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Time Magazine International Edition November 30, 2020

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AMERICA, UNRECONCILED RE “LONG DIVISION” [Nov. 16]: The rift that needs to be healed is the rural-urban divide as symbolized by the nation’s political map. The Democrats’ solution of abolishing the Electoral College is about winning the national contest but does nothing about the division. Trump showed how the angst of rural whites can be tapped. Other Republicans will follow. Molly Ball is right when she says that Biden “will be governing Trump’s America.” If the nation is to become whole, then the political infrastructure must be built by Democrats in the rural areas and by Republicans in the urban areas. Madhukar Vable,HOUGHTON, MICH. PRESIDENT TRUMP WAS a polarizing figure who exposed the depths of America’s division and the fragility of its democracy. However, the core of America’s rift has more to do…

for the record

‘THIS ISN’T A GAME.’MICHELLE OBAMA, urging a “smooth transition of power” from the Trump Administration to that of President-elect Joe Biden, in a statement shared on Instagram on Nov. 16‘Not everybody gets the chance to read one’s obituary while still alive.’ABDOULAYE WADE, President of Senegal from 2000 to 2012, in a Facebook post on Nov. 16, after a French news site accidentally posted his obituary, along with those prewritten for around 100 other famous figures who are, in fact, still alive 76 Number of queens—each capable of forming her own colony—found in a single “murder hornet” nest destroyed in October in Washington State, confirmed by scientists on Nov. 10 ‘I’m not going to be bullied into not following reputable scientists and medical professionals.’GRETCHEN WHITMER, governor of Michigan, in an interview with CNN on…

the overtime election

IN NORMAL TIMES, THE STATE OF GEORGIA IS HOME to one of the 10 largest economies in the country. While it trails giants like New York and California, its economic might still registers at least twice as large as nine of its Southern neighbors’. And if political analysts are right, the Peach State is about to get a sweet fourth-quarter injection of political money that could boost its gross domestic product by as much as a billion dollars. That’s because before the weary nation can collectively exhale after a presidential campaign that burned through billions, there’s one more election day on the calendar that will be critical in determining what the next few years in Washington look like. The fight for control of the U.S. Senate has come down to a…

hurricane season is the latest climate threat facing central america

FOR CENTRAL AMERICA, THIS YEAR’S storm season has been relentless. Already struggling under the economic toll of COVID-19, the developing region was battered by Hurricane Eta in early November and had little time to regroup before Hurricane Iota—the 30th named storm in a record-breaking hurricane season in the Atlantic—made landfall in Nicaragua on Nov. 16. “We in Central America aren’t the ones who caused climate change,” Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández said as Iota hit. “But we are [among] the most affected. DEVASTATION Eta killed some 150 people and forced 300,000 to flee their homes as floods and mudslides swallowed up entire towns across Guatemala, Honduras and beyond. The devastated communities faced strong winds and up to 30 in. of rain, and relief agencies say crowding in shelters, and cuts to…

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Trump okays drilling in Arctic wildlife refuge On Nov. 16, the Trump Administration announced it would begin the process of selling leases for roughly 1.5 million acres of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas companies for drilling, though it’s unclear if sales can be completed before President-elect Joe Biden takes office. Ethiopia faces humanitarian crisis At least 27,000 people have fled Ethiopia for Sudan, the U.N. said on Nov. 17, after the Ethiopian army attacked the restive Tigray region. Some analysts fear the crisis in Ethiopia, with 112 million people belonging to many ethnic groups, could cause balkanization or a civil war. Amazon launches pharmacy E-commerce giant Amazon debuted its online pharmacy on Nov. 17 in what could be a major disruption to the pharmaceutical sales industry. Customers can now order and…

why haven’t contact tracing apps done more to stop covid-19?

WHEN NEVADA’S DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH and human services launched one of the nation’s first COVID-19 contact-tracing smartphone apps on Aug. 24, state authorities “strongly recommend[ed]” all 3 million-plus Nevadans make use of the mobile public-health software. But 2½ months later, only around 3% of the adult population has downloaded it, and it appears to have done little to slow a new surge of cases there. States across the U.S. have launched similar apps, which proponents say can curb viral spread by notifying people when they have had close contact with someone who tests positive for COVID-19. Most are built by state governments, underpinned by a Bluetooth protocol released in May by Google and Apple. Six months later, apps using that protocol are available to the general public in only 14 states…