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Real People Issue 15 2020


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this week in your fab value

Happy Easter, everyone. But aren’t things so different this year? Easter egg hunts suddenly involve the airing cupboard, veg rack and knicker drawers — not exactly traditional. Nor is gazing out at a lovely spring morning and wondering when we’ll be able to go spend the whole day in the fresh, new air. And the Easter Bunny? Well, he’s having the time of his life. Now all we humans are locked indoors, wildlife is reclaiming our open spaces. Sweet! But if you are going slowly crackers, cooped up inside, fleeing to the bathroom and locking yourself in because you crave a bit of self-isolation from the kids, then make sure you take this week’s issue in with you. Need reminding that even the most dire of medical crises can have a happy…

our mad world!

Cute TOT CHEW ARE ADORABLE! His first taste of chocolate, this Easter bunny had my five-month-old Ronnie’s name on it – see, by his tootsies! Alexandra Low, Halesowen, West Mids. UK A therapist in Doncaster got into a right dust up with a patient when the pair of them had a flour fight. Becky Jones was suspended for a year at a tribunal after she and the male mental health patient were found in the hospital kitchen head-to-toe in the white stuff. EASTER SCAMPER She can keep her paws off the chocolate, but my Bronte, 11, might just get a pig’s ear treat if she’ll stop barking at the postie. Tiffany Crawford, Scarborough, North Yorks. I SHOULD COCOA! With all the chocolate consumed this weekend, it’s time you knew the cold brown truth... • The number of Toblerones sold each year…

internal affairs

A blob of baby sick crusted my T-shirt, filling my nose with the whiff of turned milk. The cause of it, baby Tom*, snuggled over my shoulder like a little bag of gorgeousness as I tried to croon him to sleep. I was 18 and I’d known this mum business wouldn’t be easy. I’d known I’d be more tired and terrified and bursting with love than ever in my life… But it was so lonely for a single mum like me. Lonelier than I’d ever imagined! When Tom finally slipped off to dream of milk and cuddles, a text was waiting for me. Want to meet up? It was from Paul Meechan. We’d met on a Prince’s Trust course to build up our confidence when I was 16. He’d come over during a break. I saw dark…

dying inside

As punches rained down my thoughts flew to Tom, his little brother or sister in my womb… When they stopped, I went to bed. But Paul followed me. At 5am, as his snores juddered through the room, I tentatively moved my arm, then a leg. I propped myself silently up in bed and glanced over at Paul. Still snorting like a pig. Now… go now. My leg left the bed followed by my other one. Quickly I pulled on some clothes. Now for the difficult part. Don’t make a sound, baby boy. Gently, gently I cradled Tom in my arms. Don’t wake up and cry. Don’t let him hear us. My eyes fell on something by the side of the bed. A knife! He’s going to kill me. We have to get out! I took one step, then another, and another, hugging Tom closely. In…

one step at a time

Right now, the safest place is in the comfort of your own home – but when things start to open back up again, you’ll want to stretch your legs and take the scenic routes, and we’ve got the perfect spots. SILENCE OF THE LAMBS NORTH With little lambs gambolling around the fields, at Broom House Farm in Durham, take a tractor trailer ride for a guided tour of the lambing shed. The 13,000-acre Wallington estate in Northumberland is fun for adults and children alike, where you may even be allowed to bottle-feed some of the newborns. If you visit later in the year, there’s still a forest adventure of nature trails, zip wires and tunnel treks. broomhousedurham.co.uk MORE THAN A STROLL SOUTH EAST A green oasis in the city, Morden Hall Park is found just a few miles…

it’s all gone pete thong

Relight my fire! At Glastonbury Court care home, most elderly residents request things like going for afternoon tea or taking a trip to the beach. But 89-year-old Joan had other ideas. ‘I want a visit from an attractive man with a large chest and big biceps,’ she told staff. Who could blame her? Joan’s wish was granted when the care home invited a stripper dressed as a fireman to entertain the ladies one afternoon in Bury St Edmunds. Waving his belt in the air, Joan and her friends were treated to a striptease. ‘I wish he could visit us every day,’ she said after the dance. ‘He made me feel like I was young again, I loved every second.’ It was certainly a racier request than the care home staff were used to, but the…