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the archives

1984 As the Simpson-Mazzoli bill, “a landmark proposal on immigration reform headed toward a showdown vote” in the House, Newsweek reported on “the nation’s ambivalent attitudes toward illegal aliens.” How to handle illegal immigration and create a pathway to citizenship for those who have been living in the U.S. remain thorny issues. They were symbolized in the last administration by President Trump’s border wall construction. Now President Biden is reversing of many of his predecessor’s policies even as he attempts to mange the overcrowding conditions caused by an influx of migrants. 1979 Alien was “the blockbuster hit of the summer—and it’s just the tip of the reign of terror that is seizing the country,” said Newsweek following a resurgence of horror movies as the “prestige product of big-budget Hollywood.” The genre is still…

it’s time to party

IN A VOICE VOTE IN MAY, REPUBLICANS stripped the important role of House Republican Conference leader from Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, following her outspoken repudiation of former President Donald Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud. In so doing, the GOP continues to make it abundantly clear for the foreseeable future it is the party of Trump. Which raises a question: Might Cheney, along with other prominent Republicans on the outs with the party because they have withheld fealty to the former president, mount their next election bids as independents—or even form a third party? The conventional wisdom says no, given the poor showings most independent candidates have historically turned in against the combined might of the two major parties. On the other hand, these are unconventional times in politics, and for the…

gaming an early warning system

ON APRIL 30, 2021, THE WEBSITE Natural News—which News-Guard has rated Red, meaning generally unreliable—published a story reporting the death of a 2-year-old who in late February had received the second dose of a Pfizer-BioN-Tech COVID-19 vaccine during the company’s clinical trials for children. The only problem? Children under 5 did not begin receiving shots until April, according to a press release on the Pfizer website. Natural News picked up the false claim from another Red-rated website: Great Game India. The single source of evidence cited by both websites was the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, a database jointly run for 31 years by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Its purpose: to be “a national early warning system to…

talking points

“I say: I'm not old, I've just been here a long time and learnt a few things along the way. I don't feel how people say you should feel when you're old. My attitude to creating things is identical to when I was a child.”—DANCER EILEEN KRAMER, AGE 106“I EAT ‘NO’ FOR BREAKFAST.”—VICE-PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS“I feel for Naomi. I feel like I wish I could give her a hug because I know what it’s like…I’ve been in those positions.”—SERENA WILLIAMS ON NAOMI OSAKA’S DECISION TO WITHDRAW FROM THE FRENCH OPEN“It’s not a message to anything other than saying we’re going to protect fairness in women’s sports.”—FLORIDA GOVERNOR RON DESANTIS ON SIGNING A BILL BANNING TRANSGENDER ATHLETES FROM WOMEN’S HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE SPORTS“I THINK IN HIS ZEAL TO APPEAR YOUNG…

a superhero’s new mission

MEMBERS OF CONGRESS GET A LOT OF calls from people wanting things, most of which receive polite regrets from staffers. But lately one particular call is consistently getting past the gatekeepers: the one from Chris Evans. Yes, that Chris Evans. For a year and a half, the 39-year-old megastar (he turns 40 on June 13), best known for playing Captain America in the Marvel movies, has been quietly working the halls of the Capitol, occasionally in person, in an effort to persuade senators and representatives to put aside their hyper-partisan hyperbole and explain, in under two minutes, their views on politics and policy to a new generation of young potential voters. The two-minute interviews are posted to A Starting Point, an app and website that Evans co-founded with director and actor Mark…

how to save america

CHRIS EVANS IS BEST KNOWN FOR portraying Captain America, who teams up with other superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to form the Avengers. In real life, Evans has joined director and actor Mark Kassen and health care entrepreneur and philanthropist Joe Kiani to launch a website and app called A Starting Point, with the aim of getting young people interested in learning more about their elected officials and political issues. Evans and Kassen met with Newsweek Contributor David H. Freedman via Zoom to talk about some of the obstacles they’ve had to overcome, the success they’ve had so far and their ambitions for the project. Newsweek: What were the biggest challenges you faced in getting A Starting Point up and running? Chris Evans: First we had to collect the interviews. For the…