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Real People Issue 21 2021

Real People is a real-life title which delivers real-life stories, puzzles (and prizes) and affordable practical advice (food, fashion & beauty).

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lost the plot

Divorced three times, Jody Gelber still dreamed of finding his soulmate. Nancy Mancuso, 44, was a budding crime novelist and on their first date told Jody, a car mechanic, the plot of her serial killer fiction. ‘Stop,’ he laughed. ‘It’s too gory!’ They married in 2002 and when her first novel, about a killer who outsmarted the police, was published she became a celebrity in Bryan, Texas. She made lots of friends, and drank and did drugs. Jody begged her to pack it in. And in 2011 he’d had enough and filed for divorce. Later that year Nancy’s dealer, Jeremy Kidd, who was a police snitch, came to his handlers saying Nancy wanted Jody killed. Det Rick Ledesma was sceptical, but Jeremy insisted. ‘She told me she wanted someone to cut his nipples off – cut his d***…

health & happiness

Charging home from school, my mind was popping like corn kernels. ‘Can we play football outside?’ I begged my mum, Angela. A six-year-old tomboy, all I could think of was footie, doing wheelies on my bike up and down the road, and when Mum would next take me horse-riding. But realising my pants were wet, I shuffled off to the loo. ‘Ewww,’ I moaned, looking down at my white knickers. There was blood in them! Too scared to tell Mum, I shoved them as far down in the laundry basket as I could. But later that night, Mum came into my room. ‘What happened?’ she asked softly. ‘I don’t know,’ I shrugged. I didn’t think too much of it, but she took me to the doctor. I didn’t know what ‘periods’ were, but I was shocked by Mum’s reaction. ‘But she’s so…

aisle save you

Coming in from a kickabout, my son Ben’s cheeks flushed crimson. ‘My heart’s hammering again, Mum,’ he complained before rushing to the loo to be sick. The second youngest of my five children, 18-year-old Ben was studying a football course at college. He’d been mad about the sport since he was a kid. But early last year, Duracell bunny Ben, started complaining of his chest hurting. He was breathless too. ‘Maybe it’s just too hot out?’ I wondered. ‘Ben’s having those pains again,’ his girlfriend, Sophie, 18, rung last August. I went round to hers where he was staying and rushed him to North Manchester Hospital. After five days, the doctor diagnosed, ‘Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome.’ He had a rapid heartbeat because of an extra electrical connection. Poor Ben must’ve been born with it but we’d never known. He came home and…

mum knows best

Stacy Gibson, 30, mum to Morgan, nine, Shelby, six, and Jett, 19 months, says, ‘You could try making flashcards with pictures of real spiders, butterflies and so on, and flashcards with fake ones. Play a game of “real or fake” and the winner gets a little treat! Also show Tanaka some “behind the scenes” of these films on YouTube to show how they are made.’ Summer Thompson, 21, mum to Luna, three, says, ‘Talk to Tanaka about dreams – how they are just our thoughts and are harmless. Make a dreamcatcher together. There’s also a great interactive book called You Choose Your Dreams by Pippa Goodhart, in which kids get to choose each step of the story. Hopefully these will make his dreams seem less scary.’ Collette Arora, 39, mum to Shaurya,…

ask nigel

Dear Nigel, I’m not hamming it up when I say I’m worried about heatstroke – I’ve heard it can kill us hamsters! Clive, Shanklin, Isle of Wight Dear Clive, Sadly you’re quite correct – small pets do suffer from heatstroke, which can be fatal. Your cage needs to be kept in a cool area, out of direct sunlight. A good tip to stay cool is for your owners to place a bottle of iced water wrapped in a towel next to your cage (not inside in case it leaks). Love, Nigel xxx Nigel was helped by PDSA vet Rebecca Ashman. The PDSA is the UK’s leading veterinary charity. To donate to the PDSA, visit…

cooking on gas, now!

Bustling round the kitchen, I dipped my spoon into a bubbling pot of mushroom risotto. Hmm… It was missing something. ‘Bit more Parmesan,’ I decided. A cloud of grated cheese, a fresh spoon and another taste. Perfect. ‘Table six ready!’ I called, ladling a serving into a bowl and popping it beside a golden-crusted chicken pie for the waitress to whisk to the hungry diners. By then, I already had a spoon in another pot. As a chef at a gastro pub, every day whizzed by with a bite of this, a nibble of that. Not that I was complaining. I had a habit of skipping brekkie before my shifts, so by the time I’d got the ovens pre-heating, my appetite was all warmed up too. Pieces of pasta, a few crunchy chips… Then, come my mid-morning break, I’d…