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July 2021

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Ziff Davis
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these apps collect the most personal data

A study by pCloud concluded that social media and food delivery apps sell the most personal data to third-party advertisers. But a recent Invisibly survey showed that four out of five people don’t want their personal data collected or shared without their permission. If you’re sick of invasive data collection, what are the best alternatives? Surfshark compared the data-collection activities of 200 apps to find out which services harvest the most data in a given category and which apps actually leave your data alone. The study compared 18 app categories and found that the more popular an app, the more data it likely collects. Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger—all owned by the same company—each collects all 32 segments of personal data that Apple’s App Store flags. Less-invasive options include the audio-first Clubhouse social…

how to see who’s using your streaming passwords

How many people have access to your Netflix account? Have you ever received an email warning of a login attempt from an unknown user or new device? It’s probably not difficult to keep track of one account, but when Hulu, HBO Max, and Spotify are also in the mix, it can be hard to remember which friends and family members are watching what. There’s a solution. Just as you can check to see who may be stealing your internet, you can keep tabs on who’s accessing your video- and music-streaming accounts. Identify the people you know, nix the freeloaders, or just start anew and kick everyone out all at once. If you think someone has unauthorized access to any of your accounts—whether it’s a hacker or an ex—we recommend securing them with…

nvidia geforce rtx 3080 ti founders edition: a muscled-up middle child

It’s been one heck of a year in the world of desktop graphics cards. From silicon shortages to cryptocurrency craziness, the average price of a graphics card in 2021 has surged past all expectations, with models both used and new selling for multiples more than the original prices, even years after their initial release. Realities of the current marketplace aside, though, we’re here to talk about the objective performance of the latest object of desire for GPU shoppers (and likely newest target for scalpers), the GeForce RTX 3080 Ti, and how it stacks up against its own (hopefully, one day!) objective manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $1,199. PROS: Beautiful, functional design, like other Founders Edition cards. Low-noise operation, even under stress. Compact profile given the raw muscle. Improves upon original…

never, ever pay the ransom!

The news lately has been filled with ransomware attacks, such as the one on meat processor JBS, and their effects are being felt more broadly than ever. That’s bad, but it’s also bad that some of the companies affected by these attacks have opted to pay the ransom. That’s why, once again, I’m begging companies and individuals not to pay the ransom. Instead of secretly complying with criminal demands, individuals and especially corporations should loudly ask for help. Giving in and paying up, even with the hope that that government will recover your money, won’t undo the damage already done, and it only fuels more attacks. And as we’ve seen with the Colonial Pipeline attack, even if you pay and get a decryption tool from the crooks, it might not work. A…

can cryptocurrency replace the us dollar?

Even though its value is no longer pinned to great stacks of gold in Fort Knox, the US dollar is a stable and trusted currency worldwide. It’s the reserve currency for the world, supporting international transactions and all aspects of the global economy. But will it continue to hold that position? Might Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency eventually replace it? At the virtual RSA security conference (RSAC 2021) in May, Dr. Kenneth Geers, external communications analyst for Very Good Security, explored this topic, along with Very Good Security’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) Kathy Wang. “Is cryptocurrency going to change my life? Change the world?” asked Geers. “Will it bring the end of the nation-state?” Geers led off by pointing out Bitcoin’s amazingly meteoric rise. On May 22, 2010—a day now dubbed Bitcoin…

samsung develops a ‘stretchable electronic skin’ oled display

Samsung may be at the forefront of folding and sliding display technology, but the company’s researchers have also been working on displays that can be stretched (with research happening even as far back as 2017), and we’re beginning to see working prototypes. In June, Samsung revealed a stretchable OLED display that acts as a heart rate sensor. The wrist-mounted device combines photoplethysmography (PPG) heart rate sensors and an OLED screen to offer real-time heartbeat monitoring. The research team was able to stretch the device (to 30% elongation) 1,000 times without causing any damage while at the same time recording a heartbeat signal pickup that’s “2.4 times stronger than would be picked up by a fixed silicon sensor.” The stretchable device, which Samsung refers to as “Stretchable Electronic Skin,” was developed at the Samsung…