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Oh snap. I mean… It’s happening. Endgame is finally with us, so of course we wanted to talk to the Russo brothers about [redacted] and [redacted] and that thing with the [redacted]. Let’s just say the secrecy – like the anticipation – is at an all-time high on this instalment from the MCU. We’ve brought you all the info we’re allowed to without getting snapped into oblivion by Thanos – and when we weren’t tiptoeing around spoilers, we were hanging out with Olivia Wilde, talking space with Robert Pattinson, going for a curry with Jessie Buckley and musing career highlights with Vincent Cassel. We’ve also got first looks at Hobbs & Shaw, Rocketman and Detective Pikachu, and have reviewed every movie getting a release alongside that little Marvel film. We…


STAR LETTER After watching trailers for Kenneth Branagh’s new film All Is True, I’ve come to a terrible realisation: I can’t actually remember what he looks like. After obscuring half his face with a dead badger in Murder On The Orient Express, he’s now covered himself in prosthetics to look like a bad painting of William Shakespeare. Then there was his ‘distress call’ cameo in Avengers: Infinity War, where he wasn’t seen at all. By the time the badger returns in Death On The Nile, no one else will be able to remember what he looks like, either. TOM ELLIS, LEEDS Sorry, who? Forget the badger; Mr. B has become a chameleon. Or, if you will, a Ken-meleon. But as a reminder of what he really looks like (we think), above is a…

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DEAR WINGMAN, The first Avengers: Endgame trailer revealed little, but did show Tony Stark stuck in space. Imagine my surprise, then, when during the second trailer, I see Tony walking among the Avengers in their sparkly new white suits. It’s a fairly safe bet that somehow Tony makes it back to Earth anyway, but was this supposed to be highlighted in the trailer? What d’you think – is it a gaffe or a deliberate ruse? I’m sure your April edition will shed some light. CHRIS GARLICK, TONTEG WINGMAN SAYS… Wingman would lay money on it being a classic Russo ruse, like that Infinity War trailer shot (and half a dozen others) of Hulk stomping into battle. Alas, Wakanda’s wildflowers died for nothing. As for shedding light, see our cover feature (from page…

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*“Who on the TF team loathes themselves the most?” * “There’s no panic like realising you’ve forgotten to put the bins out” * “Dreamed I had a rat in a bag Called Susan” * “Shall I tell you another way this job has ruined me?” I couldn’t help but notice that in issue 282, in the ‘Still Out, Still Good’ section, you gave four stars to Can You Ever Forgive Me? Yet in the actual review it got only three stars. Honest mistake, or have you reappraised it, particularly in light of its Oscar noms? If not, how often do you consider re-scoring a film after its initial review? PAUL, BARNET Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald was a reconsideration, not a mistake. Can You Ever Forgive Me? was a mistake, not a reconsideration.…

pokémon: detective pikachu

As every Pokémon fan knows, the real thrill is in the hunt – even if it means chasing Ryan Reynolds from one country to the next so he can make Pikachu sound a bit sassier. “The post production on this film basically involves me following Ryan all over the world trying to get another few minutes of his time,” laughs director Rob Letterman, just back from tracking him down in Abu Dhabi. Splitting his time between editing, special effects, commanding an army of animators and trying to get his main star to record all his unrehearsed ad-libs wearing a head-mounted facial capture camera, Letterman has his work cut out on Detective Pikachu. “It’s been a wild ride,” he tells Teasers. “But it’s so complicated that I can’t even begin to describe it.”…