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Real People Issue 4 2020

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When life is going well and we’re sleeping peacefully in our beds at night, we seldom spare a thought for the people who aren’t. The doctors and nurses manning A&E departments, ready for battle to save lives. Or the coppers racing to break up fights, protect battered women and stop heartless crims making one more victim… Well, here’s a shout-out to every single one of them. They’re on my mind this week because of Samantha, sharing her story on p10. A police liaison officer, her job is supporting families in the bleakest times of their lives. Wives with murdered husbands. Children orphaned by tragedy. Her hubby, Dixie, was a copper too. When she was 26 weeks pregnant with their first baby, she sat at work, watching incidents roll on to the…

our mad world!

Comedy TOT ADDER BOY! My three-year-old grandson, Tommy, has no fear! We took him to a petting zoo and he was fascinated by the large snake and not at all scared. Though the same couldn’t be said for my hubby, Steve! Lynne Newton, Spennymoor, Durham UK An expert on Antiques Roadshow revealed how he once took a swig of what he believed to be a 150-year-old bottle of port, only to find it was actually urine! Also inside were rusty nails, human hair and a cockle, suggesting it was once used by a witch. Antiques Gross Show more like! DIPPY HIPPO We get frogs in our ponds in the UK. In Botswana they get hippos in their pools! Yes, really! Here’s Troy Reed, 11, playing lifeguard to his family’s three-tonne gatecrasher, who left behind 15st of dung! LOST THE…

soap on a rope

Leo lives up to his name this week, when he singles out one particularly ferocious Walford resident. Let’s face it, you’ve got to have the courage of a lion to take on the Square’s scariest big Kat! As he provokes her so she roars and, claws out, tears down his stall. Things simmer down after a drink with Kush and Martin in the Vic, with our Queen of the bungle feline much calmer and reassuring Whitney – then Leo rolls in. He’s shocked, however, when the police arrive and take him away. Woop! Kat and her pride head to the Albert to celebrate. But Leo shows up there! And so the Circle of Strife continues. Of course, it kicks off and, just like another story, only with roles reversed, Scar, sorry Leo,…

big brother’s watching

Up the garden I whizzed, queen of a big plastic duck on wheels! ‘Faster!’ I shouted to my big sister, Debbie, five, as she pushed me along. In the end I was laughing so hard, and she was so out of puff pushing, that we collapsed on to the grass, red-cheeked and panting. Two sisters, side-by-side, close as could be. Then the cherry on top of this perfect day – ‘Apple pie’s ready!’ our nan, Edna, called from the kitchen and we both scampered in for a slice. I was four that day and I remember it because every day with Nan stood out in our childhood. Our poor mum, Eileen, didn’t have the time to lavish on us like Nan did. Mum was a single parent and had to work long hours as…

innocence lost

What the teacher was describing was what Nigel had done to me! That morning, when he’d hurt me so badly… He’d put himself inside me. And he shouldn’t have. Brothers didn’t do that to little girls. My flesh crawled and itched. I felt frightened, so dirty. Fearfully, I looked around at my classmates. Did they know? Could they tell? I couldn’t wait for the class to end. Back home, I locked myself in the bedroom and sobbed. What he had done to me was sick and now I was soiled and damaged. Used goods. I felt guilty and memories started to plague me again. I’d feel a lurch in my stomach as if I needed to vomit. ‘He was the sick one,’ I thought. I was a little girl and he’d ripped my innocence away. The…

caught by the heart

Pressing my hands down on the resuscitation doll, I called out loud. ‘One, two, three...’ Pump, pump, pump. I was practising CPR. And my own heart? Whoah, it was racing! I kept glancing over the doll – named Resusci Annie! – and across to another police officer who was on this first aid training course with me, James ‘Dixie’ Dixon. We’d never met, but I felt like I knew him. He was a star! A cop star – I’d watched him on Sky One’s Road Wars, which followed the work of officers from Thames Valley Police, where we both worked, though our paths hadn’t crossed until now. He was a traffic officer and with his striking nose and piercing blue eyes, well, he could arrest me any day! As the first aid course went on, my palpitations…