Real People Issue 20 2021

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this week in your fab value

Ever think about your old flames, the ones that got away? There’s probably a few you did the running from. I knew a fella who snogged like a twin tub in rinse mode. It was that sloshy… Ew! But whatever Mr Wrongs you have scattered in your past, they are not going to hold a candle to Teresa’s man. She was only a girl, 16, when she took up with him, but she thought herself all grown up. He was old enough to be her dad, though. The strong silent type, driving her through the dark Welsh countryside for trysts in strange, haunted places. It was only many years later that she found out just how haunted, and what all that strong, silent stuff had been hiding. Pure horror. This…

our mad world!

Cute TOT HIGH OLD CLIMB Keep an eye on this lovely one. My 21-month-old, Fabio, will climb the big slide he’s not supposed to as soon as your back is turned. Cassie Tahiraj, Radcliffe, Manchester THAILAND ‘I started having a sneezing fit and it came out my left nostril,’ astonished Steven Easton, 51, said of an intact black rubber sucker. His mum, Pat, knew straight away it was off a toy dart he’d swallowed 43 years earlier. He thought he had hay fever. CHEEKY MARE Sat in a restaurant with my partner last summer, this horse in the neighbouring field came to have a look at what we were eating! Melissa Winspear, Rhyl, North Wales CLASSY, LIKE People reveal things they once mistakenly thought were ‘posh’... ● Galaxy chocs ● Viscount biscuits ● Yankee candles ● Mixer taps ● Limos ●…

passion killer

Through the swell of Duran Duran, clouds of cigarette smoke parted and I peered at the man at the next table in the nightclub. Boring his dark eyes into me, he snapped, ‘What you staring at?’ It was December 1983, and only 16, I’d lost touch with my dad and left home after not getting on with my step-dad. I was still just a kid, singing along to UB40 on Top of the Pops and mooning over Adam Ant. But I’d put on a coat of armour to the world and grown up fast. I’d left school, was working and out at the clubs every weekend. No middle-aged old grandad was going to talk down to me! ‘Well you look like Charles Bronson,’ I shot back. The actor, I meant, not the violent prisoner. With his thin ’tache…

heart of stone

Did he have it in him? My mind scurried back to the ’80s. Yes, he was distant, but cold-blooded? But police matched DNA from his bones and teeth to the crimes. Those two girls who’d left a nightclub never to return home… Joe met me in a nightclub… My stomach rolled as I watched on. He was irrefutably a serial killer. …and he’d had his hands round my throat! It was when the cameras cut to Llandarcy woods, where Pauline and Geraldine had been found, that I started shaking. That shack, that grass… I’d know it anywhere. That was where Joe had taken me to have sex. A decade after killing and raping those poor girls, he’d wormed his way into my teenage life and seduced me right there. My skin crawled. All those silent hours on the roads. To think of the…

real people roulette

1 Who did Boris Johnson replace as leader of the Conservatives to become prime minister? 2 Chim, Chim Cher-ee is a song from what musical? 3 Which duo wrote and recorded songs for The Graduate’s soundtrack? 4 Who has been back on ITV with his award-winning For The Love Of Dogs series, which champions the work of Battersea Dogs And Cats Home? 5 Currently filming, House Of The Dragon is a prequel to what hugely successful fanstasy series? 6 All That Jazz is a song from what musical? 7 Who is leader of the Liberal Democrats? 8 Which Welsh singing legend released his 41st studio album, Surrounded By Time, last week? 9 Complete the joke: How do you find where a flea has bitten you? 10 Beauty School Dropout is a song from what musical? 11 You can’t make an…

eaten up inside

Ablaze of red siren flashes made me shield my eyes. A beaming little bundle was perched on my husband AJ’s lap in the front seat of a fire engine. Our boy, Johnathan, 23 months, loved visiting the fire station. AJ, 34, was a paramedic but he served as a voluntary firefighter too. ‘Whoo-whoo,’ cheered Johnathan, grinning down at me from the cab. Later that night he put on his dinky firefighter’s helmet. ‘Mummy, fire!’ he babbled excitedly. ‘Steady on, Nugget,’ I smiled, taking the toy axe he was waving about. Nugget was a name that had just stuck, and his brother, Michael, four, was called Bug, so our twosome were Bug and Nug. And my youngest was becoming more adventurous. A few days earlier I’d swooped him from a chair as he climbed to reach the kitchen top, cheeky thing. Still,…