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December 2021

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the expert panel

DR MATT LODDER TATTOO SCHOLAR Getting inked has blown up lately. Lodder, who lectures at the University of Essex, tells you how to pick a tat you’ll never want to cover up p94 TIMOTHY CAULFIELD AUTHOR AND ACADEMIC An expert in science communication, Caulfield gives you the 101 on spotting harmful misinformation p80 GUI DASILVAGREENE HOLLYWOOD STUNTMAN One of three who double Marvel’s Black Panther, DaSilva-Greene and his friends are pioneers. Learn their secrets p88 CRAIG GUNN ALCOHOL SCIENTIST Put a cork in your postparty anxiety. Gunn, who specialises in the cognitive effects of hangovers, talks you through ‘The Fear’ p23 ABBY LANGER REGISTERED DIETITIAN A nutrition expert who loves debunking fads, Langer reviews the latest lose-weight-fast options, separating the scientific from the spurious p36 TOM KEMP PT AND STRONGMAN Founder of Farm Fitness, Kemp has a four-week workout plan to help you add size and strength…

editor’s letter

Back in June this year, many news outlets reported on the unprecedented decision to select a transgender athlete to compete at the 2020 Summer Games. Men’s Health was one of them. Following changes to rules set by the International Olympic Committee allowing trans women to compete as long as they met certain criteria, including testosterone levels being below a stipulated threshold, the selection of New Zealand’s Laurel Hubbard – a 43-year-old trans weightlifter – was a landmark moment. The BBC, by definition impartial (at least in theory), recorded it as ‘a controversial decision’. In a short online piece, Men’s Health offered its take on the news story with assorted viewpoints, from fellow athletes to Olympic committee representatives to scientific studies. The issue was moot. It felt right to acknowledge it,…

the knock-out benefits of breathwork

From holotropic hyperventilation to Wim Hof’s ‘power breathing’, manipulating your respiration has lately been sold as a way to enhance your exercise performance, quicken your mind, or even enter altered states of consciousness. But while ‘breathwork’ may seem like yet another passing trend, many of its principles are ancient and supported by the latest science. To take one example, alternate nostril breathing – inhale through one side, exhale through the other – is both a staple of traditional Ayurvedic medicine and a technique proven to lower anxiety by Indian researchers at Guru Nanak Dev University. It’s deployed by Navy Seals – and apparently worked for Hillary Clinton when she learned she’d lost the presidential race to Donald Trump in 2016. Potent stuff. Steadying your nerves in the face of an encroaching…

kick into a higher gear

For efficiency, speed and practicality, it’s hard to beat a well-crafted dumbbell circuit. No need for fancy paraphernalia, precarious barbells or wide, open spaces – just you, the corner of your living room and a couple of 16kgs. But circling through the same old staples, day after day, can often feel like rewatching a favourite sitcom: easy, familiar, but a little uninspiring. So, we would like to propose adding a twist. The kick through is a true multitasker. It demands all of your focus and coordination, giving your grey matter a healthy boost while strengthening everything from your core and hips to your shoulders, arms and glutes. Our version dials it up a notch, introducing weight for a serious stability challenge. Make sure you start slowly, using lighter bells while you get used…

new ways to flip your bird

01 HAVE YOUR SECOND TAKE One of the best things about the Christmas period is a well-stocked fridge. And one of the more tiresome things is working out exactly what to do with all that extra food. But don’t scoff yesterday’s poultry just so it doesn’t go to waste. Feed your guests (or yourself) with a wellbuilt sandwich that can rival your dinner for flavour and improve its nutritional value. 02 CHOOSE YOUR LOAF Lightly toasting bread boosts the sandwich’s flavour and structural integrity. A toaster is fine, but heartier breads like ciabatta or baguettes benefit from a minute or two under the grill to turn crisp outside and chewy inside. Don’t worry about the white stuff: foods don’t exist in isolation and even higher-GI carbs will be absorbed slowly when paired with…

…i get hangxiety?

01 DOWN AND OUT It’s all fun and games until the morning after the party before. On waking, you’re likely to experience ‘higher levels of noradrenaline, seen in the fright-fight-flight response,’ says Dr Tony Rao, a mental health specialist at King’s College London. Stress hormone cortisol also tends to be higher during hangovers. Put on a zen playlist and practise some controlled breathing. 02 FEED YOUR HEAD ‘When combined with sleep deprivation, [stress] can cause impairments in attention and memory,’ says Dr Craig Gunn, a researcher examining the cognitive effects of hangovers. Meanwhile, low blood sugar can make simple tasks feel impossible. So don’t skip breakfast: protein-rich eggs or oily fish paired with slow-burning carbs will reboot you. One study linked the amino acid L-cysteine in eggs to reduced anxiety, says Dr Rao. 03…