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Mountain Biking Australia is 'the' magazine for enduro, trail-riding and cross-country mountain bikers. Written by experienced riders who know what they’re on about, Mountain Biking Australia features detailed, critical analysis of new bikes, parts, clothing and nutrition. The five in-depth bike tests in each issue give great insight beyond the manufacturers’ marketing spin. Brilliant photography gets you up close and personal with the all new gear. There are mechanical ‘how-to’ tips to help you maintain your gear, and technical riding pointers to help you ride better. A great read for MTBers the world over. Download your copy now!

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pitch perfect

I had a really interesting discussion with one of MBA’s contribs the other day… and it’s a conversation I can’t get out of my head. He was pitching stories at me, and one revolved around the notion that older bikes - we’re talking a decade or more here – can still be relevant and useful. As an ed, I have X amount of money and Y amount of pages per issue… and the two numbers are usually pretty far apart. Hence, really good ideas often have to get parked because… and that’s where Steve’s pitch got stuck. Why AM I parking it? At its most basic, a magazine is a construct that’s supposed to inform, educate and entertain its readers, who buy the magazine because they want to, not have to. Keeping…

mud clearance

Bright Sparks Thanks for your article on e-mtbs in your latest issue. You hit the nail on the head in terms of extending the mtb journey for a lot of older riders. My father-in-law is now in his 70s and recently purchased a Specialized Levo e-mtb. He is still a fantastic rider, but it means he will now be pedalling well into his 80s. He is currently going through treatment for prostate cancer, but still manages to get out on his bike most days after treatment… could he have done that on his previous S-works Enduro? I am not sure! From a personal perspective, I am rapt that it will keep us riding together for years to come. He is the person that got me into mountain bike riding and he still encourages and…

winning letter

Close Encounter My name is Hayden de Courtenay, I’m 14 and I have recently ventured to the Great South West of Australia with my dad. Whilst riding at a trail spot called Secret Whicher, we decided to take a slightly longer loop on a track called Coca Cola and were breathing heavily as we reached the top of a climb out of a valley, only to find a wild boar staring at us, ready to charge! I managed to snap a quick picture and dad whispered “don’t make any sudden movements,” as we crept around it. After nervously moving around while constantly keeping an eye on this boar, I went to give dad the thumbs up when a high pitched squeal erupted from the pig as it begun to charge after us! “Geez! Ride…

latest dirt

ONE-RIDE REVIEW – FOX PROFRAME HELMET Thanks to ever-improving tyre, brake and suspension tech, our bikes are getting faster and faster… and the terrain rushes up to say hello a lot quicker as a result. Helmet technology has, thankfully, come a long way from the recycled roadie lids we used to wear, but even modern trail helmets can leave us exposed. Enter the Fox Proframe helmet (above right), which is modelled on the brand’s Rampage Pro downhill lid (above left). It shares the Rampage’s fixed chinbar and moto-style peak, but loses a lot of material to reduce weight and improve airflow in and around the helmet. Side-by-side, it’s easy to see where the major changes have been wrought; the chinbar is a shadow of the Carbon’s version, while equally large ports on the…

haka dreaming

If we had to pick a handful of places that absolutely must be ridden in this lifetime, then Rotorua, on New Zealand’s north island, would be pretty high up the list. The trails –especially in the Whakarewarena Forest - are so addictive, and there are so many, that a couple of days here is an absolute must. New Zealand is so more than the Whaka Forest, though. Haka Tours are the Supreme Winners of the New Zealand Tourism Awards for 2017, and it offers a bewildering array of options to create the ultimate mtb trip. You'll score a $300 vouchers to spend at Pushys when you book, and you could win a $1000 voucher, too! Check them out online at hakatours.com or drop them an email at info@hakatours.com and get planning!…

orange whip

“We’re grateful for what we have here.” Grant Dowell tells me as we survey the softening light playing across the trails ahead of us. “It’s only a small parcel of land, but we make it work for us.” I’m at the base of the Lake Canobolas (pronounced Can-abol-as) Mountain Bike Park, an area to the south of the inland city of Orange, in the NSW Central Tablelands. A short distance away to the south is Mount Canobolas, an extinct volcano that towers up to 1390m above sea level at its highest point, and the one responsible for pushing up the area’s elevation over its millions of years of activity. The Bike Park is situated next to the Lake Canobolas reserve which offers various recreation facilities, and is nestled in between the…