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Mountain Bike Rider December 2019

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editor’s choice 2019

As the decade draws to an end, it’s only natural to want to look back at the changes that have taken place over the last 10 years. We’ve done exactly that from page 1 2, highlighting some of the most memorable moments and developments in mountain biking. And while the memory is getting a bit rusty, working for a magazine means it’s really easy for me to tell you exactly what I was doing in November 2009 — all I need to do is look through our archive. As it happens, I travelled to Scotland, and the town of Kinlochleven, to tackle the divisive Ciaran Path. If you’ve not had the pleasure, riding this trail is a real love it or hate it experience — tumbling bowling balls of rock,…

big picture

Autumnal colours are elusive; as a photographer each autumn I feel the pressure to capture the colours at their best. This is a real challenge, as different species turn and shed at different rates. Too early and you’re met with green, too late and stark bare branches look a state. Especially after strong winds take more than their fair share. This image illustrates all of this: verdant evergreens, naked branches, browning bracken and sneaky switchbacks to boot. The riders of the Red Bull Rampage put on a jaw-dropping show this year; there were so many standout moments that it would be impossible to list them all here. From Brandon Semenuk’s effortless style, to Andreu Lacondeguy’s tenacity and the tributes to the late Jordie Lunn, the event was a real emotional roller…

18 greatest moments of the decade

Mountain biking never stands still; it’s constantly changing in almost every way, from the bikes and technology we use, to the trails we ride and the events and riders that influence us. Over the last 10 years we’ve seen such flux in our sport that change has become normalised. It’s all too easy to get used to everything being new and better, be blasé about the evolution happening right under our noses. So this month we want to celebrate the end of the decade by looking back at the highlights of the last 10 years. Here’s our pick. 1 “OH GOD, DANNY STAY ON YER BIKE!” No one who saw it will forget Danny Hart’s 2011 World Championship-winning run at Champéry in the sheeting rain. And nearly as thrilling, no one who…

hot stuff

MOST WANTED ENDURA MT500 FREEZING POINT JACKET, £149.99 Endura’s new MT500 Freezing Point jacket is for those chilly, dank days of winter, when it’s not properly raining, but it’s cold. Dreich but not drookit, as Scottish riders and Endura employees might put it. Endura has lined parts of the jacket — the sleeves, front torso and hood — with PrimaLoft Gold Insulation panels to stave off wind, wet and mud where it’s most likely to come at you. This is then backed up with stretch thermal softshell fabric on the back and under your arms to let you move properly. Endura often comes top in our jacket group tests, so we’re expecting great things from the Freezing Point. Endura boasts that it has a class-leading warmth-to-weight ratio, packs down small, repels water and…

nukeproof blackline trail pants £80

Once the preserve of downhillers and dirt jumpers, trousers have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years, largely because you can now get a pair that doesn’t restrict your freedom of movement or roast your legs as you ride. Combine that with the added mud and spray protection they bring and it’s easy to see why shorts are increasingly being relegated to summer wear. Nukeproof now has its own version, called the Blackline Trail Pant, and it’s made from four-way stretch fabrics with triple-stitched hems for durability. It’s not waterproof, instead Nukeproof has concentrated on breathability, with a DWR coating on top to make them splashproof. There’s a slim, tapered fit to the Blackline Trail Pant that Nukeproof says keeps the material out of your chain and stops it…

the tough list

WALNA SCAR 18.36km (11.41miles) Walna Scar — it’s a mountain biking classic. Thousands of riders can’t be wrong. Can they? Timing is everything with this ride. On a good day it’s a ride that treats you to some of Cumbria’s lesser-known gems, with views into the heart of the Lakes and out towards Morecambe Bay. The day we did it was not a good day. Visibility for much of the ride was down to metres due to low cloud. The wind had us off the bikes and lying in ditches for respite. Then there was the rain. It rained so hard I couldn’t keep my lenses clear. In fact it was so bad we had to come back at a later date to re-shoot the feature. I’ve subsequently ridden the route on…