Vantage Issue 15

A quarterly magazine for buyers and enthusiasts of Aston Martin cars. Vantage celebrates 100 years of one of the coolest car brands on the planet from the early gentlmens racers through to the all-new Vanquish. If you've a passion for Aston Martin's you'll love Vantage magazine.

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we understand like no other the importance of taking care of the noble parts

When you’re already in exclusive company, it’s not easy to achieve even greater distinction. And yet, with a modicum of pride, we would venture to say that we’ve succeeded, because Noble House is one of only thirteen dealers around the world to be selected as an Aston Martin Heritage Specialist. That in itself is a tremendous accolade. But when the Board of Directors of Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd also entrusts you with the crown jewels like Aston Martin DB7 Zagato and DBAR1, it is indeed a unique privilege. That’s why Noble House takes supplying these ‘Noble Parts’ so very seriously. Unique in the world In our typical Dutch way, we tend to keep our feet on the ground. Nevertheless, we’d like to mention some of our achievements. Noble House supplies body panels and…


Aston’s brave new world SO THE DB11 is the world-beater we all hoped it would be. Of course, this shouldn’t have come as too great a shock. Not least because all the sneak peeks and early access to development prototypes suggested Aston Martin was on to a winner. Yet behind the anticipation and cautious optimism lurked the certain knowledge that after such an extended period of stasis with its mainstream models, DB11 had to be good. In truth, it had to be great. Whether DB11 proves to be a more pivotal car than DB7 or DB9 – models that respectively saved the company from certain extinction and propelled it from quaint maker of handbuilt sports cars to global automotive brand – remains to be seen. What’s crystal-clear is that DB11 offers something…

thank q for topless gt12

THERE HAS ALWAYS been something bewitching about the V12 Vantage. Doubtless it has everything to do with squeezing the biggest engine into the smallest model. And, as we know, the GT12 is the maddest, baddest V12 Vantage ever built. So when Q by Aston Martin undertook a very (very) special one-off commission to create a roadster version of the GT12, is it any wonder we all went weak at the knees? Just to recap, the GT12 coupé was inspired by Aston Martin Racing’s V12-engined GT3 racer. It took the already mighty V12 Vantage S and honed it to the keenest possible edge. Carbonfibre bodywork with bulges in all the right places stretched to conceal wide-track suspension, while an ultra-aggressive aerodynamic package pinned the lighter, more powerful machine to the road. Beneath the…

open tops, open chequebooks…

V12 Vantage Roadster (2012) Hard to believe it took Aston five years to make the first roadster version of the scintillating V12 Vantage. Harder still that production was limited to just 101 cars. No wonder it sold out before the first car was delivered. And this despite being denied to key markets in the US, China and much of the Middle East. Detail chassis changes, plus that 510bhp V12 and a manual gearbox made it a delight to drive, while the temptation of expert embellishment by Q by Aston Martin maximised customer spend (starting price was £150k) and minimised the likelihood of any two cars being the same. DB-AR1 (2003) Designed by Zagato specifically for the sunshine states of California and Florida, the DB-AR1 was a coachbuilt version of the DB7 Vantage Volante…

the end of the nine

YOU MIGHT HAVE expected the most successful DB model in Aston Martin’s history to have received something of a send-off when it ceased production, but instead it received the most modest of farewells. In fact, the first anyone knew that the last DB9 had rolled off the production line (in July, if you’re curious) was news that Q by Aston Martin had built a very special run of ‘Last of 9’ limited editions. No prizes for guessing how many were built. This special run of cars comes at the end of a glittering production run of almost 13 years, during which time more than 16,500 examples have been built at Gaydon. Its evolution has been slow and sympathetic, as much due to the intrinsic rightness of the original design as Aston’s…

early astons gather for bertelli birthday

NOT MANY companies get to celebrate their 40th birthday, but pre-war Aston Martin specialist Ecurie Bertelli did just that in July, the occasion marked by a superb gathering of early Astons from all over the UK and further afield. No fewer than 67 cars descended on the company’s headquarters at Olney in Buckinghamshire to help celebrate the landmark, travelling from as far as Poland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Given that Aston Martin built just 599 cars between 1915 and 1939 – and only 450 are still in use – it was a remarkable turn-out. The cars included such unique early-20s Astons as ‘Buzzbox’, ‘Razor Blade’ ‘Monoposto’ and A3, along with a number of team cars and the first and last Ulsters. Guests included musician and racer Nick Mason, who came along with daughter…