The Simple Things November 2021

The Simple Things is a beautiful, useful, quirky and fun magazine about taking time to live well. We cover mindfulness and microadventures, eating and growing, forgotten wisdom, home life and slow moments. It's for people who love their lives but want to take the pressure off and remember what’s really important. We like tea & cake, learning stuff, being outside and the satisfaction of a job well done. Do you?

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Coincidence is a marvellous thing. It can stop us in our tracks, make us take a moment and wonder, to appreciate a small miracle or ponder on ‘what are the chances?’ When a full moon aligns with the globe of a dandelion seed head, as captured on our cover this issue, it transports this everyday weed, glowing like a planet against a darkening sky. During November, there’s a little more time to note and notice, whether its nature doing its astonishing autumn thing or the comforting feel of a favourite woollen jumper. It’s a period of preparation; nourishing our bodies for the winter and gathering or making gifts for the festivities to come. Think of it as ‘Slow-vember’ and you’ll be sure to enjoy the season’s delights, both spectacular and…

heart, body and soul bay

For the heart, a joy-filled make that’s as much a pleasure to create as it is to give away to loved ones. For the body, capture the organic benefits of plants in handmade, homegrown skincare. And finally, food for the soul that pairs flowers and herbs with complementary flavours. This is potion making for grown-ups. BAY Fresh or dried, the herb that packs a punch Bay may look like a common-or-garden shrub, but behind that unassuming glossy greenery lies an incredibly versatile herb. The bay laurel tree ( Laurus nobilis) that we’re used to in Europe is part of the Lauraceae family, making it a culinary cousin to cinnamon and avocado. Further afield, bay leaves take on different guises: the California bay leaf (Umbellularia californica) has a stronger flavour; Indian bay leaves (Cinnamomum…

things to want and wish for

sticky secrets

➛ Slime is neither a solid nor a liquid, but an in-between material, which has been on Earth for billions of years, paving the way for all life on the planet, including us. This oozy organism is the invisible cement that holds different ecosystems together. It’s also the substance that helps snails glide, provides the structure of the jellyfish, propels plants’ propagation and, secreted inside us, provides a resilient barrier against pathogens, keeping out deadly germs. Vitally important in the past, present and for our future, this enthralling, sprawling natural history shines a light on the brilliance of this sticky stuff. (Granta)…

maker: ceramicist

Bookshop browse KNEAD TO KNOW Breaditation: De-Stress By Making Bread by Manuel Monade & Caroline Harrison ➛ Manuel Monade is a baker and Caroline Harrison a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist; both have worked with people in crisis and are convinced of the therapeutic benefits of bread making and its potential to enhance personal peace. Sensory and tactile, it encourages you to slow down and appreciate the process. With meticulous instructions for the basics – from kneading to proving, shaping to baking – and recipes for breads such as bagels, brioches, pittas and pumpernickel, this lovely book celebrates an absorbing and grounding occupation which will do wonders for your wellbeing. (Robinson) Maker of the month Botanical studies Ceramic pieces inspired by the back garden ➛ Ceramicist, designer and educator Reiko Kaneko works from her garden studio in north London.…

shop: pie & vinyl

Shopkeeper of the month A sensory feast Records and pies all in one place ➛ Pie & Vinyl is an independent record store and pie café located just off the Southsea seafront in Portsmouth. For owner, Steve Courtnell, the idea of Pie & Vinyl was simple – combining his passion for music with one of England’s favourite comfort foods in a stylish, cosy space. The inviting interior – furnished with locally-sourced retro and vintage furniture and decorated with music posters – encourages shoppers to take time to enjoy the friendly environment. Pie & Vinyl specialises in new music and artists, with a rough policy of stocking albums released within the past two years, available in all formats but predominantly vinyl. Instore performances are a regular thing, while their Record Store Day street party…