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Best of Flea Market StyleBest of Flea Market Style

Best of Flea Market Style 2018

Mixing and matching to create your own personal decor has never been easier, thanks to Best of Flea Market Style magazine. It’s filled with beautiful homes that show how collectibles and tag-sale finds can turn any home into a warm, personal design statement. Readers also meet fellow collectors, and learn tips and tricks for turning flea market finds into stunning furnishings and accessories.

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editor’s note

My favorite thing about homes infused with flea market finds is that they have heart. Scores you have uncovered yourself have meaning—whether it’s a small accessory such as the Haeger ceramic planter featured on our cover or a larger item like this ladder, which we repurposed into a plant stand. Living with what you love and finding creative ways to craft your own decor are what Best of Flea Market Style is all about. We’ve packed our pages with take-it-home lessons inspired by fellow homeowners as well as collectibles we see trending. See one couple’s take on how to mix modern and traditional styles in “Exuberant Energy,” page 8. Check out our “Hot Collectibles” for 2018, page 60. And embrace a farmhouse look by turning industrial finds into chic decor in…

how to score a deal

FLEA MARKETS • Scoop the loop. Kim Leggett, a veteran picker, owner of the Franklin, Tennessee, shop City Farmhouse and author of City Farmhouse Style, likes to circle a flea market’s wares at least twice. She makes an initial run for furniture and large artwork, and then an additional loop for smaller items such as dishware, linens, and tchotchkes. “This will help you take better stock of what’s there,” she says, because it’s easy to get overwhelmed—and miss great pieces—when looking for too many things at one time. “This strategy also helps you to make more apples-to-apples price comparisons.” • Make it a group affair. “Buying more items often results in better prices,” says Page Mullins, a photo and prop stylist based in Natchez, Mississippi. So it can pay to gang up…

exuberant energy

He digs midcentury furniture and graphic artwork with attitude and some edge. She has a penchant for historic houses and likes a little romance—hello, ornately carved frames and old oil paintings. But for John and Sarah Biondi, the age-old adage that opposites attract holds true. “I’m the person who likes to go into an antiques shop and find a treasure,” Sarah says. “John would rather go into a retail store and get something hip and now.” Melding their two aesthetics in a circa-1900 Victorian home required some skillful maneuvering by interior designers Lucy Penfield and Stephanie Lalley. But they were able to show the couple they agree on plenty of points. They both adore art, for example, so paintings and drawings galore—both new and old—perk up walls. Cacophonous color is another intersection.…

schoolhouse   rocks

Most people check Craigslist for a sofa or concert tickets, but a house? Leanne Ford’s unorthodox search reflects her freewheeling, buck-the-status-quo design style. She found just what she was looking for: a one-room schoolhouse that had been converted to a home in the 1960s and not touched since. In other words, a budget-friendly relic just waiting for her touch. Leanne was working in the fashion industry in Los Angeles as a stylist and creative director and was on the hunt for a getaway in her home state of Pennsylvania when she found the schoolhouse. She’d never renovated a home before, but she didn’t let that get in her way. “I wanted a place where I could come home and be quiet,” she says. The house’s location on three acres of woods on…

walls that talk

NEAT THREADS String together spools of leftover thread to form a colorful garland. Collect wooden spools in various sizes with and without thread. Lay out the spools to determine your pattern, interspersing wooden beads between spools to add interest. Then thread a thin wire through the center of the spools and beads, stringing the top layer of the garland before adding a second layer below. Use cup hooks to hang the garland on the underside of a shelf or mantel. CUTE AS A BUTTON Curate a gallery wall using vintage buttons as your muse. Gather stray buttons with intriguing colors and textures and secondhand frames in various shapes and sizes. Photograph each button straight down on a white piece of paper. For best results, snap the photos near a window on a cloudy…

creative contrast

Born to serial renovators, Andy Newcom is as happy reading architectural blueprints as he is a novel. “I went to three junior highs,” he says, describing life as the child of a librarian mom and art director dad who have built or remodeled 16 homes. “Once Dad built a lake cabin wall by wall in our garage, and we’d move pieces to the lake on the weekend. The funny thing was that we weren’t even lake people. He did it for the creative challenge.” When Andy left home to begin work—first as a teacher and then as a photo stylist for Hallmark—the redo bug followed. His suburban Kansas City, Kansas, ranch house is his fifth project with his parents, Barney and Jean. “I don’t buy to flip but to fulfill a vision,”…