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ABC Soaps In DepthABC Soaps In Depth

ABC Soaps In Depth February 11, 2019

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margaux & sonny in danger zone

Margaux (left) and Sonny may have agreed to let the past be water under the bridge, but Carly would still like to throw the D.A. off one! (JIM WARREN) The In Depth Story: D.A. Dawson came out of the gate way too hot. Between targeting Mike, getting Carly sent to Ferncliff and playing such a shady game with Drew’s memories, “she didn’t do herself any favors,” sighs her portrayer, Elizabeth Hendrickson, whose character had fans empathizing with the don instead of the law. “Sonny needs to remain in that position or the show ends… but it’s also hard not to love him! I understand it.”Even Margaux has been forced to recognize the Mob boss’ infamous heart of gold. “Sonny got to her in a way that surprised…

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another chance for julian & alexis?

The In Depth Story: It’s been well over two years since the shocking episode in which Julian held a knife to the throat of his wife, changing their lives forever. While many viewers considered that a point of no return, the Julexis army — aka fans of the long-suffering pair — hold out hope that love will win the day.Certainly, the couple’s supporters aren’t alone in their belief that a reconciliation is possible. Even Julian’s latest romantic partner, Kim, recently vented her frustration at the connection which obviously still exists between him and Alexis. For a woman who doesn’t want to be with Julian, Alexis sure spends a lot of time at the restaurant he just happens to own! (ABC) Alexis might feel better about her…

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honoring donna messina

GH hair and makeup department head Donna Messina was the behind-the-scenes heart and soul of Port Charles for 36 years. In the wake of her December passing, Jane Elliot (ex-Tracy) and Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis) joined Messina’s brother and very good friend in creating a GoFund-Me campaign to benefit the late artist’s three children. “As important as she made everyone around her feel, we knew that nothing was more important to her than her three sons: Nick, Antonio and Vito,” the campaign states. “Their happiness was paramount to her. She felt one of the avenues to achieving that was to give them a good education.”GH’s cast and crew have been promoting the education fund, which can be found at http://bit.ly/Donna MA. “I hope you’ll be inspired to help us…

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casting news!

The In Depth Story: Phyllis and Nick’s daughter left town back in November to take a position at Newman Enterprises’ Dubai office, but the vixen will soon be back in town to — what else? — stir up some more trouble! It’s Summer time again for King. But is that the news Marques and Turner (insets) are covering? (JOHNNY VY/CBS)As for her portrayer, the two-time Daytime Emmy winner has been juggling her Y&R duties with her primetime gig as Clementine on LIFE IN PIECES. Season 4 of the CBS hitcom is set to bow this spring.(GREG DOHERTY/GETTY IMAGES)(LEON BENNETT/GETTY IMAGES)Meanwhile, HLN’s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and CNN entertainment correspondent Nischelle Turner and CBS Los Angeles lifestyle and entertainment reporter Suzanne Marques will make cameos on the soap this week…

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drink up!

Cuthbert takes her H20 to B&B. (TEFANIE KEENAN/GETTY IMAGES) Kelleth Cuthbert — aka the Fiji Water Girl from the Golden Globe Awards — will make her daytime debut in THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Wednesday, February 6, episode. The model/actress became a viral sensation after appearing, perfectly posed, in numerous background shots at the January award show, photobombing everyone from Heidi Klum to Jim Carrey. Cuthbert will play a Forrester model named Raine in the episode. ■…

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leo’s mom arrives!

Marlena was hoping that Diana would help get Leo out of Sonny and Will’s lives, but the newcomer has an agenda of her own! (XJJOHNSON/JPISTUDIOS.COM) The In Depth Story: Leo has been enjoying living in the lap of luxury, much to the dismay of his blackmailed husband. But when Diana — played by Y&R fan favorite Judith Chapman (Gloria) — comes for a visit, all bets are off! Is she really as bad as he’s said? Or does she merely disapprove of his mischief?While Leo is sent reeling, Marlena’s encounter with the newcomer might be an entirely different situation. Knowing that her grandson, Will, is desperate to free Sonny from Leo’s clutches, the doc will make a plea for Diana’s intervention. But as it turns out, Diana…