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Total Film October 2018

Total Film is the world’s best movie magazine, a monthly digest of what's hot in the empire of movie culture. Each issue offers in-depth features on the biggest movies - both mainstream and arthouse. You'll find the latest movie news, reviews of all the new releases, star interviews, on-set reports and an extensive home entertainment guide that rates all the new releases in dvd, blu-ray, videogames, books and soundtracks. If you love movies, then Total Film Magazine is your unmissable monthly companion.

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To infinity and beyond! This month TF Towers is all starry-eyed over the reunion of Damien Chazelle and Ryan Gosling on possible Oscars-botherer First Man. We ruminated over the sheer danger of Neil Armstrong’s mission with Gosling, interrupted Chazelle’s editing to probe the filmmaking process and asked a Nasa expert all our space questions. More earthbound pursuits included my stalking of the team behind the Halloween re-visit; getting dark with Claire Foy for The Girl In The Spider’s Web; shooting the shit with force of nature Tiffany Haddish; trying to get answers about J.J.’s Overlord; chatting it up with A Star Is Born duo Gaga and Coop; rating the top tunes in the movies; and gazing back at the cinematic amazingness of the ’90s. It’s a lot, I know. But…

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MATTHEW LEYLANDREVIEWS EDITORWent on a superhero set visit that involved fake fish, gallons of Eton mess and the chance to hold the hero’s helmet. Life. Complete.JAMIE GRAHAMEDITOR-AT-LARGEWent on my annual pilgrimage to FrightFest and saw 24 horror films over a weekend. Then went to a horror double bill when I got home.MATT MAYTUMDEPUTY EDITORJust heading off to Toronto for the film festival – 10 days of screenings, red carpets and interviews (and the odd poutine). Can’t think of anything better. ■…

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DEAR WINGMAN, I’d love a career in movies. Now, I’m not saying I’m lazy, but there are a few jobs that would be a perfect fit for a man of my calibre; you know, sound engineer on A Quiet Place, Tom Cruise’s stunt double on the Mission: Impossible films, set builder on Ready Player One… and even Wingman for Total Film (one letter a month!?). Are you able to suggest any other cinematic roles that meet my very particular set of skills?DAVID, VIA EMAILWINGMAN SAYS… OK, before I start giving you (free!) career advice, let’s address the whole ‘one letter a month’ thing. Not saying it’s a complete falsehood, but consider the time and googling Wingy puts into it. And besides, ‘procrastinate’ is still a ‘doing’ word, you know! Now,…


GROUP TEXTPanther’s taken a few liberties with his plus one to the Brum party; Spidey was busy, apparently…STAR LETTERWhile messaging my wife in regard to arranging a cinema trip, I couldn’t help but laugh at predictive text changing the title to Ant-Man And The Scottish Woman. This led me to test other Avengers; results included Iron Man And His Dog, Captain America And Europe (the answer to Brexit?!), The Hulk To Do It All Wrong, Thor Is The Forbidden Fruit, Black Widow The Right Set Of Wheels To Fight, Hawkeye And His Own Coffee Beans, Vision For A Bit More Meat and Black Panther Party In Brum. Could be some options if they run out of ideas, post-Avengers 4. I like the idea of Tony playing with his dog then…

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* “I’d forgotten what it was like to have cloth pressed against my leg”* “My dog’s never been to the cinema. Obviously seen more films than most humans, though.”* “No one’s said Larry Letdown for ages, which is a bit of a Larry Letdown.”* “God, who rings people in this day and age?!?” ■…

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@TOTALFILMWHILE YOU WERE EEK-INGbit.ly/2wIjfVhMonday morning’s the last time you expect an attack from a giant Meg-shaped sleeping bag, but that’s how it – or rather our Jamie – went down. He’s half the man he used to be…BIG MEETS CAKE HOLEbit.ly/2LZzradIt’s a brave PR that sends out cake pops at the height of a heat wave; these delicious Rampage-shaped treats did require some emergency surgery in readiness for their close-ups.MAKING A PEEL OF ITbit.ly/2wJ5bvlThis Guernsey care package had everything… except for potato peel pie. Odd how the free gin and tonic (and fudge) helped us rapidly come to terms with that shocking oversight.BOND 25: WHO SHOULD DIRECT?bit.ly/2NLGGnO“Just put in Tom Hardy or Idris and Denis Villeneuve and start shooting the damn thing!” (Park Mohler) “Offer it to Steven.” (Pete Keys)…