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In Touch WeeklyIn Touch Weekly

In Touch Weekly October 21, 2019

In Touch Weekly is a celebrity and entertainment news magazine that brings you all the latest news, gossip and photos of the hottest Hollywood stars and celebrity icons.

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who wore it better?

Jamie Chung did! Both beauties wore plaid and paired the tartan print with white ribbed clothing and the all-season knit Chelsea Boot by Rothy’s, making this a close call, indeed! Still, we’re giving this one to Jamie Chung because a menswear-inspired pantsuit is right on trend! Busy did! This floral iteration of the celeb-favorite The Vampire’s Wife dress looks gorgeous on both ladies, but we’re especially into the way Busy rocks it: with a bold lip that plays up the color in the pretty print. Zendaya did! We have to agree with Michael, who says Zendaya won this Berluti matchup “hands down, no contest.” While the Creed star looks undoubtedly sharp, it’s the Euphoria actress’ unexpectedness that makes her the fashion icon she is — and seals her the W. Dascha did! Honestly, Meghan’s furry heels add…

bachelor nation sex confessions!

BECCA KUFRIN “The night that Garrett and I were together… we may have broken the bed. Sorry, Mom!” the Bachelorette, 29, said of her Fantasy Suite date with her future husband, Garrett Yrigoyen, 30. ANDI DORFMAN After rejected contestant Nick Viall, 39, asked the former Bachelorette, 32, on live TV why she “made love” to him, she was livid. “Every part of me wanted to go all Georgia girl cray…and fire back with some snarky response like, ’Is that what you’re calling it now? Because I’m pretty sure you called it ‘f---ing’ when you were on top of me,’” she wrote in her memoir. TYLER CAMERON “My pants were so tight they just held everything down,” the model, 26, recently admitted of the many times he got, ahem, aroused during makeouts with Hannah Brown. RAVEN GATES When…

joaquin: i’m no diva!

If he could turn back time…he wouldn’t change much. While making Joker, Joaquin Phoenix was caught on camera having an on-set meltdown after being distracted by cinematographer Lawrence Sher. “I know you started [calling me] Cher, Larry, f---ing making fun of me, like I’m a f---ing diva,” the actor, 44, ranted in a clip he called “so embarrassing” on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Oct. 1, before issuing an apology to the crew member. He won’t need to offer one to the legendary singer, 73. In the middle of his tantrum, Joaquin admitted he was actually flattered by the comparison. “Cher, really? Singer, actor, dancer, fashion icon? How is that a f---ing insult?”…

iliza’s over-the-top abode

Iliza Shlesinger, who won Season 6 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, has forked over nearly $3 million for this LA contemporary — and the three-story house is no joke. The living room features double-height ceilings with glass doors leading to a patio that has epic views of the city skyline. And what does every living room need? A wine closet, of course! Castle in the sky! THE CRIB SHEET Price $2.8 MILLION Bedrooms 4 Bathrooms 3.5 Sq. footage 3,168…

not so fan-tastic encounters

JUSTIN AVOIDS A TACKLE! On Oct. 1, a prankster grabbed Justin Timberlake, 38, by the leg as he walked with his wife, Jessica Biel, 37, outside the Louis Vuitton show. In an odd coincidence, the same creep also attacked Gigi Hadid, 24, in Milan in 2016 — she elbowed him in the face! “He ran fast,” said Gigi. GIGI PLAYS BOUNCER! When a YouTube prankster hopped onto the runway at the Chanel show that same day, a few burly security guys dashed after her — but it was supermodel Gigi who finally confronted the unofficial catwalker and efficiently escorted her right off the stage.…

ed’s tattoo artist slams singer’s ink!

Fans have been making fun of Ed Sheeran’s colorful, cartoonish tattoos for years — but don’t blame the artist! The ink “does look like s---,” agrees Kevin Paul, who’s responsible for roughly 40 of the singer’s markings, including the giant lion head on his chest. Kevin admits he’s even told Ed, 28, how much he hates the work he’s done — and he even claims it’s cost him business! “I was a big massive artist doing 3D work and winning multi awards. And then all of a sudden you end up doing Pingu the penguin and f---ing gingerbread men on pop stars,” gripes Kevin. “But every single thing that he’s got is personal to him.” Yep, even that Heinz ketchup label.…