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Popular Woodworking November 2019


Whether it's a solo or group project, a home-improvement undertaking or a simple piece of art, Popular Woodworking lets you into the world of woodworking crafts. Each issue of Popular Woodworking features numerous projects for the expert craftsperson and the interested beginner.

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best new woodworking tools & products

SUPERJAWS SJA100E Super Tough, Super Grip, Super Jaws In 1992, Triton changed the way the world clamped with the release of the original SuperJaws. The iconic SuperJaws acts as an invaluable extra pair of hands whether indoors, outdoors or on the workshop floor and weighs in at a portable 32 lb. An evolution of the original, the versatile SuperJaws SJA100E provides fast, hands-free clamping of material up to 37 ½" and offers a massive clamping force of up to 2,205 lb. Visit TritonTools.com or call 855-227-3478 Timbermate Water-based Wood Filler Now available at Highland Woodworking Timbermate Wood Filler is without equal in the world of interior grade wood fillers and nail-hole putties. Their proprietary blend is made without solvents and contains no acrylic or latex. This allows it to be freeze proof and heat proof. Should…

from the editor

As the leaves turn and the nights get cooler, I know woodworking season is approaching. Yes, I do spend as much time in the shop as I can, but the warmer summer months mean mowing, trips to the cabin and preparing my house for the onslaught of Minnesota winter. But once those leaves are raked, it's prime woodworking time. And it’s a good thing, too, because there are gifts to make. My mom’s side of the family exchanges homemade gifts, and it’s one of our longest-standing family traditions. I’m not entirely sure of the origin, but I know that each Christmas, after dinner, everyone gathers in a big circle and exchanges homemade presents. Or at least that’s how it’s happened for the last 34 years. Three generations of family give and…

workshop tips

Trash Can Outfeed To save space, my trash can doubles as a work support. I made a dolly with locking casters to fit the can’s bottom, so I can roll the unit to wherever it’s needed. The work support is adjustable in height. It’s just a round-nosed board with two ¼" x 6" slots, held in place with ¼" bolts and jig knobs. I routed curved grooves in the support’s feet to match the trash can’s rim, so the sup- port doesn’t slide off the can. When I want to empty the trash, I just lift off the support. I’ve made reference marks on the support for the correct height of each tool.—Jay McClellan Tenon Preview A tenon should be ⅓ the thickness of a rail—at least, that’s what an old rule of thumb…


SawStop Jobsite Saw Pro SawStop released the first version of their portable table saw about five years ago. Packaging their flesh-sensing blade brake technlogy in a smaller, more affordable format made it more attainable for a larger portion of woodworkers and folks on jobsites. This upgraded version of their jobsite saw (the Jobsite Saw Pro) is a pretty nice piece of kit. Right out of the gate, the unboxing and assembly was one of the easiest portable table saw assemblies I've been a part of. Just six bolts (two for the wheels and four for the handles) and it was fully assembled. (That does mean it arrives in a giant box.) The motor is rated at 1.5 HP continuous load and up to 4 HP max. I'm not exactly sure what that…

spice it up with rhythm

I was waiting on a phone call so I didn’t think twice when my phone rang. Two words in and I hung up the call. Why do telemarketers manage to get through when I least want to talk to them (which is never). Perhaps a bigger question is how do I know in two seconds it’s an artificial voice, some pre-recorded zombie trying to lure me down a rat hole? Granted, technology has come a long way. The early versions of electronic speech sounded like a drunk talking through the whirling blades of an electric fan. Now days, artificial speech is only slightly annoying, like a child trying to recite memorized lines. But my point is that our ears are finely tuned to pick up small nuances in human speech. Perhaps…

hidden door bookcase

PROJECT #1919 Skill Level: Intermediate Time: 2 Days Cost: $500 The alluring nature of secret rooms has captivated my imagination for as long as I can remember. Growing up, my mind would race with possibilities, as I'd watch someone unlock a bookcase by tilting a book or some other secretive method on television. As an adult, their mystique is still appealing, though having built several of them now their functionality is no longer a mystery to me. Whether a person wants to hide a safe, have a safe room or just find a creative way to hide a utility room, a bookcase door is a fairly easy way to go about doing it. The secret to making a bookcase door function is in the hinges. For an in-swing door, you can use regular door hinges…