Vantage Issue 32

A quarterly magazine for buyers and enthusiasts of Aston Martin cars. Vantage celebrates 100 years of one of the coolest car brands on the planet from the early gentlmens racers through to the all-new Vanquish. If you've a passion for Aston Martin's you'll love Vantage magazine.

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THE VANTAGE NAME means so much to so many of us that I think it’s fair to say only the Aston Martin marque itself carries greater importance. Indeed such is its ubiquity throughout the last 70 years – including the title of this very magazine – that for many of us Vantage is Aston Martin. With good reason, for as our cover story neatly bookends, that most evocative of V-words has long been at the very heart of what Aston Martin does. It’s hard to think of another name that had such understated beginnings, yet established itself so completely and resonates so clearly across the decades. Pleasingly, and with perfect timing, the 2020 Vantage GTE has made motorsport history, with Aston Martin Racing and customer team TF Sport expertly steering their cars…

immaculate collection

INDIVIDUALLY they are pristine and immensely desirable Aston Martin modern historic racing cars. Together they represent one of the 21st century’s most successful GT racing dynasties. For one lucky customer they are the Vantage Legacy Collection. Commemorating Aston Martin Racing’s most successful period, this trio of Vantages is a unique, factory-built celebration of two Le Mans class victories (2014 and 2017), seven FIA World Endurance Championship titles, plus a host of British GT, GT World Challenge and European Le Mans Series titles. The three were all created in Aston Martin Racing’s workshops, built from the tyres up using fresh tubs and all-new parts. As such they have covered zero racing miles and possess no racing history, but, thanks to shifts in today’s Historic racing categories, they would be eligible for some of…

zagato twins take shape

WORK CONTINUES apace at R-Reforged’s Warwick HQ, where, in addition to building customer Callum Vanquish 25s (issue 31), work has now begun on building the first V12 Zagato Heritage Twins. Based on the V12 Vantage S, just 19 pairs of the Zagato-styled Coupés and Speedsters will be built. They feature bespoke carbonfibre body panels, new tailor-made interiors, active aerodynamics, extensive weight reductions and comprehensive chassis and powertrain upgrades, with 600bhp on tap. Dynamic development of the cars will ramp up early in the new year, together with a programme of durability testing. As we learned first-hand in our drive of the Callum Vanquish 25, R’s engineering lead Adam Donfrancesco and his team take great pride in sweating the details. Knowing what they achieved with the Vanquish, and that they are genuinely excited…

that winning feeling

THEY MIGHT have had a somewhat lonely run to P3 in the GTE Pro class at Le Mans, but AMR’s dynamite Danish driver pairing of Nicki Thiim and Marco Sørensen didn’t let that derail their challenge for the 2019-20 GT FIA World Endurance Championship, which they duly won with a safe drive to 5th place in the WEC season finale in Bahrain. Theirs was a season of exceptional form, with three GTE Pro class wins and two podium finishes, which saw the pair secure the Drivers’ title (their second, following their first title win in 2016) by 12 points, ahead of fellow AMR driver Maxime Martin, who ends the season as vice champion. Sadly, AMR customer team TF Sport just failed in their bid to win the GTE Am title, having started…

new bosses, new product, new deal

WHEN ASTON MARTIN signed a technology sharing deal that gave Mercedes a five per cent stake in the company back in 2013 it brought obvious benefits, but also a substantial caveat. Aston got access to the sonorous AMG 4.0-litre V8 to widespread praise. But it also adopted the Mercedes-specific version of Bosch’s in-car electronic architecture, an apparently small change that would make it very hard for Aston to switch horses and collaborate with any other large carmaker. The weakness of that negotiating position was reflected in the new deal announced at the end of October. Daimler is now set to take a 20 per cent stake in Aston Martin, not in return for a cash injection, but rather for allowing the smaller company deeper access to Merc technology and powertrains. Aston…

a3’s big birthday bash

NOTHING less than the largest gathering of Aston Martins ever seen is being planned for next summer to celebrate the 100th birthday of A3, the oldest surviving Aston Martin. The event – the Aston Martin Heritage Festival – will be held at the Dallas Burton Polo Club near Warwick on June 26 and all Aston owners and enthusiasts are invited to join the fun. The organisers – the Aston Martin Heritage Trust – say all the cars will be parked by era, making it a chance to ‘walk through the history of Aston Martin’, starting with A3 itself, the third ever built. At the other end of the scale, all the latest models will be on display and the day will feature the unveiling of a brand new Aston Martin limited…