VW Bus T4&5+

VW Bus T4&5+ No. 106


This is the only magazine dedicated to the late model VW buses from the T4 and T5 on. The magazine acknowledges the evolution of the VW bus and spotlights where this symbol of freedom and adventure has now arrived: the T4 and T5 - taking their rightful place in the family of VW models and carrying on the tradition of quality and innovation that is the ever iconic VW Bus.

United Kingdom
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Mentioning current affairs in a monthly magazine is a perilous occupation, whatever I write now, could well be way out of date by the time you read it. Covid 19 permeates all our lives and although you don’t come here for your pandemic updates, we can’t really ignore the dratted virus. The content of the magazine will be shaped by it, even if only tangentially. This month, some of the content is directly influenced by it. For example, our first bus was built during the first lockdown, one of our travel pieces “Camping And Comets” was undertaken by Anne Rogers as her first post lockdown trip, in his column ‘”Luxury Is Less”, Oli Grogan is pondering the year past and planning the year ahead, whilst David Eccles’ column “Rear View”…


Bus Of The Year Winner Take a bow Matt Redfern Congratulations to Matt for his stunning and somehow appropriate Apocabus. The award, voted for by our readers, would normally be presented live on stage at Camper Mart, but as you all know by now that show, along with so many others has had to be put on hold for the moment. Rest assured Matt and his Apocabus will get an invite and pride of place at the very next version of the show, whenever that takes place. Some will see this as an eccentric choice, but we love the fact that something this unique rose to the top of the popular vote. As has become customary, this month’s centre page spread has been given over to the winner’s bus. Congratulations again Matt. On…

hot wheels

“I have converted around a dozen buses over the past decade. Usually I create day vans, but now that the kids have grown up, I spent some time planning the build of my first full campervan. It’s also, the first long wheelbase bus I’ve modified. I bought this 2015 Iridium Grey metallic T30 start-line panel van in December 2019, it was the absolute base model with a bulkhead, steel wheels and black textured plastic bumpers. I thought I’d make my own version of the ABT A-Team T6, but with a more contemporary twist. “My wife Debbie and I go to Volkswagen festivals and cruise with our friends and family group who are known as the ‘Yabbadubberz’. We always have a great laugh and a joke, nothing is ever taken seriously and…

story’s story

Portugal wasn’t even on the agenda until a few months before the end of the trip, when we opted to take the long journey to Portugal over a trip to Greece. We simply couldn’t ignore all the hype that the place got from fellow travellers. For ‘van life living’, beaches, city life, and the general easy way of living, this place surpassed all expectations. Parking up on a sandbar just south of Tavira on the South Coast, it felt very apt to be surrounded by beauty and beasts (in the form of Flies and Mosquitos); summing up our experiences of the last six months. We explored some of the inlets with the SUP boards we had taken with us. These were especially useful in Portugal, once we got to grips with…

luzifer’s travels

It’s a conundrum that have faced a few people and most are content to either weigh the engine-less van in for scrap or part it out for bits. But that wasn’t Chris Cooper’s style, instead he built a TV star! The only reason you are able to read about this particular T4 combo now, is that it has already aired on Channel 4’s “George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces” programme. It aired on 21st January, if you missed it you can probably view it on Channel 4’s catch-up platform All 4, look for Series 9 Episode 7. Back to the story of the rig, Chris and his wife, Jody, had been camping, if you can call it that, in a 28-foot-long motorhome, which whilst it was luxurious to stay in, was a touch…

purchasing a reimo?

Motor Caravan Conversions Ltd had a bright idea. Instead of publishing a rapidly out of date brochure, why not offer a folder packed with easily replaceable inserts? Four to be precise and that’s what they did, something that encompassed their ‘Miami’, ‘Lucky Deluxe’, ‘Lucky’ and ‘City Van’ conversions on the T4. Oh, and that’s the order in the pricelist, which, being rather less glossy in nature, took the form of a stapled multi-page photocopied document. As might be expected, the Miami in its basic form was the most expensive, while the ‘very popular’ Lucky Deluxe cost more than both the Lucky and the cheapest option, the City Van. Having said all that, the price difference from top to bottom was only a little over £2,000. Basic form meant SWB, 1.9 Turbo…