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Northshore Home Magazine Summer 2020


Published four times a year (spring, summer, fall, and winter) Northshore Home magazine is a regional shelter publication for the North Shore of Boston, Massachusetts. Each issue highlights the best in North Shore architectural design, new construction, renovations, interiors, décor, and gardens.

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summer sanctuary

AS WE MOVE THROUGH THE VARIOUS PHASES OF reopening the state, one thing is for certain: We will all be staying home more this summer than we have in the past. And after being inside for more than three months, we probably all can see a change or two we would like to make in our homes and landscape, whether it is an updated kitchen, a new office space, a family room, a container garden, or simply a fresh coat of paint on the walls. We hope this issue gives you ideas and inspiration to enhance and enliven your summer living spaces. We visit a container garden in Beverly overlooking the coast designed by David Winston of Winston Flowers. The carefully curated containers define spaces and offer visual cues for transition…


Janice Randall Rohlf Janice Randall Rohlf is a Cape Cod, Massachusetts–based freelance writer and editor who was until recently the editorial director for 14 lifestyle brands at Lighthouse Media Solutions. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including New England Home, Art New England, and Modern Luxury Interiors. Eric Roth Eric Roth is a photographer who travels worldwide photographing interior design for many national and regional magazines. “It means more to me when I can work with the talented designers in my own neighborhood [the North Shore]. It’s wonderfully gratifying to appreciate what’s right in our midst.” Mary Grauerholz Mary Grauerholz is a freelance feature writer who focuses on architecture, style, sustainability, and health. In her previous career as a journalist, she won many awards for project management, editing, and writing. Since then, she has…

coastal cues

THE POTENTIAL WAS ALWAYS THERE, HIDDEN BEHIND dated materials and an awkward layout. It took creative, out-of-the-box thinking to rearrange and reimagine, forging something innovative from a lackluster space. But for Paula Accioly, showroom manager at Jewett Farms + Co., transforming an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary destination is all in a day’s work. The homeowners had worked with Jewett Farms + Co. before on their previous, more traditionally styled kitchen. When they decided to downsize and live closer to the sea, buying a home just a few minutes’ walk from the coast, they turned to the company once again. This time, however, they wanted to take a more contemporary approach. With its roots in cabinetmaking, Jewett Farms + Co. now operates a 27,000-square-foot cabinet shop in York, Maine, and two showrooms,…

riverfront retreat

WHEN HOMEOWNER GREG SOUTHARD FIRST envisioned his property’s outdoor living space, he could never have guessed just how important the concept of home would become for so many of us living through the coronavirus. Now, more than ever, people are realizing how necessary it is to have a space to relax and unplug from the day, whether it’s a cozy corner, a bedroom sanctuary, or some sort of outdoor living. In the case of the Southard residence, this Amesbury waterfront property is not lacking when it comes to outdoor options for unwinding. Southard, who is also the owner of Riverfront Landscape and Design, says that there are several unique elements about the overall outdoor design of his home. For one, “Mature, naturalized plantings define the landscape while still allowing it to…

serene & green

DAVID WINSTON, CO-OWNER OF WINSTON Flowers, just can’t contain himself when it comes to the subject of garden pots. “I am passionate about containers,” exclaims Winston, whose family has been in the business of floral design for over 75 years. “I love to accessorize projects with the highest-quality vessels. It’s the icing on the cake. Adorning your garden with beautiful containers is like accenting your outfit with a gorgeous set of earrings or a lovely pair of shoes.” Winston fell madly in love with containers on a trip to Europe and connected with three or four vendors. “Nobody had vessels like this,” he says. His team visits two shows in Europe each year to cherry-pick the handmade vessels and bring them back to grace New England homes. When Winston’s team was asked…

a-mazing garden

A BLISSFUL ROMANCE IS NOW HAPPENING HOT and furious, but it was not love at first sight between Jessica Marbain and the Oliver Goodrich House. The interior designer from Pennsylvania preferred expansive space, long views, and lots of glass. On the other hand, the First Period Byfield house provided the exact opposite format. Tiny windows, cozy rooms, and weathered natural clapboards were pretty much the picture at the Oliver Goodrich house. But the historic home did claim two very critical features that won the designer’s heart. The house is sixty seconds away from her daughter’s Byfield home, plus it has an incredible garden. The Byfield house has roots reaching to 1700 when it was built by Oliver Goodrich, who enlisted as a patriot after the Battle of Lexington and became one…