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2020 Travel Guide

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the 2020 kiteworld travel guide

Kitesurfing is a wonderful escape wherever we manage to take our sessions. If you’re thinking about booking your first kiteboarding holiday, then do it! Riding for several days in a row in beautiful conditions is not only dreamy, but it’s the best way to progress. Many of you are experienced kiters and will understand the special nature of a kiteboarding holiday. You may already be familiar with many of the destinations contained within this guide, but we have a few new ones too this year, including Roatan in Honduras, Kilifi in Kenya and Praia do Maceiò in Brazil. Once again we’ve got the lowdown on several all-adventure trips for those looking for the ultimate out-there experience, from boat adventures to full-on multi-day downwinders. Find those from page 146. This is our 14th annual…

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travel essentials

01 > AK DURABLE SUPPLY CO. The new Ether harness has been developed through scrupulous design to be as lightweight and minimalist as possible, without compromising on comfort. Despite being compact, the 3D shaped load plate ensures ultimate lumbar support while remaining durable. This ultralight harness is ideal for riders who travel and / or foilers who like to keep things as lightweight as can be. www.akdurablesupplyco.com 02 > AQUAPAC Keep your precious telephone safe from loss and possible water damage. The Aquapac is fully sealable. You can still use the screen and even take calls through the casing – impressive! www.aquapac.net 03 > BUOY WEAR APPAREL Adding to their superbly functional floating caps, Buoy Wear have now brought out a water wear apparel line. The rash guards are made of waterproof fabrics with a…

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cape town south africa

ON THE WATER There is a reason that the Red Bull King of The Air is held here. The south-easterly Cape Doctor winds are consistent and often very, very powerful, which is also why all the Woo records are set here, too. The Cape Town / Cape Peninsula summer season runs from as early as October through until April with more than 30 kite spots serving up everything from flat water freestyle conditions to true ‘waves of consequence’. The majority of kiting takes place in Table View, a suburb to the north of the city, where the wind blows from the left with several spots lined up along one road. This is a popular location for kiting accommodation due to its proximity to the best riding and the KOTA event site. Rosie’s…

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paje zanzibar

ON THE WATER On the southeast coast, Paje is by far the most famous and popular kiting spot on the island, yet just over ten years ago was merely a small fishing village. Paje has certainly blossomed into kiting heaven, but retains its authenticity away from the tourist areas in the north, keeping the vibes chilled for the kiting crew. This area is still for the adventurer, with the northern half of the island being more built up, catering for the mainstream holidaymaker, which tends to suit kitesurfers just fine. Offering a more remote and cosy feel with a long, isolated beach, littered with smaller guesthouses and a variety of resorts, rather than big, busy hotels, this spot is also easily accessible with Zanzibar’s main international airport just an hour away. Paje’s conditions…

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diani beach kenya

“Diani beach is an African gem of a spot that should be on any kiteboarder’s hit list. Ideal for learners and freeriders inside the reef with fun wave riding and kickers further out.”JAMES BOULDING / CABRINHA ON THE WATER Roughly 900 metres offshore from Diani Beach is a reef. This, in combination with reliable trade winds makes for Kenya’s most popular kiting location. The spacious five kilometre-wide bay, however, rarely gets more than 60 kiters out on the water at any one time. The tidal lagoon sits downwind of the reef, where the water is flat and perfect for learning, free-riding and foiling, while those looking to hit the waves need only ride out to the reef. Lessons take place upwind of the centre in a sandy bottomed area close to the shoreline…

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kilifi kenya

ON THE WATER Bofa beach is a five kilometre stretch of white, powdery sand with perfectly clear-blue waters. At low tide the water depth is shallow, creating an easy learning environment as well as a freestyle playground. There’s loads of space for setting up and packing down gear and at high tide the more experienced riders will love the small waves that roll in. Once you’re on the water you have free reign; boats and swimmers are few and far between ensuring a great session in the consistent winds. Further out on the reef you’ll find some decent wave riding on a beautiful break, with waves ranging from three to eight feet. It’s possible to foil on all tides (but you might have to walk out a bit on the low tide).…