Scrapbooks Etc. Page Planner

1st edition

Scrapbooks Etc. Page Planner offers more than 130 sketches and finished layouts with inspirational tips and ideas for personalizing your projects. From easy how-to’s to quick-to-finish albums, this app also features:- 119 PDF downloads- Links to blogs/Facebook pages of our most popular designers- Our favorite scrapbooking shopping websites

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something sketchy is going on.

We recently surveyed scrapbookers to see what they can’t get enough of, and one thing rose to the top: sketches! These bare-b0nes designs can rescue you from any scrapbooking rut and help you plan your next design. Look no further. In this book you’ll find more than 100 sketches (most appear in a collection starting on page 130) and the finished layouts that sprang from them. You’ll learn the best ways to use a sketch and how to make your own (see the back page to discover your sketch style). Want even more? Page Planner shows you how designers got a jump start from finished layouts. You’ll find step-by-step instructions, quick tips, and even designer profiles that give you peeks into the creative process. Be sure to check out our smart guide to…

what is a sketch?

SHADING: This helps you see the layers on a page. Notice how an embellishment lies on top of the background. JOURNALING: These straight lines (sometimes inside strips) represent the layout’s journaling. The lines show you where one designer wrote the story behind the page, but you could make the journaling shorter or longer, or move it somewhere else. EMBELLISHMENTS: Simple outlines of the layout’s accents can help you see where the designer placed her finishing touches. We haven’t included every little accent, however, as the theme of your page may take you in an all-new direction. Remember, sketches are about structure—not every detail. PHOTOS: We’ve included photo sizes so you’ll know what size to trim or print your shots. Try subbing in a larger photo in place of two smaller ones or opting to leave a spot…

top 5 reasons we sketches

1 Sketches allow you to focus on the best part of scrapbooking—recording memories! You’ll have more time to journal, embellish, and reminisce if you don’t have to come up with a fresh design. 2 Their structure is guaranteed to work. Based on already-done layouts, the design is solid. There’s no second-guessing the balance of your elements halfway through the process. 3 Sketches are easy to use. Without all the color and pattern of a finished scrapbook page, sketches are more accessible and you can quickly scan them to find one that works for you. 4 Sketches can save you trimming time. You’ll see the layers and basic paper cuts. No more squinting to figure out if the blue paper is actually behind the orange strip. 5 They’re timeless. Without themes or paper patterns that…

get organized

Become an efficiency expert by scraplifting, or re-creating layouts that are already done. Preparation is key, and with a little planning, you’ll be able to design layouts in minutes. All you need are a few basics! supplies & tools Essentials: cardstock patterned paper cutting tools (craft knife, cutting mat, ruler, pencil [or paper trimmer], and scissors) adhesives (photo tape, adhesive tape runner, adhesive dots, glue stick, liquid glue, etc.) computer and printer and/or fine-tip pens Extras: clear ruler for planning page elements and keeping them straight while attaching them ink and/or paint punches ribbon brads, eyelets, staples, and clips stickers, rub-ons, and die cuts sandpaper or other rough surface chipboard letters and shapes Scrapbook with a friend to double up on extras. Bonus: She’s a sounding board if you get stuck. The secret to getting a layout completed in next to no time is having supplies on hand…

lift any layout

See how easy it is to adapt a design to your own needs. Whether you’re adding photos, changing page sizes, or just getting a jump start, these layouts—all inspired by one original design—prove that ideas can come from anywhere. {original layout} We challenged six designers to show off the versatility of an original layout. See the inspiring designs and easy lessons you can steal for your next layout. at 2 months design by SUSAN WEINROTH A simple, streamlined design takes shape with Susan’s page. She balanced a photo with a block of patterned paper and added a few paper strips below them. Her journaling fits nicely in a strip and gains emphasis with a heart-shaped embellishment. Susan turned her title horizontally to span the left edge of her page and finished off the design with a…

original layout 01

IDEAS WE LOVE: • Layer the journaling over the photo and the background to tie everything together. • Make a monogram the title of the design. • Use a single photo corner as an embellishment. Keep the page monochromatic to allow the photo to be the star. MATERIALS photo: vertical 5. 1/2×7 1/4" cardstock and paper: kraft cardstock white cardstock four patterned papers other: scallop-edge scissors cream photo corner cream paint chipboard letter red chipboard heart stapler flower three brads GET SCRAPPIN’ 1 On an 11×8½" sheet of kraft cardstock, create the patterned-paper background using ¾"-, 2¼"-, 1"-, and 2½"-wide strips as shown. Rhonda trimmed the bottom edge of the first strip with scallop-edge scissors. 2 Mount the photo on the left side of the page. Add a photo corner to the upper left corner of the photo. 3 Print the journaling on cardstock, cut it into strips, and adhere as shown. To create…