar strap kit, such as the one…

weaving with art yarns

Ever wonder what to do with art yarns? Why not weave with them? Art yarns provide great texture and can be used alone or in combination with traditional yarns. The art yarns I chose to sample with are blends of protein, synthetic, and plant-based fibers. I used combinations of commercially available yarns and handspun—and in some cases, hand-dyed yarns. I wove each sample in plain weave to best showcase the gorgeous yarns’ texture. For warp, I threaded a 10-dent rigid heddle with handspun fingering-weight dark-gray yarn. After weaving, I steamed the samples with a handheld steamer to finish them. I had less than 3 percent shrinkage in all cases. THE YARN: King Cole Opium Palette YARDAGE: 273 yd (250 m)/100 g FIBER CONTENT: 54% cotton/42% premium acrylic/4% nylon This soft yarn is a thick-and-thin…

boldly striped napkins

Weave these eye-catching napkins for the dinner table. A worsted-weight cotton warp paired with 8/4 cotton weft makes for a fast and fun weekend weaving project. The warp stripes do all the colorwork, and then weaving with a single weft color brings out the striping sequence. MATERIALS Type of Project: Rigid Heddle STRUCTURE Plain weave. EQUIPMENT Rigid-heddle loom, 14" weaving width; 8-dent heddle; 1 shuttle. YARNS Warp: Sugar’n Cream Ombre (100% cotton; 95 yd/2 oz; Lily), Swimming Pool, 69 yd. Sugar’n Cream Solids (100% cotton; 120 yd/2.5 oz; Lily), White, 112 yd; Teal, 41 yd. Premier Home Cotton Multi (85% recycled cotton/15% polyester; 96 yd/1.94 oz; Premier Yarns), #44-50 Robin’s Egg Speckle, 75 yd. Premier Home Cotton Solid (85% recycled cotton/15% polyester; 131 yd/2.65 oz; Premier Yarns), #38-12 Turquoise, 47 yd. Weft: 8/4 unmercerized cotton…

tools for the pick-up artist

From straps and shoelaces to trims and edgings, bands are versatile and fun to weave. In bandweaving, the most important tools are often the ones used to create your shed and select your pattern threads. Pick-up techniques allow you to hand-select the threads to weave a specific pattern, adding satisfying complexity to a project. While some of the products shown here have traditionally been used to create a certain style of band, all offer opportunities to develop and refine your own style of bandweaving. FIND THE ITEMS SHOWN HERE AT THE FOLLOWING RETAILERS: Stoorstålka AB, (+46) 556993-0000, info@stoorstalka.com, bandweaving.com Harvest Looms, harvestlooms.etsy.com Vävstuga Weaving School, (413) 625-8241, office@vavstuga.com, vavstuga.com Windhaven Fiber and Tools, windhavenfibertools.com, windhavenfibertools.etsy.com…

finishes and seams

BACKSTITCH Backstitching provides stability to your seam by doubling back with every stitch. Before you start backstitching, it can help to do a loop-de-loop with your needle-holding hand in the air to get a feel for the movement.This is essentially what you’ll be doing with your thread. If you’re stitching from right to left, stitch as follows: Pull the needle completely through the fabric going from the bottom to the top. Reenter the top of the fabric to the right of the original entry point and pull the needle through the fabric. Position the needle so it will enter one stitch length to the left of the original entry point, pull it through, and continue in this manner for the rest of the seam from right to left. SIMPLE HEMSTITCH Hemstitching is an…