VW Bus T4&5+

VW Bus T4&5+ No. 105


This is the only magazine dedicated to the late model VW buses from the T4 and T5 on. The magazine acknowledges the evolution of the VW bus and spotlights where this symbol of freedom and adventure has now arrived: the T4 and T5 - taking their rightful place in the family of VW models and carrying on the tradition of quality and innovation that is the ever iconic VW Bus.

United Kingdom
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Hello 2021! Your appearance is most welcome, to be honest we didn’t really like your predecessor that much… So, what has the year ahead got in store for us I wonder? Well, I know that our sister company has some events lined up and ready to go, and that makes me happy for a start. Two Camper Site events are on the books already and plans for Camper Jam and Camper Calling are well advanced, plus we’re working on a possible Camper Mart for later in the year. And I know that other VW show organisers are working hard on their plans, but I suspect the show calendar will look very different this year. In the magazine we have some amazing features already in the bag and even more planned.…

more electric news

Changes In Hannover In addition to the Transporter model range and the ID.BUZZ, VW Commercial Vehicles will in future also produce three fully electric D-SUV models for other brands within the Group at its Hannover plant. The D-SUVs are flagship projects, 100% electric and highly automated. VWCV is building a new production line at the site that is speeding up its already initiated transformation towards electric mobility and becoming a multi-brand plant. The fully electric ID.BUZZ is due to roll off the production line as early as 2022, leading the Bulli icon from Hannover into a new electric era.…

greece lightning

The Future Is Here The Volkswagen Group and Greece have agreed to establish a ground-breaking mobility system on the Mediterranean island of Astypalea. To that end, the current transport system on the island will change to electric vehicles and renewable power generation. In the long run, Astypalea will become a model island for climate neutral mobility. New mobility services such as vehicle sharing or ridesharing will help reduce and optimise traffic. Energy will be primarily generated from local green power sources such as solar and wind. Initially the project will run for six years. At the centre of the project is an entirely new, cutting-edge transport system with digital mobility services, including an all-electric year-round ridesharing service designed to take the current very limited local bus service to a new level. Together…

emission control

EU 6 AP Compliant A new emissions standard with the complicated name EU6d-ISC-FCM, or EU 6 AP for short, comes into force for all passenger cars and light commercial vehicles on 1st January. In the case of the T6.1 range the technical specifications for fulfilling the legal requirements were particularly demanding. In order to fulfil these tougher requirements, without at the same time having a negative impact on handling, it was necessary to make extensive technical changes to the power trains of the EA288Nutz engine range. The central element, a redesigned exhaust gas purification unit, is positioned close to the engine and works in combination with twin dosing of AdBlue which lowers Multivan, Transporter, Caravelle and California NOx emissions by over 50 per cent (RDE cycle) and reduces their fuel consumption…

uk ban

The Death Knell Sounds With the news that the UK Government is preparing to bring forward a complete ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars to 2030, it doesn’t matter which way you slice it; our Transporters are destined to become a thing of the past. What is unclear at present, is what will become of existing petrol and diesel powered vehicles once the ban takes force. Looked at from a UK manufacturing point of view, former CEO of Aston Martin and one of the UK’s most experienced and well-known industry experts, Dr Andy Palmer has welcomed this news as a step towards achieving a net zero carbon future. He told us that, “If the UK is not investing in batteries and pioneering battery technology, then ultimately Britain’s car…

california cooking challenge

Waste Not Want Not Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have teamed up with fleet customer and food redistribution charity, FareShare, as well as chef and sustainability expert, Tom Hunt, to create a series of delicious, zero-waste recipes that can be prepared in a Volkswagen California, or any other camper with similar kitchen facilities on board. FareShare tell us, that of the 1.9 million tonnes of food wasted by the food industry every year in the UK, an estimated 250,000 tonnes are still edible - the equivalent of 650 million meals. The issue of food waste has become even more topical in the past year when everyone has struggled with the impact of COVID-19 and tightening of budgets. Rising to the California Cooking Challenge and keen to demonstrate some of his zero food waste…