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Real People Issue 17 2021

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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bob’s big treasure hunt! with auctioneer bob hayton

Pot luck My tea set has been in the family for a long time. It has four cups, saucers, plates, a tea pot and a milk jug. I’ve always loved the pretty pattern of forget-me-nots. Will I be raising a cup to its value, Bob? Val Brown, via email Your tea service dates to the ’30s and, although only a four-piece service, it does have a teapot, which is a plus since many people collect these alone. You are looking at an auction value of around £50. Higher? Lower? When my mother moved into a new house, she found this old wooden highchair abandoned in the loft. I don’t know how old it is but it looks sturdy. Is it worth anything, Bob? Anna Hoffman, Loughton, Essex The things our readers find in lofts! Your…

a portable cd player!

If you like a tune or two while you’re cooking the dinner, doing the ironing or making the beds etc, then we’ve got the perfect prize for you. This Portable Boombox CD player with FM radio and MP3 playback by Roxel, worth £40, is just the thing! Whether you want to pick your own playlist or are happy for Tony Blackburn or Roman Kemp to do it for you, you can have great music with you wherever you go. This prize has got hit written all over it, and with stylish looks, too, this could become your No.1 favourite thing. We’ve got one to give away – for your chance to win, simply solve my Boxing Match puzzle, below……

mum knows best

Eliza Green, 28, mum to Vogue, two, says, ‘If you’re not ready to give up breastfeeding, try expressing and giving Kobe a small bottle with a nipple-shaped teat at nap times to stop him falling asleep latched onto you. Then you can still breastfeed him at other times and it won’t affect your supply.’ Monica Sarpong, 31, mum to Zeus, 13 months, says, ‘My son was stuck to my breast too and wouldn’t sleep without it in his mouth. I couldn’t get him to sleep alone for more than 10 minutes. So I introduced a dummy and once he got used to it, it helped him sleep. has a list of the best dummies for breastfed babies.’ Andriana Plester, 32, mum to Louiza, eight, and twins, Theo and Sydnie, three, says,…

£100 to spend at lakeland

What’s not to love about Lakeland? It’s a one-stop shop for all those things that make a house a home. Whether you want to bump up your baking bits with some new cookie cutters, piping bags and nozzles, cake tins and roasting trays or want to invest in a super-sexy new food mixer, Lakeland will definitely have exactly what you need. Perhaps you need to work out some new storage solutions for the shoes piling up in the hallway or find a laundry bin big enough to keep his dirty socks and pants from spilling onto the floor and walking to the washing machine by themselves! Maybe you’re going to finally treat yourself to that ice-cream maker, slow cooker or coffee grinder you’ve always wanted to try. But will you have enough to…

hammered home

My eyes flicked around the bathroom. Caie’s figure lay prone on his back on the floor. Not moving. At all. Blood was smeared everywhere… a red handprint on the tiled wall. Shattered glass – shards from the shower screen – carpeted the floor. I approached Caie. His head lay under the sink. Blood streaked his naked body, red welts criss-crossing the flesh. Is he dead? Has Wayne killed him? I knelt down and scanned his face. Eyes closed. No movement. Gently I touched his shoulder. No response. A chill crept up my body. My eyes took in the red liquid spurting from his hand, forearm, face. My fingers lightly poked him again. Please. Please. His lips parted fractionally. ‘Call an ambulance,’ he whispered. Thank God! He’s alive! ‘It’s OK, help is coming,’ I tried to reassure him. How much blood has he lost? Would these be my last words to…

monster squad

Sun giving a rare show, I ferried my kids out the door. ‘Come on, then,’ I chivvied Ruby, seven, and five-year-old Scarlett. Once we arrived at the park, the kids careered towards the swings and I found the perfect Mum spot – watching on from a bench. It was the ideal school hols day out in the summer of 2016. Most summers we’d head to the Cliff Hotel in Blackpool, the kids enjoying the whizzing and plinking fun of the arcades on the pier. Today though we were home in Derbyshire, just enjoying each others’ company. When I got back indoors, my hand brushed my left boob. Ouch. Come to think of it, my breast had been a little tender of late. ‘It’s just not quite right,’ I mused to my husband Ben, 28. Swollen too, I kept cupping…