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camp chemical

The old railroad track, now a bike and jogging path, winds through the forest that separates Camp Lejeune from Highway 24, which caters to the thousands of Marines stationed here with cheap barbershops that will trim your high-and-tight for $5, furniture stores for the many young families on base, a couple of gun shops, a few bars and the requisite jiggle joint. None of this familiarly shabby Americana is even remotely visible from the verdant path. Trees crowd the sylvan trail like overeager children at a Fourth of July parade, their branches poking through the base’s barbed wire fence. You hear far more woodpeckers and thrushes than Osprey helicopters. Spend enough time on this lush greenway or on the dunes of nearby Onslow Beach and you might forget that Camp…

the teen-killer whisperer

Bang. A youth lies on the ground between desks and bloody textbooks. A brunette in an argyle sweater is sprawled nearby on the linoleum floor, with a red hole in her abdomen. We are just 10 miles from Newtown, Connecticut, the site of a mass shooting of schoolchildren in 2012, and Phil Chalmers has 600 high school students riveted with a PowerPoint presentation featuring photos of murdered and maimed teens. “First, he killed his teacher. She died with chalk and eraser in her hand, doing what she loves to do. Bang!” Next slide. On a Tuesday in early June, America’s self-proclaimed “Leading Authority on Juvenile Homicide and Juvenile Mass Murder” is telling in graphic detail the story of Barry Loukaitis—who in 1996 shot three people to death and injured another at Frontier Middle School…

after crimea, the hangover

According to a recent poll, nearly nine out of 10 Russians say 2014 has been a great year for their country. In the wake of the annexation of the Crimea in March, Russians have been riding a wave of patriotism, nostalgia and triumphalism. President Vladimir Putin’s approval ratings have climbed to a whopping 86 percent, while Russian state TV whips up almost Soviet-era levels of xenophobia and hatred of the U.S. In the meantime, Russia’s security forces are aggressively rolling back the Internet and civil society. The Duma, backed by the Russian Orthodox Church, has been busy churning out ultraconservative legislation on everything from banning bad language in movies and plays to regulating women’s high-heeled shoes, which, in the opinion of some Duma members, are bad for fertility. What comes next? As the…

time is on tehran’s side

Negotiators in Vienna trying to persuade Iran to give up its nuclear arms program are at an impasse and seem about to end with nothing resolved. That raises an important question for the West and for Iran’s neighbors: Will a delay in the diplomacy advance Iran’s mad dash to make a nuclear bomb? The world’s top powers seem set to announce they have failed to reach an agreement with Tehran over its nuclear program by their self-imposed July 20 deadline and will soon announce that they intend to extend the talks for up to six months. Meanwhile, recent statements by Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, who is in charge of his country’s nuclear program, suggest that Iran is reluctant to accept major limits on what it can and cannot do. Over the…

the doctor will gouge you now

Love it or hate it, Obamacare has made health care prices a little more transparent. And that’s good for consumers. As more Americans compare the cost of health insurance plans, medical procedures and even prescription drugs, what’s become apparent is there’s often a wide range of prices for products and procedures that defies rational explanation. Take the price of a knee or hip replacement, a common procedure that is both expensive and typically elective. According to NerdWallet Health, which tracks 3,200 hospitals across the country, the average price of a knee or hip replacement at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Yonkers, New York, is $17,068, while at Christ Hospital in Jersey City, New Jersey, the average cost is $139,072. Both facilities are large, general medical and surgical hospitals in the New…

scot free

In less than 100 days, the Scots will vote on whether to remain in the United Kingdom. Four million voters will be asked whether they want to separate from the Union. The Scots are split down the middle, but only those living in Scotland get to make the decision. Jim, born in south Edinburgh in 1940, has twin sons voting yes and another son with a job and family in London, who, like the rest of the Scottish diaspora living in other parts of the U.K., will have no voice in the September 18 referendum. Jim is typical. He is undecided, equally irritated by the Conservative government in London’s Westminster and the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) government in Scotland. “I’ve been annoyed at the manner of [George] Osborne and the rest [of…