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Frame July - August 2017

Frame is a bi-monthly magazine dedicated to the design of interiors and products. It offers a stunning, global selection of shops, hospitality venues, workplaces, exhibitions and residences on more than 224 pages. Well-written articles accompanied by a wealth of high-quality photographs, sketches and drawings make the magazine an indispensable source of inspiration for designers as well as for all those involved in other creative disciplines.

Frame Publishers
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RESEARCHERS predict that over 80 per cent of Americans will be obese or overweight by 2030. The problem might be poor education, culturally ingrained habits, lack of money, frustration – or all of the above. Whatever the reason, many overweight people don’t get enough exercise and don’t follow a healthy balanced diet. There’s a striking difference between the individuals in that dire forecast and those that make up a similarly growing demographic. Mostly young, well-educated people living and working in highly urbanized areas, they do their utmost to get healthy and stay healthy. Their diets consist of superfoods, low-carb and high-protein choices, gluten-free grub and organic products, preferably grown by local farmers and market gardeners who supply the grocers and restaurants where millennials shop and eat. For them, nutritious food goes…


American photographer GENE GLOVER operates a studio in Berlin, Germany. Specialized in portrait and reportage photography, Glover has contributed images to publications such as Die Zeit, Stern, Geo, Wired, Lufthansa Exclusive and Der Spiegel. For this issue, he photographed British architect David Chipperfield, who shares life lessons in the section ‘What I’ve Learned’ (see p. 44). Berlin-based writer and curator ANJA NEIDHARDT travels between countries to explore the fringes of design. She has a master’s in Design Curating and Writing from the Design Academy Eindhoven and has worked as an editor for German magazine Form, for which she continues to write. Other clients include the German Design Council, Slanted, The Weekender, Timelab, Fictional Journal and Designabilities. Turn to page 120 to read Neidhardt’s story on India Mahdavi’s redesign of the womenswear…


Devoted designers give rise to a new-found SPIRITUALITY SNØHETTA In Milan, Snøhetta’s aptly titled Portal installation – created in collaboration with Everything Elevated and Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik – offered fairgoers a flight to infinity, and beyond. A showcase of the Norwegian architecture firm’s skilful manipulation of space, a freestanding ladder fixed between two mirrors – on show at Wallpaper’s Holy Handmade! exhibition – formed what appeared to be an endless passage to nowhere. The team’s ‘stairway to heaven’ gives physical expression to a spiritual experience. snohetta.com ZEITGEIST Today’s frenetic hyperconnected lifestyles – combined with an increasingly uncertain and unpredictable political landscape – call for moments of rest and reflection. Responding to our turbulent times, certain creatives are looking to the metaphysical world as a source of inspiration and insight that prompts them to marry…

out of office

Frame was curious to see how LOTTE VAN VELZEN, whose portfolio is rich in physical design, would address the digital in ‘The Challenge’. You’ve moved from the Netherlands to New York City. How did this influence your concept? LOTTE VAN VELZEN: Living in a different city is a wonderful experience and has widened my perspective, although the question 'where do I end up?' has also become more important. My concept is a response to this topic: it basically eliminates the importance of location in the workplace What is it? I call it the Augmented Office Environment (AOE), a future workspace that’s built around a virtual experience rather than a physical presence. How will it work? You log into your system in the morning, navigate to your personal work platform and take a seat…

privacy please

PANTER & TOURRON’s clever combination of innovation and practicality led to Frame’s selection of this Italian-French design duo for ‘The Challenge’. You’re not fans of crowded offices and co-working spaces . . . STEFANO PANTEROTTO: While it can be helpful to be surrounded by colleagues and friends with whom you can have a quick exchange or a moment of relaxation, we often find shared spaces difficult environments for concentrating and multitasking. Will this get worse in the future? ALEXIS TOURRON: We believe that people won’t be attached to one workplace but immersed in an ever-changing environment of different people and situations. This new way of working will create a need for eliminating noise and stress in such surroundings. Other concepts for ‘The Challenge’ suggest that we might travel mainly via virtual reality in…

microbe management

You’re putting misunderstood microorganisms under the microscope. Yes. ‘Bacteria’ has been a dirty word for a long time, despite the fact that less than 1 per cent of all bacteria have a harmful impact on the human body. I would like to paint a picture of a new organic world, where the cultivation and management of microbes provide many of our basic energy, health and material needs. What impact will your project have on the workplace? These developments go hand in hand with the way in which our connected, always-on world is already changing the way we work. Automation is eroding a lot of mid- and low-level jobs, but I’ve created three professions that would be immune to this threat. What are they? The first is a plumber who maintains the bacterial…