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Real People Issue 6 2020

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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this week in your fab value

Not long to Valentine’s Day… Are you loved-up? Still looking? So over it? Or just… snore! I definitely don’t think you need a man or woman in your life to feel happy and complete. But a cat helps (OK, I’m biased!) Only... what folk have been getting up to in this week’s issue has reminded me that being loved definitely has its health benefits. Clodagh, a plucky Northern Irish copper, found herself imprisoned by her own body. The cruel irony! And no one realised she was still fully herself in there… No one except her fella (p16). Cue, a happy ending. And when Karen needed a great big manly organ for Valentine’s Day, let’s just say she wasn’t disappointed (p44). Even our four-legged beloveds get in on the act, as you’ll…

our mad world!

Comedy TOT HOWDY PARTNER! Here’s my rooting, tooting, gurgling gunslinger – one-year-old Jett – chewing a fat cigar, sorry, gherkin. Stacy Gibson, Wordsley, West Mids UK A fish farm off the Isle of Skye has been denied planning permission because it’ll kill fairies! Well, it had more to do with harming fishing grounds and tourism, but the council were warned that mythical sea creatures known as Ashrai could die if the 12 cages were installed. RUG IT OUT, BRO Can you spot our five-year-old rescue, Boris? He just loves a good catnap, anywhere his highness chooses! Jean Hodgson, Derby Missed the taxman’s deadline? Well, best get your excuses in. Though these ones didn’t wash with HM Revenue & Customs… TAX RETURN TO SENDER • ‘My mother-in-law put a curse on me.’ • ‘My hamster ate my post.’ • ‘I was up a mountain…

soap on a rope

EastEnders Stone the crows! Tell you what, the house prices in Walford are going to take quite a knock after this week’s action on the Square! It’s the day of Callum’s assessment and, as he’s rushing around, all jittery, getting ready, he’s being reassured by Stuart and Karen. He’s also being watched – and not in a good way! So who is this sinister stalker? Ding dong. Looks like he’s about to find out… Elsewhere… Talking of stalkers, Whitney’s one, loopy Leo, is hiding out in Dot’s attack, completely overtaken with hatred, waiting for the perfect moment to exact his bloody revenge… Oh! And Bex and Sonia fall out, Kathy threatens Ian, Daniel starts planning his funeral, Bobby’s trolled on social media, while Linda and Mick’s marriage reaches breaking point. Sheesh.…

the gentle sex

My big trucker’s arms were having a moment, wound around some, warm, soft, womanly curves. A woman who was naked and in my bed! It had been a while for the arms – and the rest of me, truth be told… My life? Well, that was the job – on the road for hours, hauling goods behind my rig. That, and my boy, Callum. I was a single dad so was it any wonder women didn’t get a look in? And I was so proud of him – 17, now, almost a man. But between his PlayStation and his mates, he didn’t want to hang out with his old dad like he used to. So I’d found myself on the sofa, with a Jack Daniel’s and Coke in my lonely mitts. ‘You’re only 50,’ I’d…

no more shame

On good days, we’d go out for rides on my bike and she’d wrap her arms tightly around me. The same arms that hurt me, but in that moment, I could forget. Not for long, though. Tracy cut up my clothes in a temper, pinned me up against the wall and dug her nails into me if I was late home from work… One time, she swung a Hoover at me like a golf club. Another, she came roaring towards me, claw hammer held aloft… December came. I arranged to go into London with some blokes from work. Big mistake. In a jealous rage, Tracy smashed all my Diesel and Avon aftershave bottles. I missed my train, arrived late and ended up walking around Chinatown on my own. All around me, loved-up couples…

samaritan in disguise

Hit the high notes Money doesn’t grow on trees in Blackhall Colliery – but it does sprout behind bins and in the hedgerows. A £26,000 mystery had the former pit village in County Durham scratching its head for six years. Lucky residents chanced upon bundle after bundle of £2,000 in cash. The honest village folk handed the dosh into police and since 2014, the fund had risen to £26,000. But who was leaving it lying around?! A banker with dementia? Maybe it was dirty money, stashed by a drugs gang? As the mystery was picked up by the papers, the anonymous benefactors came forward. It was two kind-hearted people who wanted to help the locals out. One of the Good Samaritans told detectives that she felt an ‘emotional connection’ to the village after being helped by…