Taste of Home August/September 2021

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busy days, breezy dinners

When I was growing up, this time of year was a blur at our house. Both my parents were teachers, so August meant they were prepping classrooms and starting lesson plans, not to mention carting my brother and me to sports practices and end-of-summer fun. Yet even with all the activity buzzing around us, my mom almost always managed to get a home-cooked meal on the table. (Hey, sometimes you simply can’t make it work!) She sure would’ve appreciated this issue. It’s packed with brilliant ideas for when you wish dinner would just magically appear before your eyes. We can’t exactly will a delicious meal into existence, but in “Flavor in a Flash” (page 21), we do have recipes that are ready in 30, 20 and even 10 minutes, tops! How’s…

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facebook.com/tasteofhome instagram.com/tasteofhome twitter.com/tasteofhome pinterest.com/taste_of_home THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO PLANT-BASED COOKING & EATING Whether you’re a full-time vegetarian looking to expand your cooking repertoire or a carnivore considering meatless Mondays, you’ll find that our online guide to plant-based meats is full of delicious ideas. From ingredient breakdowns to cooking tips, we cover everything you need to know about tofu, Impossible burgers, jackfruit and more—plus, we’ve got loads of plant-based recipes you can try at home. Find it all online! tasteofhome.com/plantbasedAS21 Taste of Home COMMUNITY COOKS SPOTLIGHT Jenn Tidwell Fair Oaks, CA With more than 17 years as a Community Cook and 40 recipes published in Taste of Home, Jenn is a home-cooking superstar. She’s entered hundreds of contests and won around 50 of them with her creative spins on classic recipes, including her Slow-Cooked Caribbean Pot Roast. “It’s the…

we love lucy

In south Minneapolis, the burger battle over who actually created the cheese-stuffed Juicy Lucy is molten hot to this day. Both Matt’s Bar and the 5-8 Club—two no-frills dives located on the same street, 3 miles apart—lay claim to inventing the burger in the 1950s. At Matt’s, you’ll see it called “Jucy Lucy” (“we forgot to add the ‘i’,” they say), but whose is best is up for debate. They each serve up two thin burger patties with crisp edges that are sealed around a mound of piping-hot cheese that oozes from the center when bitten into. Both bars warn their customers of the tongue-scorching surprise inside the burger, but sink your teeth in and you’ll see it’s worth the risk. My Juicy Lucy Shape 1 lb. ground beef into 8 thin…

two-toned cabinetry

Say goodbye to the days of matchy-matchy decor. Two-toned cabinets bring the best of both worlds to your kitchen: light and airy on top with a statement-making shade on the bottom. An added bonus? It’s an easy (and inexpensive) DIY project. Just paint or stain the bottom cabinets or kitchen island in a different (usually darker) hue from the upper ones. It’s the indecisive homeowner’s dream!…

that’s a wrap!

TikTok—it’s not just a place for Gen Zers to show off their dance moves. It’s become a hotbed for genius cooking hacks and tips, and when it went ablaze recently with a tortilla wrap hack, we knew we needed to try it out. These folded, stuffed tortillas can be served cold or toasted for a hand-held snack—perfect to take on the go. There are so many ways you can make the wrap with your fave ingredients, but for starters, try our club sandwich version. MAKE IT HOT! GRIDDLE IN A PAN FOR 5 MINUTES ON EACH SIDE. STEP 1: CUT THE TORTILLA Make a cut from the middle of the tortilla to the edge closest to you. STEP 2: ADD FILLINGS Starting in the bottom right corner and working counterclockwise, add cooked bacon, deli ham and…