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VW Bus T4&5+ No. 98


This is the only magazine dedicated to the late model VW buses from the T4 and T5 on. The magazine acknowledges the evolution of the VW bus and spotlights where this symbol of freedom and adventure has now arrived: the T4 and T5 - taking their rightful place in the family of VW models and carrying on the tradition of quality and innovation that is the ever iconic VW Bus.

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There are only so many times that you can write “we live in strange times”, before they become more familiar, weird maybe, but definitely more recognisably habitual. Here at the magazine we are all socially distanced as you’d expect, and things are ticking along as normally as is possible. Of course, magazine content is affected, we can hardly report on the show season after all. In their place come more travel features and more one off technical, club and company insights and features. Of course, the travel features are a double-edged sword, providing a time and place for some idle escapism, whilst ironically underlining the current impossibility of such trips. The virtual shows and driveway campouts offer the same tantalising if slightly bittersweet experience. In my opinion the good far outweighs…


VW’s Past From The Ashes A little over Seventy-five years ago, on April 11, 1945, US troops liberated the Volkswagen plant and the city then known as “Stadt des KdF-Wagens” which was later named Wolfsburg. At the Volkswagen plant, about 7,700 forced labourers were freed. The brief but marked period of US military rule laid the foundations for democracy, freedom and reconstruction in the region. In May, the plant was again producing vehicles – Kübelwagen for the U.S. Army, which were then called “Volkswagen Jeeps”. The American occupation ended at the end of June 1945 when the region became part of the British occupation zone. On April 10, 1945, the last 50 Kübelwagens intended for the German army were completed at the Volkswagen plant. The plant, which had been largely destroyed by air…


03–05 JULY Camper Jam Weston Park, Shropshire www.camperjam.com 10–12 JULY Dorset Volksfest Wareham, Dorset www.dorsetvolksfest.co.uk 12 JULY Dubfiction Nr Matlock, Derbyshire Check Facebook 12 JULY The London Cartel International Crystal Palace Park, London www.londoncartelshow.com 17–19 JULY Dub Odyssey Hooton Lodge, Rotherham www.dubodyssey.com 17–19 JULY Dubs at the Castle Caldicot Castle, Monmouthshire www.dubsatthecastle.co.uk 17–19 JULY The Great British Campout Newark, Nottinghamshire www.thegreatbritishcampout.co.uk 24–26 JULY Bug Jam Santa Pod Raceway, Northamptonshire www.bugjam.com 24–26 JULY Dubs At The Hall 2020 Holt Hall, Norfolk Check Facebook 01 AUGUST Dubs At DLWP Bexhill on Sea www.dlwp.com 02 AUGUST Beach Dubbin Southsea Common, Portsmouth Check Facebook For full listings visit WWW.VWSHOWS.COM Please check details/ dates with organisers before setting off! If you know of any amendments or of a show not listed please email: alan.hayward@vwbusmagazine.com so that updates can be made for the next issue.…


Gear Knob Upgrade Pool Ball Selection Designed to fit all T5s from 2002 onwards, these gear knobs come with an adapter to enable the lift for reverse function and come in a variety of colours. They literally take two minutes to fit. Cost: From £22 CAPS N KEYS www.capsnkeys.co.uk Cool Covers Style And Function Adding to their already popular range of seat covers for the RIB 112 seat beds, amongst others, these RIB 130 covers are made from the same durable, waterproof material used throughout their VW range, with a soft touch neoprene fabric on the reverse for use in bed mode. Cost: £175 ACTION VAN www.actionvan.biz Pure Genius From Pure Paint Pure Paint can now custom make these T5 rear badges to your design and colour. The stencil work is airbrushed onto a resin badge which is then lacquered smooth. Van names, company…

outlaw six

Steve Richards is a mechanic and currently works for Volkswagen. He’s been there for a while and has had many examples from the product range, including a bunch of Passats, a Tiguan or two and a couple of Golf Rs. His fiancé Kyrie has been a fan of Audi’s for a long time, but she was happy to switch to a camper and fulfil Steve’s longheld dream of owning one. He’d always fancied a Splitty, but as he needed something he could use as a daily, they thought they’d should consider something a little newer. Steve always fancied a Splitty, but he needed something he could use as a daily The couple liked the look of the T5 owned by Kyrie’s brother Matt, he very kindly let them have a decent test…

fitting t4 bushes

This problem is amplified if you’ve chosen to lower your vehicle and place additional stress upon the moving rubber bits, that lend the rather complex torsion bar suspended front end the compliance it needs to bounce around and move with the undulating asphalt. Where the vulcanised factory rubber has no doubt done a sterling job of supporting the front end and keeping it motoring for anything up to 30+ years, the opportunity to reinstate steering feel, drastically reduce braking instability and in some extreme cases, reduce premature tyre wear and knocking / clonking from any really worn components, comes as a great relief for some. The van in question here is a 2002 T4 high-top with just over 200,000miles on the clock. As it has already benefitted from lower Powerflex…