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No. 108

Discover every three months in this international issue of Voie Libre in english, new products reviews, layout descriptions, model building, historical information on secondary lines and prototypes...

LR Presse
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what’s new

THE WRIGHTLINES KITS ARE BACK 0-16,5 /0-14 A must-build for 0 scale narrow gauge enthusiasts in the 1990s and 2000s, who discovered them at the Expométrique show, the Wrightlines kits had become unavailable since Kay Butler retired. After a few years of uncertainty regarding the future of the range, David J. Parkins has bought all the tooling as well as the reproduction rights. This means all the models will become available again in due course. The first references appeared during October on the online shop. You can already order the British Army 40hp Simplex tractors (price: ca £75), the vertical-boilered De Winton 0-4-0 tank engine (£82.80), as well as carriages and wagons. For continental Europe buyers, British VAT is deducted upon order. Customs duties and EU taxes will have to be added. Éric…

railexpo new releases

APOCOPA (18 Le Boisboeuf, 44130 Bouvron, France < apocopa.fr >) Seven new models in H0-12 are now available: the Corsican Billard A 210 D 101 et D 102/106 railcars and the short Renault ABH 5 railcar of the Chemins de fer de Provence (CP), as well as CP trailers (XR 104/105 ex-Billard A 210 D, rebuilt, Billard R 210 D2 with central door and XR 1331). Each kit (priced at 50 euros + postage) consists of a cast resin body with machined Perspex glazing. Therefore, the chassis and inside fittings must be scratchbuilt. AUBERTRAIN < aubertrain.com > The Sud-France second class, first class-second class composite and third class-van carriages are available in 0-22.5, both in kit form (ranging from 275 to 335 euros + postage) or ready-to-run (980 euros + postage). A set of 3…

revue de presse

Do you know what is a PCC tram? Issue N° 306 of Voie Étroite tells the story of these affordable trams invented in the U.S.A. and extensively used in Europe. The Rail et Industrie team takes a look at a Swiss gravel quarry in Issue 85 of the magazine. This article shows that metre gauge, supported by standard gauge carrier wagons, is well able to provide a heavy industrial service. Issue 128 of the Narrow Gauge & Industrial Railway Modelling Review also studies quarry railways, with a 60cm gauge electrified railway operated by tiny locomotives not unlike the Egger-Bahn models! And how about buidling your own layout in 2022? Not in the attic, but on a large piece of land and in the great outdoors. This is what John Beck…

a mixed goods-passenger consist in h0-9/009

Three bodies, two bogies, a 3D printed roof. A sheet of laser-cut card for the door and window frames, the end-balcony gates, the floor of the open wagon and the roofs. Eight nylon axles with 6.2mm diam. wheels. Six piano wire coupling loops. A sheet of transparent polystyrene, three drums, two crates and a trunk. Some inventory, that will enable us to assemble a fine mixed goods-passenger train. THE FIFTH ELEMENT For this fifth set, drawn by Eric Fresné, we chose a short Decauville bogie carriage – 9.1cm over buffers – with seven windows and two end-balconies. A small van – 5.6cm – and an opne wagon – 5.6cm – with a sheet supporting bar from the Trinité Etel line. Enough to make up a 20.3cm long consist, ideal for aslow local…

an extension set for the narrow gauge train in box

The Narrow Gauge Train In Box allows modellers to build a miniature train layout in H0 scale using 9mm gauge track. Once assembled, the layout measures 80 x 70cm, the contents of the box provide for decorating the front part of the layout – on a surface of 80 x 40cm – leaving a simple undecorated track to close the loop at the rear. This complementary set contains what is needed to add a private siding to this part of the layout, with a kickback siding, and to decorate the area. IT’S ALL IN THE BOX The Train In Box principle remains unchanged: all the items are contained in the box. The modeller has everything required to build the layout. The complementary set features: the track baseboards (3mmthickMDF)for the private siding. The…

play with your train in box !

AtthetimetheNarrowGauge Train In Box was designed by the LR Presse team, it was imagined as an entry point into the world of railway modelling and its many aspects: laying and electrifying track, relief, scenery, vegetation, buildings, but also operation. The trackplan of the stater set allowed for two trains to run and pass in the station and to drop off or collect one or two wagons from the dead-end siding. With the extension, the operational possibilities are increased, as trains can now pass from one side of the layout to the other. In a similar manner to what our Anglo-Saxon colleagues call «shunting puzzles», it is now very simple to imagine small shunting scenarios during which the operator must shunt wagons to achieve a given configuration. To imagine your own…