Vantage Issue 33

A quarterly magazine for buyers and enthusiasts of Aston Martin cars. Vantage celebrates 100 years of one of the coolest car brands on the planet from the early gentlmens racers through to the all-new Vanquish. If you've a passion for Aston Martin's you'll love Vantage magazine.

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IT’S FAIR TO SAY that since the departure of Andy Palmer last spring, Aston Martin’s financial machinations and managerial makeover have made more headlines than its cars. Covid certainly played a part in a tumultuous yet simultaneously rather subdued 2020, but by way of compensation 2021 is off to a rollicking start. With executive chairman Lawrence Stroll and new CEO Tobias Moers making their presence felt, things have stepped up a gear, with a radical rethink on Aston’s motorsport activities and an exciting new flagship for the Vantage range. The former is part of Stroll’s commitment to making Aston Martin a genuine force to be reckoned with as a car maker, Grand Prix winner and global luxury brand. His passion for F1 is well-known, as is his unparalleled collection of Ferraris.…

british racing dream

SI XTY-ONE YEARS AFTERI TSI GNOMINIOUS withdrawal of the beautiful but outmoded DBR5 from the Formula 1 World Championship, Aston Martin is returning to F1 with an official factory team. This time with a car capable of challenging for race wins and, in time, maybe even the world title. It’s all part of executive chairman Lawrence Stroll’s master plan to propel Ast on Martin into the highest echelons of the sport, and to use this success to boost Aston’s sales and stock value. That objective has led to a ruthless rethink of the marque’s racing activities, with the World Endurance Championship (WEC) and its jewel, the Le Mans 24 Hours, now the preserve of works-endorsed privateers. ‘THE PROSPECT OF A MOTIVATED VETTEL IN WHAT SHOULD BE A HIGHLY COMPETITIVE CAR IS TANTALISING’ By…

f1 roles for dbx and vantage

THE 2021 FORMULA 1 season is yet to start but Aston Martin is guaranteed to be leading the pack, thanks to an agreement that positions the marque as provider of the official Formula 1 safety and medical cars, with both the Vantage and DBX in roles vitally important to the smooth, safe running of each Grand Prix. The specially equipped Vantage safety car will be piloted by Bernd Mayländer, who has been at the helm of the Formula 1 safety car for more than 20 years. The veteran German racing driver is sure to appreciate the fact that his car is based upon the new Vantage F1 Edition, which benefits from additional power and significant chassis and aerodynamic upgrades that make it the most track-capable Vantage yet (see page 14 for…

vantage gets f1 edition reboot

DESPITE BEING both Aston Martin’s entry point and its most sporting model, the Vantage has struggled to fulfil its role as volume seller in the current range. Being pricier than its predecessor was always going to present challenges; likewise following a car that won universal praise for its looks with styling that splits opinion. Still, it’s hard to deny that the Vantage deserves more success than it has enjoyed this far. The feeling that there’s a great car in there waiting to be released is a belief shared by Aston Martin’s CEO, Tobias Moers. His solution? The new Vantage F1 Edition. It’s a mark of Moers’ approach that he didn’t simply task Aston’s engineers with making the Vantage ‘better’. Instead he followed a tried, tested and, yes, thoroughly Germanic doctrine of…

oldest aston hits ton

WHAT’S HOPED WILL BE the biggest gathering of Astons ever seen will take place this summer – Covid permitting – to mark the 100th birthday of the car known as A3, the oldest surviving Aston Martin. The event – the Aston Martin Heritage Festival – is planned to take place at Dallas Burston Polo Club near Warwick on June 26 and all Aston owners and enthusiasts are invited to join the party. Organised by the Aston Martin Heritage Trust, the festival will see hundreds of Astons of all ages parked by era, and a trade area where marque sales, service, repairs, restoration, parts and accessories specialists will be able to showcase their talents and products. There will also be a number of very special and rarely seen Astons on display, along with the…

dbx bowmore edition revealed

Q BY ASTON MARTIN has revealed its latest collaborative project – the DBX Bowmore Edition, created in partnership with legendary Islay-based single malt whisky distillery Bowmore. Limited to 18 examples and available in unique Bowmore Blue, its bespoke features include strips of copper taken from Bowmore’s whisky stills inlayed into the side-strakes, and Bowmore Tweed interior accents. Other touches include polished copper cupholders and sill plaques made of recycled copper from the original Bowmore still. Buyers will be invited to an exclusive Aston Martin Art of Living experience in Scotland. Guests will travel to Edinburgh where they will be presented with their own DBX, before embarking on a 170-mile road trip, taking in Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park before driving onto the ferry bound for Islay, to be treated to…