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the truth behind jfk’s assassination

On November 29, 1963, President Lyndon Johnson directed the Warren Commission to “evaluate all the facts” in the brutal November 22 murder of his predecessor, John F. Kennedy, on a downtown Dallas street in broad daylight. Reduced to its bare essentials, the investigation sought answers to three fundamental questions: Who, why and how? “Why” was entirely contingent on “who,” and that depended on “how.” Thus, the linchpin of the Warren Report —and every subsequent investigation—has always been precisely how Kennedy was assassinated in Dealey Plaza. That is the finding from which all the important answers flow; mishandle that question and the credibility of the entire report is undermined. The Warren Commission’s bungling of “how” is a primary reason why there have been so many residual doubts and conspiracy theories over the…

the end of eyewitness testimonies

Raindrops blurred the windows of the maroon Pontiac van as it rolled to a stop near an interstate on-ramp in Knoxville, Tennessee, one dark March morning in 1991. “Stay tucked,” John Cook told his wife, Yvonne, who stirred from her sleep next to him. “I’m going to check the map.” It was just after 5 a.m., and the Wisconsin couple were already 12 hours into their Diet Coke-fueled drive to North Carolina to visit friends. They planned to drive straight through dawn, and had removed the backseats, replacing them with a bedroll so one could rest while the other steered. From behind the wheel, John clicked on the overhead map light. Rain fell so heavily that Yvonne couldn’t see through the glass. When she heard the first blast, it seemed to…

a different kind of oil crisis

In a world that has become acclimated to sky-high oil prices, the Great Oil Crash is shaping up to be good news for cash-strapped Americans on the brink of the winter heating season. For the major oil economies, not so much. And oh, by the way, that now includes the United States. As oil producers brace for the November 24 deadline in the nuclear talks between the West and Iran—as well as what is expected to be a particularly tricky meeting for the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries— political prognosticators are sensing a geopolitical shake-up may be nigh. Since June, when warriors of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS) swept across Iraq, temporarily goosing oil prices higher as they drove Iraqis from their homes, the price of the global oil benchmark,…

tiny baltic states prepare to hit back at mighty russia

Earlier this month, a Russian warship entered Latvia’s exclusive economic zone, some nine nautical miles from the country’s territorial waters. Considering that Russian warships have already approached Latvian waters some 50 times this year, according to figures from Latvia’s Ministry of Defence, it was not an altogether unsurprising visit. Russian military planes, meanwhile, have come close to Latvian airspace some 200 times this year. Latvia’s defence minister Raimonds Vejonis tells Newsweek at his office in Riga, that his country is prepared should its mighty neighbour to the east decide to invade: “We have special plans of action. Working with the Ministry of Interior, we conduct exercises to train our troops and policemen for different scenarios. But of course we need more co-operation with our neighbours and our Nato allies as…

dead cleric walking

While the U.S. and its Arab allies are fighting a war against the Sunni terrorist group the Islamic State (also known as ISIS), authorities in Saudi Arabia, a largely Sunni country and America’s loyal ally in the region, is moving against a leader of its country’s dissident Shiites. Nimr al-Nimr, a Shiite cleric in his early 50s who has been the most prominent leader of protests demanding an independent state for Saudi Arabia’s minority Shiites in its Eastern Province, was arrested in 2012 for sedition, tried, found guilty and sentenced to death. If the execution goes ahead as planned, al-Nimr will be the first Muslim cleric ever to be executed in Saudi Arabia. His 2012 arrest immediately triggered a wave of protests. Thousands took part in heated demonstrations that spread from Qatif,…

opinion: the great dictator debate

Of all the outrageously uninformed accusations hurled by the Republican Party since the election of Barack Obama, the most absurd is the incessant screaming that the president acts like a dictator. But don’t get smug, Democrats: Your rebuttal of that charge has been equally uninformed. What raised this specter yet again was word that Obama decided to issue an executive order allowing 5 million undocumented immigrants—or, as fist-shaking conservatives prefer, illegal aliens—to avoid deportation and allow many of them to receive work visas, so long as they have children born in America or have lived in the country for last least 10 years. Before you start banging out comments or letters, please note: This column is not about immigration. It is about the power of a president to issue such a…