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Food & Wine
Kitchens & Baths

Kitchens & Baths

Spring 2020

Filled with North America's most gorgeous kitchens and baths, Beautiful Kitchens & Baths focuses on the spectacular products and high-end design solutions that make a space truly envy-inducing. Gorgeous photos bring to life top designers' most amazing work, showcasing rich architecture, fabulous finishes, and luxurious features. These are rooms meant to inspire and to put a face on your dreams.

United States
Meredith Corporation
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In this issue

4 min.
beautiful kitchens & baths

Editor SAMANTHA HART Design Director KIMBERLY MORGAN METZ Group Art Director NICOLE DEAN TEUT Staff Writer JESSICA BENNETT Administrative Assistant SUE MILLER Contributing Copy Editor CARRIE TRUESDELL Contributing Proofreaders NANCY DIETZ, NANCY MCCLIMEN Copy Editing Apprentice CARSON REICHARDT HOME Executive Editor SAMANTHA HART Group Editor ANN BLEVINS Senior Editors BRIAN KRAMER, SALLY FINDER WEEPIE, KRISSA ROSSBUND Senior Associate Editor NATALIE DAYTON Design Directors KIMBERLY MORGAN METZ, MICK SCHNEPF Group Art Director NICOLE DEAN TEUT Associate Art Director JESSICA ENO Assistant Art Director EMILY BUTTERWORTH Senior Graphic Designer BRITTANY MUELLER Administrative Assistants RENAE MABIE, SUE MILLER, KIM O’BRIEN-WOLETT Photography Coordinator ALYSSA RICHARDSON FOOD Executive Editor JAN MILLER Senior Content Manager JESSICA SAARI CHRISTENSEN Senior Editor MAGGIE GLISAN Senior Associate Editor CARRIE BOYD Design Director STEPHANIE HUNTER Associate Art Director RAE DANNEMAN Administrative Assistant COURTNEY BUSH Director, Meredith Test Kitchen LYNN BLANCHARD Culinary Specialists SARAH BREKKE, JULI HALE, COLLEEN WEEDEN Senior Food Stylist GREG LUNA Food Stylists KELSEY BULAT, LAUREN MCANELLY, SAMMY MILA GARDEN Senior…

1 min.
from the editor

DECISION-MAKING IS NOT ALWAYS EASY. And when you’re making decisions that could cost thousands of dollars, the pressure to get it “just right” can feel overwhelming. Remodeling an old kitchen, or building new, is rife with decision-making: Island or peninsula? Quartz or granite? Upper cabinets or open shelves? Each choice has its merits—the key is figuring out which option makes the most sense for the way you live, cook, and gather in your space. Our feature story, “10 Choices That Will Transform Your Kitchen,” page 6, weighs the pros and cons to help you make informed decisions about the elements that will have the greatest impact on your overall room design. Judging by the vast array of design styles we’ve packed into this issue, there really are no right or wrong…

6 min.
10 choices that will transform your kitchen

1 SUBWAY VS. STATEMENT TILE + Choose subway tile if: You want a simple, durable backsplash that won't go out of style. Pair glazed white ceramic tiles with dark grout for a vintage look, or choose a different material—glass, marble, or slate—for a fresher take. Traditional subway tiles measure 3×6 inches, but variations are available in 2×4- and 4×8-inch sizes. + Choose statement tile if: The other elements of your space are visually quiet. Backsplash tile is an easy—and relatively inexpensive—way to add personality without a major commitment. Consider interesting shapes and patterns—hexagon, herringbone, arabesque—and eye-catching mosaics to offset plain white cabinetry or countertops. The sky’s the limit when it comes to materials, but if maintenance is a concern, stick with easy-care glass, ceramic, or porcelain. 2 ISLAND VS. PENINSULA + Choose an island…

2 min.
cleanup zone


5 min.
a case for color

Understanding Color Schemes Look to the color wheel, opposite, for insights on building the perfect palette. This simple tool demonstrates how colors relate to one another and offers ideas for forming pleasing combinations. The three key color schemes generate varying degrees of contrast and energy—adapt these principles using your colors of choice. Complementary: “Opposites attract” is the motto for this scheme. Pair two colors that are directly across from each other on the color wheel, such as blue and orange or purple and yellow, for a dynamic, high-contrast vibe. Analogous: Hues that appear side-by-side on the color wheel, like green and yellow, form a relaxed yet colorful palette. Because neighboring colors tend to blend into one another, as many as six can be combined in harmony. Monochromatic: Pick a single hue and stick to…

2 min.
small bath solutions