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February/March 2019

homestyle is New Zealand’s freshest home and lifestyle magazine. With a focus on clever ideas and intelligent spending, homestyle offers a mix of accessible luxury and practical inspiration giving you the confidence to create your own living environment with a personal touch. From new homes, to renovations and even rentals, homestyle is the magazine for anyone looking to transform their house into a home.

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editor’s note

I’ve never been particularly good at making New Year’s resolutions. Something about committing to a ‘new year, new you’ mandate never quite flies with me during the holiday break, when my days aren’t bound to the rigours of a publishing schedule and I’m busy enjoying those few precious weeks off work. In fact, February’s been known to roll around before I finally find the perfect diary to fill with best-laid plans for the months ahead!This year, my intention is to do things differently. I bought my new diary before Christmas, got the list-making underway, and am putting my best foot forward and carving out time to consider my goals and decide which ones are worth trying to achieve.Why am I telling you all this? After noting the slew of…

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CLOCKWISE FROM TOP Warm Like You print by Caroline Walls, from $116, moderntimes.com.au. Make 02 print by Paper Collective, $115, fatherrabbit.com. Tall rubber tree, $129, plantandpot.nz. Terracotta pot, $29, bunnings.co.nz. Nala rug by Armadillo & Co, from $1895, theivyhouse.co.nz. Hoffman dining chair, $804, thonet.co.nz. Tango Leaf occasional chair, $681, sorenliv.com. Reclaimed olive wood bowl, $92, asili.co. Bud vase by Fiona Mackay, $60, precinct35.co.nz. Round ceramic vase, $60, babelogue.shop. ■…

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TWO FOR TWO From her former digs in Sydney, Lucy Coote of Salad Days Ceramics has moved to Wellington and is making her vessels from a new studio while raising twin toddlers. Her dual methods see her pair the freedom of hand-building with the more precise nature of wheel-throwing, always with a focus on tactility and everyday function. saladdaysceramics.com QUICK QUESTION What do you see when you look at this Islas de Aroha woven throw? If your answer’s floating islands amid shapes representing waka and vases, you’ve got it. Designed by Rakai Karaitiana of Napier studio Feather & Peace, it’s 100% cotton and, handily, can be machine washed and tumble-dried. feathersandpeace.myshopify.com ROCK STARS The hits just keep coming from UK designer Tom Dixon,…

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top shelf

The youngest of Annabelle’s three children play in the shed. A Tree in the House by Annabelle Hickson, published by Hardie Grant, $55. Who can say what gives a well-timed bouquet of flowers its extraordinary ability to ignite the heart? What we do know is that vases of cut blooms have a similar effect on a room. In A Tree in the House, writer, photographer and escaper of the city Annabelle Hickson shows how to make rustic arrangements, centrepieces and installations for yourself and others. She and her family moved to a pecan orchard in NSW’s Dumaresq Valley, and a turning point in her unexpectedly challenging journey was when she began filling their home with foraged flowers and foliage. In this book, she intersperses her…

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in brief

“I’ve been waiting for years for the gas man to come out to our place and install a proper gas stovetop,” says Annabelle. “Until then, a camping cooker does the trick, particularly when it’s surrounded by wisps of roses, cosmos, dried branches and a small potted maidenhair fern.” Petite Places , published by Gestalten, $100. Caves, huts, teepees, igloos, poor poets’ garrets… small-space living is nothing new and if history has taught us anything, it’s that it can be heaven or hell. The rad modern properties profiled in Petite Places offer idea after idea for making a tiny house of today the former. The Noma Guide to Fermentation by René Redzepi and David Zilber, published by Artisan, $90. You’ll know Nordic…

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okay coral

We have to confess we initially had our doubts about Living Coral. Sure, it’s pretty and playful, but how well does it work in real life? Turns out the answer is really well, and once our eyes were opened, we didn’t need much convincing — there’s a plethora of covetable pieces out there. And places too, like Breadway Bakery (pictured above) in Odessa, Ukraine, which pitches coral against pink, peach, cobalt, black, white, gold and grey to spectacular effect. FROM LEFT 1 Loafer SC23 lounge chair by &tradition, $4359, dawsonandco.nz. 2 Line 2.0 light, $448, douglasandbec.com. 3 Hurdle Tray side table by Dowel Jones, $259, thecleverdesignstore.com. 4 Bamboo bowls by Cink, $19 each, paperplanestore.com. 5 Layers photographic print by Flip, from $159, paperplane store.com. GET THE LOOKIncorporating…