Macworld March 2015

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how to verify and repair a time machine backup

News and Analysis About Macs, OS X, and Apple VIDEO To view this video, go to We recently put out a call for topics you‘d like to learn more about and one of the most popular suggestions was how to verify a Time Machine backup. After all, you‘ve gone to all the trouble to create such a backup, it would be nice to know if it works. It turns out that there‘s not a completely clear-cut answer to this one. Let me explain. I‘ll open the Time Machine preference and ensure that the Time Machine menu appears in the menu bar. I‘ll then hold down the Option key and click on this menu and, look at that, there‘s a Verify Backups command. But wait, it‘s grayed out. It‘s grayed out because this is…

unlocking disk utility’s hidden secrets

One of OS X’s most versatile utilities is Disk Utility—a tool not only used for formatting and managing a variety of storage devices, but also employed for fixing damaged volumes and performing the ever-so-common “permissions fix” routine. While these features are relatively apparent, the program does have some often overlooked options that can be useful. ALTERNATIVE CHECKSUMS The first of these is the hidden checksumming routines for verifying disk image files. If you have an image, especially an older one, you might wish to verify its integrity before opening it. This is usually done when the image is opened, but you can also do it manually by adding an image to Disk Utility, selecting it, and choosing Images → Checksum → CRC-32 image checksum. This is fine, but often developers (including Apple)…

what to do if your mac refuses to accept your password

Even though you can set up your Mac to automatically log into your user account without a password, your computer is going to be more secure if you use one. Of course, there’s a slight danger that a day will come when that password doesn’t work—you’ve modified your Mac in some way that’s password-unfriendly or you’ve been negligent. Or you may simply forget what your password is, which can happen if you use a standard user account for daily tasks and haven’t touched the administrators account in awhile. Fortunately, if you have lost your password, there are several approaches you can take for either regaining complete access to your Mac or, at least, getting to the specific data you need. Here are some tips for doing just that. Resetting your Password Apple…

first look: logic pro x 10.1 brings it to beatmakers

Tune into just about any Top 40 radio station these days and it becomes evident that a producer has as much (or more) to do with a song’s arrangement and presentation as the recording artist. While this has long been the case with hip-hop and electronic tracks, even the music performed by such mainstream artists as Taylor Swift would have far less impact without the ministrations of the behind-the-scenes producer. This trend has not escaped Apple’s notice as evidenced by January’s release of Logic Pro X 10.1. Although the free update includes a vast number of improvements and fixes, its target is clearly the producer and, more specifically, those working with elements of electronic music (which, again, is just about any of today’s popular artists and producers). Here are some of…

audio hijack 3’s updated interface makes capturing audio a breeze

AUDIO The Latest Mac Products Reviewed & Rated MAC GEMS ARE APPS THAT OFFER STANDOUT UTILITY OR UNIQUE FEATURES AT A GREAT PRICE. ROGUE AMOEBA’S AUDIO HIJACK PRO has been a longtime favorite of many who wish to capture sound routed through their Mac—whether from apps or audio input devices. Inventive and powerful though the app was, however, its interface could be challenging to the uninitiated. With the release of Audio Hijack 3, the company has taken a large stride forward in making the app both capable and easy to use. JUMPING IN If you were a person not accustomed to capturing audio you could be forgiven for launching previous versions of Audio Hijack and thinking “Now what do I do?” The app offered a lot of power under the hood, but the way forward…

mylio keeps your photos organized, synced and backed up

PHOTOGRAPHY SOFTWARE IT’S EASY TO CAPTURE digital memories, but managing all those photos and videos is a galactic drag (after all, there’s no fun in workflow). Unless you’re a pro photographer, it’s hard to force yourself into good habits around renaming, keywording, organizational, and most importantly backup. If you don’t, you can lose a lifetime of memories, plus it’s impossible to find specific photos because they’re stored across various computers, iOS devices, external hard drives, bras (kidding!), and social media sites. Heck, you’ve taken a slew of photos you’ve not yet seen. Enter Mylio, a database-driven, nondestructive editing and syncing app launched in October 2014. It’s designed for anyone who takes pictures (hobbyists and pros), managing all your photos—iPhone, Facebook, point-and-shoot, DSLR, whatever—in one place, side by side. Mylio also syncs your…