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June 2019

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this month at empire

Ben Travis dives Under The Silver Lake — and gets some inside info on Scorsese and Stan Lee — with Andrew Garfield for the Empire Film Podcast. Withnail & White: Empire’s Terri interviews Richard E. Grant at Picturehouse Central for Advertising Week Europe. Ragin’! Artist Corey Brickley crafting our exclusive John Wick subs cover. When Chris met Chris — that’s Hewitt and McQuarrie, of course, with Empire 30’s cover star Tiny McQuarrie getting in on the act, too. (Illustration: David Mahoney) ARE WE OFFICIALLY in summertime now? We must be. The mornings are light and warm, the birds are in full voice a little earlier and Keanu Reeves is back — dog by his side — to kick seven bells out of a bad guy, or several (hundred) bad…

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comment of the month

STRIPPED BACK I just finished an art project and thought you’d like to see the results. I started reading Empire in March 2012, the Avengers issue, and have been a subscriber ever since. I kept every issue, (moving four times) but always wanted to do something creative with them. Last month I took the plunge and cut my favourite covers into strips, pieced them together and framed it. We’ve since moved house again and it’s now pride of place on the wall. I love how it charts my Empire journey so far, from the Avengers assembling to ‘the snap’! Thanks for the journey, keep up the good work!EDWARD SOWERBY, VIA EMAIL This is fantastic, Edward — you are truly the Thanos of magazine covers. Now rest and watch…

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the founding father

ONE OF THE greatest joys of Marvel Studios bringing Spider-Man into the MCU was seeing how well Peter Parker played with the superheroic grown-ups. But, much as we loved watching him take down Ant-Man in Civil War, or compare pop-culture notes with Star-Lord in Infinity War, what really captured our hearts were his scenes with newfound mentor (and suit-designer) Tony Stark.The absence of a reliable father figure in Peter’s life, and his difficulty holding on to the ones that appear, is a theme that’s been touched on repeatedly throughout the Spider-Man movies. Neither Norman Osborn nor Otto Octavius worked out in the first two Sam Raimi movies, but Tony filled the role admirably in Tom Holland’s three previous outings as the adolescent webslinger, not least by refusing to turn…

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the three sides of fury

FIGUREHEAD FURY His most common role throughout the series is as leader, guiding the Avengers to unity — from the first post-credits sting onwards. FIERCE FURY Not content to just sit behind a desk, Fury is given one of the MCU’s best action sequences in The Winter Soldier, under fire from HYDRA. FUN FURY Captain Marvel showed a lighter side to the character, as comfortable singing Motown and playing with cats as dealing in espionage.…

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back in action

Let’s face it, neither of them were going to get a decent Uber rating. (Alamy) DIRECTOR MICHAEL DOWSE grew up watching, and loving, action comedies. To him, the genre never got better than 48 Hrs., Lethal Weapon or Midnight Run: movies which were “steeped in realism” and which punched hard before delivering their punchlines. “They weren’t initially comedies,” says the Canadian filmmaker behind scrappy ice-hockey comedy Goon, “but then they would put a comedy person in it and it would become an action comedy.”Now, with Stuber, Dowse hopes to bring the genre roaring into the 21st century. It stars Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick) as Stu, a Los Angeles Uber driver whose car is commandeered by rogue über-cop Vic (Dave Bautista). Vic’s just found out his partner’s killer (The…