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Mountain Biking Australia is 'the' magazine for enduro, trail-riding and cross-country mountain bikers. Written by experienced riders who know what they’re on about, Mountain Biking Australia features detailed, critical analysis of new bikes, parts, clothing and nutrition. The five in-depth bike tests in each issue give great insight beyond the manufacturers’ marketing spin. Brilliant photography gets you up close and personal with the all new gear. There are mechanical ‘how-to’ tips to help you maintain your gear, and technical riding pointers to help you ride better. A great read for MTBers the world over. Download your copy now!

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one last time

2020 truly was a year like no other. When I sat down to write the corresponding message in December 2019 the country was in the grip of the worst bushfire season in living memory. From a mountain biking perspective, we all held grave fears for trailheads and clubs around the country. Those fears proved to be well founded with years’ worth of hard work vanishing in an instant. Little did we know what 2020 had in store for us and with a global pandemic altering life as we know it, I’m sure we are all in a similar headspace to last year as we ponder what the future holds. Unfortunately, Mountain Biking Australia won’t be a part of that future. Yaffa Media have made the difficult decision to cease publishing the quarterly…

shingleback off road: 2b90 2 bike vertical bike rack

Australians have been waiting for a robust MTB e-bike rack – Shingleback has the solution CORE VALUES: Perfectly designed for the MTB e-bike and more, Shingleback, once again, leads in vertical bike rack innovation. The 2B90 vertical bike rack is rated to carry up to two 30kg bikes, the rack tilts down to allow easy and simple bike loading and unloading, perfect for e-bikers and lifestyle riders. The new sleek design means very little rear overhang – perfect for smaller vehicles and easy parking in tight spots. QUOTES: Andrew Taylor, Founder and Chief Innovator explained “…I love looking for innovative, simple and valued rack solutions that address the gaps in the market. In my design I have responded to the needs of e-bike riders and lifestyle riders. The tilt-down loading mechanism reduces – even eliminates…

prizm trail torch

Enjoy the great outdoors with the new Prizm Trail Torch, photochromic and radar EV advancer styles. Oakley® has expanded the Prizm™ formula engineered for a trail environment with Prizm Trail Torch, available across popular sport performance styles including two best-selling styles: Oakley EVZero™ Blades and Sutro. Designed to enhance color vividness, increase contrast and enhance depth perception, Prizm Trail Torch was designed to deliver meaningful performance benefits across a wide range of trail environments, including sun-exposed desert light tree canopy and more. trails, decomposed granite, red rock, alpine forest, 9 Building off of the success of the Clear Collection, Oakley introduces two additions to its photochromic collection, the EVZero Blades and Radar EV® Pitch®. Both frames are built with photochromic technology which darkens the lens automatically to adapt to changing UV light…


KRUSH SAN-X BIKE AND EQUIPMENT SANITISER AND DEODORISER. This new product from Australian company Krush deodorises your personal riding equipment between washes as well as sanitising it. It kills 99.9% of bacteria as well as some viruses. The convenient 500ml spray bottle is an easy addition to your riding kit bag. It’s also safe to use on all bike surfaces making it ideal for mechanics and hire companies to sanitise bikes prior to servicing. RRP: $24.95 KRUSH ILLUMINATE WATERLESS WASH AND WAX Krush Illuminate Waterless Wash is a great way to clean your bike and keep it looking good between heavy washes. Its polymer wax formula leaves a protective barrier that repels water and protects the frame surface and is safe to use on all bike frame surfaces including both road bikes and MTB’s. Use the…

lazer presents jackal, the new go-to helmet for mountain bikers

After introducing Impala & Coyote in 2019, we are proud to announce that we have gone one step further in developing our MTB helmet range, take a look at our new top-end feature packed helmet: the Lazer Jackal. Speed, thrill & style are the best friends of any hardcore mountain biker. At Lazer, we truly believe that the best a brand can do is create the perfect match between a rider and their gear, and that is exactly what we aimed to do with Jackal. When building this helmet, we always kept in mind that we wanted to enable any mountain biker to maximize their comfort, enjoyment & freedom while riding on the trails. Here is the result. Comfort has been optimized on all angles to give riders the ultimate trail riding…

sutro lite

Sutro Lite combines increased field-of-view and improved ventilation in a lightweight frame for a variety of cycling terrains Inspired by the daily life of urban cyclists, Sutro Lite is a semi-rimless version of the Sutro frame shape, featuring a high-wrap shield. The lightweight design results in a bold, versatile look that protects from the elements and enhances vision with Prizm™ Lens Technology. An Unobtainium® temple featuring ridged texture provides improved retention so the frame never loses grip, even during the most intense rides. Available in six colorways across standard fit and four colorways across Asia fit, Sutro Lite provides riders greater field-of-view, whether their rides lead them to urban roads or wooded trails. With Sutro Lite, Oakley® builds off the success of its Sutro frame, now in a pared-down version for the…