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June 2021
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It’s jam-packed with fun including movie news, gaming goss, comics and stacks of puzzles, quizzes, activities and posters. Every issue is themed around something special, be it superheroes, videogames or even K-Zoner favourites like pranks and jokes.

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GET INTO 1st Dare Day 3rd World Bicycle Day 3rd Repeat Day 3rd Repeat Day 4th Hug Your Cat Day 5th World Environment Day 8th Best Friend Day 8th World Ocean Day 14th Monkey Around Day 15th Smile Power Day 16th International Waterfall Day 18th International Panic Day 18th International Picnic Day 21st Go Skateboarding Day 22nd World Rainforest Day 26th Forgiveness Day 29th Hug Holiday Day 30th Meteor Watch Day SCHOOL 7th Public holiday in WA 14th Public holiday in ACT, NSW, NT, SA, Tas and Vic 25th Last day of school in ACT, NSW, NT, Qld and Vic HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1st Tom Holland, AKA Spider-Man 6th K-Zoner Charisse 13th Chris Evans, AKA Steve Rogers/ Captain America 16th K-Zoner Ashley 21st Chris Pratt, AKA Peter Quill/Star-Lord SPORT 9th Queensland vs NSW State of Origin Game I 13th Eels vs Tigers in NRL 20th Titans vs Sea Eagles in NRL 27th Queensland vs NSW State of Origin Game II OH AND... 14th July issue of…

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STORMWATER SCIENTIST Name: Hannah Heroic feat: Winning the Primary Environment Award in the 2020 STANSW Young Scientist Awards for her entry, ‘Stormwater – It Bugs me!’ FAST FOUR WITH HANNAH K-Z: Hi Hannah! Why did you enter the STANSW 2020 Young Scientist Awards? H: My awesome Science teacher told me about the Awards. I was keen to enter as it was a great chance to invent something to help the environment! My first project in 2017 was a solar-powered alarm and my second project in 2018 was an app called ‘Green Elephant’, which reminds you to take reusable bags to the shops. In 2020, I chose my topic as I live close to the Parramatta River, which provides a sanctuary for Shorebirds and is important for our ecosystem. I learned stormwater is affecting the health…

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Lachie, NZ This is my tier list for some of the Geometry Dash cubes. I used TierMaker to create it! Finn, Vic I drew this fight in Microsoft Paint. One person is from a nuclear waste site and the other has a flamethrower. I got the idea for a nuclear waste site from a movie and the flamethrower from a game. This took two days to make. Darcy, Vic I created this boat in Minecraft. The boat took about a day to make and then a few weeks for the details! Odin, SA I built this giant treehouse with my mum’s help in Minecraft. There are three houses, a farm, an enchanting room and a Nether portal. I did all the buildings and most of the tree. My mum did the leaves. It took us about half…

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SPORTS NEWS Aussie Molly Taylor has won the first event of Extreme E, a new international motorsports series that raises awareness for environmental concerns! Teams compete in electric SUVs in five events, in locations impacted by climate change. Molly and her teammate Johan Kristoffersson won the Desert X Prix Final in Saudi Arabia on April 4. They finished 23 seconds ahead on the two-lap 8.8km desert course. GAMING NEWS An unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. has sold for over $862,000 at a Heritage Auctions’ Comic and Comic Art online event in April, setting a world record! The US auction house set the previous record in July 2020 with a sealed copy for $149,000. At the recent event, the opening bid was $406,000! This copy of the game was bought in 1986 as…

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deadly science

DeadlyScience founder Corey Tutt loves sharing cool science facts! DeadlyScience sends science books and equipment to remote schools in Australia. For more information, visit www.deadlyscience.org.au! FIZZY CHEMICAL REACTIONS Chemical reactions are an important part of making Deadly things, and have been used by the First scientists for thousands of years. DeadlyScientists at Broome Senior High School recently did a sherbet experiment to experience the fizzing sensation of a reaction between citric acid and bicarbonate soda. The chemical reaction produces carbon dioxide bubbles when the dry ingredients meet saliva, and makes a fizzing sound. You can do this experiment at home! As you create sherbet, you can investigate how changing the proportions of the components changes the properties of the mixture, and try to find the best proportions for your taste! You need…

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ideas lab

Meet Gisela Kaplan, an Australian field biologist and ethologist working with primates and birds. Gisela’s incredible life story appears in Aussie STEM Stars: Gisela Kaplan: Bird and Primate Scientist, which is on sale now! K-Z: Hi Gisela! Can you tell us about your work as a field biologist specialising in animal behaviour? G: The life of the field biologist is the best in the world – always in fresh air, away from people. The idea is to study birds (or other animals) in their natural environment, to learn about their natural behaviour and understand their needs. This may include learning how they eat, find food (and which food), solve problems, deal with predators, communicate, and whether they live in families or alone. This is useful when you find an injured bird; you…