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the expert panel

GIOVANNI SOFFIETTO MARTIAL ARTS COACH A great trainer coaxes out your strengths both in life and in the gym. Find out why Soffietto is a name to know p66 DANIEL MURAKAMI STRENGTH TRAINER Who needs metal when you can lift rocks and flip logs? Follow Murakami and heed the call of the wild for a short cut to real-world strength p24 GORDON RAMSAY CHEF AND IRONMAN Learn to thrive in your fifties from celebrity chef Ramsay, who took on his first, gruelling Ironman after reaching middle age p80 ZANIA STAMATAKI VIRAL IMMUNOLOGIST With the pandemic far from over, the race is on for a vaccine that will restore life as we knew it. Stamataki surveys the global effort p88 GABIJA TOLEIKYTE NEUROSCIENTIST After a year like this one, we wouldn’t blame you if your motivation is flagging. Restore your drive withToleikyte’s science-based hack p28 JASON…

unpeel the gift of a longer life

01 ORANGE ALERT 02 FESTIVE FEAST Though once considered an exotic luxury, citrus fruit won’t fill you with much excitement if you catch sight of it in your stocking this Christmas. An Apple Watch will impress, but an orange most certainly will not. But the latter’s life-extending properties make it a gift that keeps on giving. Nutrition scientists at the South China University of Technology tested the effects of supermarketbought oranges on nematodes – tiny, transparent organisms commonly used in anti-ageing research – by adding different concentrations of orange extract to a test solution. They noticed that the higher the concentration to which the nematodes were exposed, the longer they survived. Compounds in the festive fruit inhibit the “ageing gene” age-1 and increase the production of detoxifying and protective enzymes, such as superoxide dismutase…

season’s eatings

TURKEY Rich in protein, this also contains vitamins B3 and B6 for brain health and energy. BRUSSELS SPROUTS These contain zeaxanthin and lutein, which support eye health. GRAVY Make this out of meat stock to soak up some extra B vitamins, including B2 and B3. PARSNIPS This high-fibre root veg contains falcarinol, which has been shown to reduce cancer risk. CRANBERRY SAUCE Cranberries are linked to a lower risk of heart disease. RED WINE In moderation, wine boosts levels of “good” HDL cholesterol, aiding heart health. CHRISTMAS PUDDING The fruit is packed with fibre, while cinnamon helps control blood sugar. WORDS: LOUEE DESSENT-JACKSON I ARTWORK: PETER CROWTHER AT DEBUT ART I PHOTOGRAPHY: MICHAEL HEDGE, DAN MATTHEWS, STUDIO 33, GETTY…

think inside the box for new mobility

03 FLEX APPEAL Mobility is crucial. The flexibility to move well without pain is something well worth acquiring – and we’re sure that more people would if it wasn’t so, er, boring. Why spend your limited training time in pursuit of supple hips when you can carve out bigger shoulders? Conveniently, the shin box press delivers on both objectives. “This move’s internalexternal hip rotation counteracts the long-term effects of sitting down, specifically lower back pain,” says James Stirling, Instagram’s London Fitness Guy. “And because the move is single-arm, it places a major demand on your core as it works to offset the imbalance.” So, that’s six more reasons to add this move to your repertoire. Pick a light weight while you master it, then aim for three sets of eight reps on each…

the wieners that take it all

04 FRANK ADVICE 05 FILL ’EM UP 01 TOP DOGS You could fill Emirates Stadium with all the over-processed, flaccid and sodium-clogged hot dogs you’ll find at the supermarket. Raise your game by shopping for quality. The meat used in Sausage Man’s chilli beef dogs ( is 100% beef, giving you an extra creatine hit, while the heat of the spice will rev up your metabolism. Alternatively, Helen Browning’s organic hot dogs ( are made from free-range British pork, with casings that contain only prime cuts. Pig out with impunity. 02 LOW’N’SLOW Searing heat will burn and split the skin of your hot dogs before they can warm through. Avoid this error by preheating your grill to medium, then adding your franks. Turn them every minute until they’re plump and browned – this should take…

i take a threeweek rest day?

06 PRESS REFRESH 01 EASY DOES IT If you’ve spent this annus horribilis keeping anxieties at bay with workouts, it might be difficult to stop suddenly. So, stop slowly. A single day off can give you a welcome health boost. According to a study in Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases, taking a 24-hour break and reaching for a cold beer (rather than a kettlebell) can help to lower your risk of heart disease – a great excuse to put your training plans on hold. 02 HIT THE SACK When you’re juggling work and fitness, your body is flooded with cortisol and adrenalin. This can have an adverse effect on your sleep and your ability to build muscle and burn fat, warn researchers at the University of Tokyo. “A three-hour delay in sleep can take…