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the riverdale cast

74 Talk of the Town The stars of Riverdale get real about love, confidence, and their seriously tight bond. JAM SESSION Playlist duties for the guys’ L.A. cover shoot (the girls had their own) went to KJ. “My go-tos are usually Van Halen, Third Eye Blind, John Mayer, and Earth, Wind & Fire,” he says. SNAP HAPPY You can peep Cole’s behind-the-camera skills on his Instagram. “When Riverdale is on hiatus, I’ll be focusing on my photography again,” he says. “You’ll see!” LAUGH FACTORY “I’m always laughing when we film scenes for the show,” says KJ. “It can be unprofessional! This shoot was cool because it was more free.” Adds Lili, “It was fun trying to laugh in the shots without looking cheesy. Cami and I cracked jokes to make it seem natural.” ON COLE: jacket, Civil Regime; shirt,…

which summer treat are you craving?

17 Poll Ice Cream 78% Ice Pop 22% #PerfectlyMe KRISTA FRERKING, 19, DUNLAP, IL KFRERK “One of my unique traits is my cleft lip and palate. It’s a birth defect that requires multiple operations. Not many 19-year-olds can say they’ve had five surgeries; I had my first one at six weeks old! As I got older, I realized that even though I look different from other people, it’s not a bad thing. My cleft lip and palate doesn’t define me—I define it. Tell us why you love your body by using the hashtag above on Insta! WHAT YOU’RE LIKING What do chocolate, tattoos, and Spongebob Squarepants have in common? Liam Payne loves them all! Your faves talk about their faves on our new series, 17 Favorite Things. Watch on Facebook, YouTube, or FOR MORE CELEBS, VISIT FACEBOOK.COM/SEVENTEEN. Don’t Miss…

what’s hot now

Things to Do! COUNTING THE DAYS UNTIL THE SCHOOL YEAR IS OVER? WITH SO MUCH TO READ, WATCH, TASTE, AND EXPERIENCE, YOU’LL BE IN FULL-ON VACAY MODE BEFORE YOU KNOW IT! Show Love to Your BFF June 8 is Best Friends Day! Take a cue from Lady Bird’s soul sisters, Julie and Lady Bird (played by Beanie Feldstein, left, and Saoirse Ronan), and throw an epic party for two. GO GLAM FOR GOOD Half the proceeds from Milk Makeup’s Pride-themed duo (an equal-sign temporary-tattoo pen and a rainbowglitter gloss) benefit NYC’s LGBT community organization The Center. Meet an Icon Check out the inspiring story of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg—possibly the coolest octogenarian on earth—in the documentary RBG (in theaters May 4). CHILL OUT The girl boss in the delish novel Stay Sweet will inspire ambition—and ice-cream cravings.…

17 questions with alisha boe

1/NICKNAME? Leesh or Boe Boe. 2/MOST USED EMOJI? The red heart. 3/ON-SCREEN CHARACTER YOU RELATE TO? Princess Margaret on The Crown. 4/BIGGEST FEAR? Cockroaches! Once in middle school, a huge cockroach crawled over my bare foot. Now, if I even see one on TV, I hyperventilate! 5/DREAM VACAY? Morocco. 6/CHOICE TEEN FILM? Mean Girls. 7/SHOPPING STOP? The Fairfax flea market in L.A. has amazing vintage clothes. 8/BEST BINGE WATCH? Curb Your Enthusiasm and High Maintenance. 9/FAVE SCHOOL SUBJECTS? English and history. 10/BOOK REC? Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin. 11/COMFORT FOOD? I have the biggest sweet tooth. I will literally eat an entire jar of almond butter in one sitting. 12/CELEB CRUSH? Jim Morrison. 13/FAVE MOVIE QUOTE? “You is smart, you is kind, you is important,” from The Help. 14/WORD YOU OVERUSE? Like. I’m from the Valley! 15/BEST RECENT PURCHASE? I bought my first car—a Mini Cooper. I felt like an adult 16/ULTIMATE FAST FOOD? Animal Style fries from In-N-Out Burger. 17/PERFECT SUMMER…

reading recs

Tomi Adeyemi Author of Children of Blood and Bone “The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo is short but powerful, with messages every girl needs to hear. I keep it on my desk. Just looking at it makes everything I do better!” Becky Albertalli Author of Leah on the Offbeat “Sandhya Menon’s When Dimple Met Rishi is one of the funniest, nerdiest, most charming and heartfelt love stories out there, starring characters who feel like real teens.” Tahereh Mafi Author of Restore Me and A Very Large Expanse of Sea “One of my all-time favorites is Persuasion by Jane Austen. The love story is so complex and devastating and real—it kills me every time.” BOE: JOE PUGLIESE. ADEYEMI: ELENA SEIBERT. ALBERTALLI: DECISIVE MOMENT EVENTS. MAFI: TANA GANDHI. ALL OTHER CELEBRITIES: GETTY IMAGES (7…

bright side of the moon

• NEW MOON You know that hopeful feeling you experience at the start of a new year? You can tap into that energy every 28 days, as new moons signal a time of beginnings, says Chani Nicholas, an astrologer. Use that freshness to take on a challenge, whether it’s a project or an extracurricular. • FULL MOON During this phase of the lunar cycle, every emotion is intensified. If you can push off big assignments or tests, do it. If not, focus on thinking positively, which can help keep anxiety in check. On the flip side: Your magnified feels can be beneficial when you need a competitive edge. • YOUR MOON The conditions you thrive in—studying included—depend on what sign your moon is in. To find yours: Know the time of day you were born,…