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Northshore Home Magazine Winter 2020


Published four times a year (spring, summer, fall, and winter) Northshore Home magazine is a regional shelter publication for the North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts. Each issue highlights the best in North Shore architectural design, new construction, renovations, interiors, décor, and gardens.

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fresh start

HAPPY NEW YEAR! THIS NEW YEAR AND A NEW decade bring a cascade of forecasted trends to the home design industry. Unique, hand-crafted home furnishings and accessories, timeless architecture that can evolve, carbon-neutral design, high-quality pieces, sustainable materials, sophisticated countryside chic, warm, saturated hues, and bold patterns are all projected for 2020. In this issue, we celebrate many of these trends. For instance, we feature the home of Bruce Eaton and Terri Teleen, a couple interested in minimizing their carbon footprint. In fact, that aspiration was the guiding principle that drove the design of their 1,500-square-foot, near net-zero Boxford home. They called on architectural firm GO Logic and Howell Custom Building Group to realize their vision. In terms of handcrafted home furnishings, we feature interior designer Joanne Hurd’s tapestries, which come in…


Alexandra Pecci Alexandra Pecci is a freelance writer who grew up on the North Shore and has written about its people and places for years. Her travel, food, and lifestyle stories appear in Rachael Ray Every Day, the Washington Post, and many other publications. She lives in southern New Hampshire with her husband, Brian, and daughter, Chloe. Eric Roth Eric Roth is a photographer who travels worldwide photographing interior design for many national and regional magazines. “It means more to me when I can work with the talented designers in my own neighborhood [the North Shore]. It’s wonderfully gratifying to appreciate what’s right in our midst.” Mary Grauerholz Mary Grauerholz is a freelance feature writer who focuses on architecture, style, sustainability, and health. In her previous career as a journalist, she won many awards for…


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reclaiming space

FOR YEARS, ELAINE AND RICH TESTA LIVED WITH AN outdated kitchen in their North Andover Colonial. It was a too-small U-shaped affair with the classic “golden oak” cabinets of the 1980s. Elaine is an avid cook and entertainer, and it was always difficult hosting dinner parties for 30 out of a kitchen that begged for wholesale refurbishment. But for a long time the homeowners put off the project. They had kids at home and then kids in college, and the expense of a kitchen renovation seemed too much. The couple watched as Rich’s brother, Jim Testa, a contractor in North Andover, helped all of his other siblings redo their kitchens. At times, Rich and Elaine toyed with the idea of doing a lower-budget version of their dream renovation—replacing cabinetry, appliances, and countertops…

bringing the outdoors in

WHEN A COUPLE FROM PHILADELPHIA DECIDED to move to Beverly Farms with their two children and Labradoodles, they wanted a designer who could add a light, beachy touch to their 1920 home near the water, a former storefront with several additions that was formerly owned by Bruce Porter, author of Blow (later made into a movie starring Johnny Depp). So the couple asked a family friend for a recommendation, and they suggested Alexandra Aquadro, owner of AGA Design in Boston. “They found me through word of mouth,” says Aquadro, explaining that a friend of the family gave the couple the recommendation. “We all just sort of clicked, because I also love the beach and understood their style.” Aquadro began with the family room, which is the first thing you see upon entering…

high-low design

WHEN A PROFESSIONAL COUPLE APPROACHED interior designer Barbara Elza Hirsch of Elza B. Design about finishing their home’s lowest level, they were looking for a comfortable, inviting family room space. What they got was a multipurpose retreat for both adults and kids that accommodates relaxing but is also perfect for games, movies, wine tastings, parties, and more. “It was the only unfinished part of the house when we bought it,” explains the homeowner. “When people think of basements, they think of something dark and uninviting with a low ceiling. But our lot slopes back towards wetlands, and our basement has 10 feet of clearance and four windows. It opens up to the backyard with a slider and gets a lot of light. In some ways, it feels more like a ground…