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Mountain Biking Australia is 'the' magazine for enduro, trail-riding and cross-country mountain bikers. Written by experienced riders who know what they’re on about, Mountain Biking Australia features detailed, critical analysis of new bikes, parts, clothing and nutrition. The five in-depth bike tests in each issue give great insight beyond the manufacturers’ marketing spin. Brilliant photography gets you up close and personal with the all new gear. There are mechanical ‘how-to’ tips to help you maintain your gear, and technical riding pointers to help you ride better. A great read for MTBers the world over. Download your copy now!

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winter is coming…

..And you know what that means, mountain biking season! Oh, I got carried away there. Apologies. I suppose at this juncture I should introduce myself - my name is James, and I'm the new editor of the best mountain biking magazine going around. Well, you know that, you bought it. But if you didn't, over the next 90-odd pages you're about to find out. Before I go any further, I'd like to extend a few HUGE thankyous to the people who have helped me put this edition together. First of all, to the two former editors, Tim Robson and especially John Hardwick. Both have been a constant source of knowledge and support over the last three months, showing themselves not only to be great editors but wonderful people too. To the…

winning letter

NEW IN TOWN Q: Hi there. I'm writing because my wife and I are moving to Sydney from South Africa. We're both keen riders and it’s on our priority list to find out about mountain biking in Aus. Just wondering general things like - how popular is the sport in Australia and, more specifically, Sydney? We tend to ride marathon/cross country and we were planning on doing Sani2Sea and Wine2Whales this year in South Africa. I see there are similar events in Australia (Reef2Reef, Cape2Cape, Port2Port) and then more extreme events like Crocodile Trophy. R2R, C2C and P2P are all around the 50km mark with 500-700m of elevation and then Croc Trophy over a 100km with 2500m elevation. Nothing in between? I see a few trails in and around Sydney but from…

latest dirt

IXS TRIGGER KNEE/SHIN GUARD The Trigger model manages without a hard shell, so is therefore incredibly light, and with its asymmetrical design, is extremely comfortable to wear. It features state-of-the-art technology and is designed for the enduro market. Ideal for somewhat harder use and, with the integrated Xmatter padding concept, the Trigger provides high impact absorption and protection. It also has exchangeable padding and new generation structurally improved AeroMesh. It’s designed alongside the characteristics of a soft pad, offering a higher level of comfort and strength alongside breathable and anti-bacterial features. Designed for a more aggressive type of riding, this pad provides a large protection area and covers not only the knee area but also extends towards the lower shin for a feeling of increased security when weaving your bike through anything…

the power of will

MBA: Hi, Roger. It’s a pleasure to meet you. I suppose we should start at the beginning, tell us about the accident back in 2000? RW: I still remember the date - December 11th, 2000. It was a motorbike accident. Honestly, it was my own fault, being a bit of an idiot with mates. One of them was egging me on to do a mono (wheelie). Stupidly I did, and I completely flipped the bike and it came down on my foot and leg. I was pretty idiotic, I don’t want to try and hide that. The accident pretty much took the foot off there and then - it was just hanging off from the bone by a bit of flesh. There was a doctor in Sydney who operated to save…

fox superflow… endurance of a different kind

Launched in 2012, the Rocky Trail Fox Superflow series is based on the highly popular US and European enduro races. However, over the past seven years, event organisers Rocky Trail Entertainment have adapted the format to suit the specific characteristics of Australian conditions. The Fox Superflow events, staged across NSW and the ACT, have grown rapidly and the company is proud to have developed such a popular series. What makes the series so special and how can you, your mates and your family get involved? Let’s find out. Rider Experience The first round of the series took place on March 31st in Thredbo and over 400 riders hit the trails for the event, reaching Rocky Trail’s capacity. In total in 2018, almost 1,000 individual riders took part across the Fox Superflow series. There’s…

developers to the rescue!?

It was madness. My wife and I were putting the final touches to the 3rd Edition of the Western Australian MTB Guide Book and in the back of the guide there was a list of pump track locations. In 2011, for the 1st Edition, it was a pretty limited compilation, and despite being somewhat extended, the same was the case for the 2nd Edition in 2015. The 3rd Edition had a pretty tight printer deadline, but despite that, I started the process of updating the pump track list for a third time in an attempt to make it as comprehensive and up-to-date as possible. I got in touch with my contact in the relevant government department. "We don’t know where all the pump tracks are," he told me. Then I tried…