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Real People Issue 3 2020

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this week in your fab value

Ever find yourself sighing, ‘kids grow up so quickly these days!’ One minute you’re kissing their skinned knees better, the next you’re catching them snogging their first love round the back of the local youth club. Well, if the speed of it all leaves you dizzy, you’ll really feel for Shannon this week. Her sweet little girl, Cleo, was only three when her moods suddenly changed (p44). Sunny smiles became furious storms and then, at bath time, she saw the reason why… Something that had no business sprouting on a tiny toddler! It was only the start of a terrifying battle but thank goodness, it has a happy ending. I wish the same were true for Katiuska, who is telling us all about how her life collided with another child…

our mad world!

Cute TOT FAIRY BERRY Here’s Mummy’s Little Angel, Ava Mae, helping me cook dinner. My two-year-old is a whizz in the kitchen (well, on the landing), but she prefers my dishes to hers, specifically a roast or anything with pasta. Caroline Davies, Kingsteignton, Devon UK Ding ding! All aboard the preggo bus, first stop, crashing into A&E! When a woman went into labour on a bus, the driver rushed her to Ipswich Hospital. But, in their effort to get her as close as possible, they smashed into the entrance! No one was hurt. WOOF! My husband, Steven, will do anything to get our pup, Bella, to have a bath! Rachel Hopwood, Sheffield 999? I’VE GOT TOO MANY SAVELOY! Police received hundreds of thousands of nuisance ‘emergency’ calls last year, including: • ‘I want to know the time – the time.’ • ‘I…

soap on a rope

EastEnders Linda the lush hits an all-time low. She’s mortified to realise she’s forgotten Mick’s birthday and tries to compensate by throwing a surprise party. At first, Mick’s proud to see Linda trying so hard and laying off the booze. However, the knees-up turns into a let-down when Mick finds Ollie on his own and Linda, who’s supposed to be watching him, is kicking off another bender. As the pickled princess totters off to her Prince (Albert), she bumps into Sharon and her Lambruscoloosened lips drop a bombshell: Keanu ain’t dead! What?! Elsewhere… One minute the Mitchells are singing ’Appy Birfdee to Phil, the next they’re in a panic over recent events, as it transpires Sharon suddenly has the upper hand. But how far will she go to get revenge? Oh! And Sonia’s…

cry me a river

Holding my son close, before he went off to school, I admired yet again how stunningly handsome he was. Slim, with beautiful deep brown eyes, he certainly had the looks of the family! But while he dazzled outwardly, inwardly he lacked a bit of street nous. ‘Just remember,’ I said, giving Lee, 16, a hug goodbye, ‘you don’t have the smarts like we do.’ I wasn’t being mean, but it was something I always said as my way of reminding him to be careful. He couldn’t judge a bad person from a piece of fruit! As if to prove how soft he was, moments after he walked out of the door I heard a gentle knocking. ‘Yes?’ I said, opening it up to find Lee standing there. He threw open his arms again and cuddled me. ‘Couldn’t leave…

devil in the dock

Soon enough, I found out. Police arrested Mathew Borges. A child. A child had killed my baby boy in the most brutal way I’d ever heard. He’d confessed to friends who’d gone to the police. Yet he denied to officials that he’d played any part in Lee’s murder, making up various stories to explain the cuts on his hands. He might’ve had the strength, viciousness and heart of an animal, but he lied like the child he was. So justice didn’t come quickly. While I waited, I wasn’t allowed to say goodbye to Lee. Instead, police showed me a picture of his head. I stared at it, tears streaming down my cheeks. Even then it barely seemed real. How could he be gone? I still hadn’t got my mind around it come last May when Borges stood in the dock at Essex…

boat couture

A busy city like Paris is the ultimate tourist trap, but who wants to fight through the crowds when you can glide on by? The river Seine cuts right through the French capital and you can climb onboard an eight-day cruise that will chunter past the Eiffel Tower. Book a cabin on the A-Rosa Viva – a souped-up narrowboat that can hold 200 passengers and a putting green –through tour operator Shearings. After bidding the metropolis bon voyage, say bonjour to the Seine Valley and the Normandy countryside, with stops along the way, including the picturesque coastal towns of Deauville and Honfleur. INSIDER’S GUIDE The Med has Cannes, but the English Channel end of France isn’t to be outdone. The elegant port of Deauville rolls out the red carpet for Angelina Jolie and the like every…