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Real People Issue 18 2021

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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in a spin

Standing behind the till in my friend’s parents’ restaurant, I gawped at the blast from the past. ‘MC Scotty Gee!’ I gasped, sweat suddenly pooling on my top lip while my mouth inexplicably dried up. I hadn’t seen 31-year-old Scott Gretton for 14 years. Getting together back in school at age 16, we’d been each other’s first love. A couple of years on we’d split. Back then, Scott had been a lanky DJ, playing rave music. Now he was all man. I’ve waited 14 years for this… ‘I still do the DJing, though,’ he smiled, informing me he’d stayed living round the corner from where I was with my nana in Hartlepool. Yet I hadn’t seen him all these years. I’d stayed mostly single, focusing on my beauty business. I’d only been helping out at the restaurant. ‘He’s aged very well,’…

beauty & the beast

Craning my neck, I peered out of the window. A figure had climbed out of a black car and was walking towards the pavement. Ever the nosey mum, I watched as he opened the passenger door for my daughter, Melissa, 30, to get inside. There’s manners you don’t see much these days. I was impressed. That night in March 2018 I was baby-sitting Melissa’s daughter, Millie*, 11. She’d fallen pregnant with her at 18. Like any mum, I’d worried that it was too much too young. But Melissa had grit. She was going to raise this baby, even single-handedly after splitting with the dad. And she needed that determination in spadefuls when Millie had to have an op as soon as she was born. Her bowels had been growing outside of her body in the womb. Up to the age of three…

antiphospholipid syndrome (sticky blood syndrome) ❯ the facts

WHAT? An immune system disorder where abnormal antibodies attack certain fats, which lead to clots. APS patients are at greater risk of developing deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot usually in the leg that can travel to the brain, leading to a stroke. SYMPTOMS: An accurate diagnosis of APS is important, because blood clots can have serious consequences. Blood clots in the veins can cause problems such as high blood pressure, deep vein thrombosis, a stroke or blockage in a blood vessel in the lungs. People with APS may also experience fatigue, vision problems, balance problems and headaches. TREATMENT: Sufferers will get anticoagulant medicine, such as Warfarin, or antiplatelet medication, such as aspirin. These interrupt blood clot formation. INFO:…

why do women teachers risk it all for sex with a pupil?

Very little research has been done into female sex abuse in schools, but there is an emerging pattern. Some female teachers, like Kandice Barber, are predatory. She had power and enjoyed using it whether it was to get sex or in threatening the boy to keep him quiet. According to Dr Andrea Darling, a leading researcher at Durham University, most women teachers abuse because their own intimacy needs aren’t met. There might be problems in relationships or loneliness. Some offenders are emotionally immature and can’t always form adult relationships. Many have poor mental health. In March 2021 teacher Shannon Parson, 33, dodged jail for having sex with a schoolboy, 16, partly because of her mental health issues. Some others actually think they are in a ‘relationship’ with the child they are abusing, making plans or getting…

grab the gear...

‘I’ve rustled up a great competition here, where one of you lucky lot will get to choose whether to bag the best prize I could get my hooves on – or accept my cash offer. So, have a good look at what's up for grabs and see if it's something you absolutely must have – or if my Big Deal Money Pot is more like something you’re after! And don’t worry – you’ve plenty of time to think about it. If you’re a winner, I’ll give you a call and you can make your mind up then…’ For your chance to win, simply answer my prize question below. See p67 to enter. Which famous ‘three’ are associated with, ‘All for one and one for all’? A) Musketeers B) Bananarama Bagging a brilliant bargain in the…

bob’sb g treasure hunt!

Bravo! My theatre programme of The Little Foxes dates back to 1982. Elizabeth Taylor starred in the play. I got the programme signed by two of the other cast members, Robert Lansing and Nicolas Coster. Any value, Bob? Jim Graham, Lancs The 50-year-old Elizabeth Taylor was just embarking on marriage number seven when she appeared in this West End play. Now, if you had managed to get your programme autographed by her it would be worth around £20 – signed by two not so well-known cast members it is about a £10 note… but not a bad increase on the 40p you paid for it! Star buys? This Darth Vader telephone and my Qui-Gon Jinn figure are just two items in my prized Star Wars collection, Bob. Will their value send me sky-high hurtling towards another planet,…