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Golf Monthly Jul-2018

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Golf Monthly is the market-leading magazine brand in the UK in a sport that continues to grow and grow. Golf Monthly is a lively and welcoming brand targeted at good golfers who are regular players - and keen to get even better. With over 100 years of heritage and authority behind it, it represents the real 'voice of golf' with leading columnists, top players and unrivalled coverage of equipment and instruction. The Golf Monthly brand also has a strong and growing presence in digital publishing, with a popular website delivering over 1 million page impressions each month, and a strong following on the key social media platforms.

United Kingdom
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a need to recalibrate

Although it's a number of years since we looked in depth at club membership, it's a topic that regularly gets an airing in our letters pages, in the magazine debates between Jezz Ellwood and Fergus Bisset and on the Golf Monthly forum, where there are often multiple discussion threads running about membership and green fees. The biggest trend we've seen since we last produced a significant feature on the subject is a continued reduction in the cost of visitor green fees at all but the top courses. Driven by the availability of cheap golf on websites like Teeofftimes.co.uk, which originally did a good job of filling off-peak tee times, there now seems to be a ‘hot deal' to be had at any time, on any day, weekends included. Of course, offer reduced…

your view

Missing a trick In recent years we've seen numerous attempts to make golf more popular. Recently, in New Orleans, they played music on the first tee. Then we had GolfSixes at Centurion Club. Both reflect the perception that golf needs to be made ‘cool' and ‘quick'. Is it possible that both leading tours may be missing a trick? There is no doubt that the Ryder Cup is not only the most popular event in the golf calendar, but also one of the most popular events in the entire sporting calendar. For three days every two years it attracts a huge following of golfers and non-golfers alike. The event also achieves naturally the sort of atmosphere and tension that these other events are struggling to manufacture artificially. I think the answer may lie…

letter of the month

Work to do Nicole Shepherd’s letter in the June issue has made me write in as my girlfriend has been bitten by the golf bug over the last few months. While it’s expensive to transition to full club membership, it’s a step I’m hoping she will take. However, we’d like to see gender-neutral tees based on handicap ability. Of course, she would begin on the furthest-forward tees, but she’s very competitive and loves the idea of eventually playing off the tees further back. The current reality, though, is that however good she gets, she will always have to play from the ladies’ tees. I agree with Nicole that the game may well be much more accessible than it’s given credit for, but in terms of women, there is still some work to do. Steve…

talking point

The GM view: Elements of GolfSixes did feel contrived. However, it was encouraging to see lots of children in attendance. The European Tour should be applauded for trying something new and the ladies’ teams really added to the event. Duncan Dunlop: It was a fabulous event and it rekindled my daughter’s interest in playing. Enough said. PhilTheFragger: It’s obviously aimed at non-golfers in an attempt to get younger people into golf – or to attract people back who have left. You have to applaud them for doing something. Crowds did look sparse, though. I’d like it to work, but it’s not quite doing it at the moment. Phil Coumb: Car-crash golf which is attempting to create something that won’t work or isn’t needed. It’s trying to make a golf version of T20 cricket.…

jason day

In late 2015 and early 2016, Jason Day played golf of an almost unfeasibly high standard. He struggled a bit from mid-2016 to early 2018, but his tournament-winning hiatus was never going to last long. He was victorious in January's Farmers Insurance Open and produced a majestic putting display to land the Wells Fargo Championship. On current form, you wouldn't bet against him returning to the top of the world. A DAY TO REMEMBER 7 The former World No.1’s new ranking – his highest position since the Tour Championship in September 2017 2 Wins in his last six PGA Tour starts. His last victory before the Farmers Insurance Open was the 2016 Players 231 Yards he hit his 7-iron on the 71st en route to a birdie two 1.59 His Strokes Gained: Putting figure so…

chipping angle of attack

Unless you're really confident using loft, the safer greenside chip is the lower one. Crucially, the angle of attack mustn't be too steep. It's got to be nice and shallow, and a lot of that is down to set-up. The stance should be narrow, but many golfers then stand too far from the ball. I want you to get in closer, not far from where you might stand for a putt. From square on, the shaft should be upright with minimal lean. If the heel of the club is up a bit, that's fine. The triangle formed between your hands, arms and shoulders is key – you want to keep that moving as one unit throughout. The stroke should have a slow takeaway before accelerating naturally via a rotation of the…